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Set against a backdrop of some of the most stunning scenery in all of Africa, Ethiopia's remote mountains are home to a unique variety of birds and mammals. From the gorgeous White-cheeked Turaco to the somber Sombre Chat, Mountain Nyala, and the enigmatic Ethiopian Wolf, there are many highlights to be found here and virtually nowhere else on Earth!

We'll begin in Addis Ababa, a birdy city with our first endemics all around — Wattled Ibis, White-collared Pigeon, and Abyssinian Slaty-Flycatcher to name a few. We'll then head north to Debre Birhan, where we'll have spectacular views across the Great Rift Valley and an upper branch of the Blue Nile as we search for more localized species like Chestnut-naped Francolin, White-billed Starling, Ankober Serin, and troops of Gelada Baboons. Turning east, we'll encounter the mixed woodland savanna of Awash National Park with more than 450 species recorded — Arabian Bustard, Abyssinian Roller, Yellow-breasted Barbet, and Nile Valley Sunbird are just a few of our targets, while mammals could include Lesser Kudu, Beisa Oryx, and Soemmering's Gazelle.

In the south we'll stop at several Rift Valley lakes to enjoy a wealth of water birds before we continue on, climbing to 14,000 feet and the spectacular birds and scenery of the Bale Mountains. Here, in the open alpine grasslands, meadows, and forested valleys we'll look for Blue-winged Goose; Bearded Vulture (Lammergeier); Rouget's Rail; Spot-breasted Lapwing; an Abyssinian trio of Woodpecker, Longclaw, and Catbird; White-backed Tit; and Thick-billed Raven and we'll make a special effort for one of the world's rarest canines — the gorgeous Ethiopian Wolf!

Finally, in the remote south we'll search out even more localized endemics, from the beautiful and little-known Prince Ruspoli's Turaco to White-tailed Swallow, White-crowned Starling, and the lovely Stresemann's Bush-Crow.

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Client comment
"We had not done East Africa and needed the endemics to add to our life lists. Our friends did this tour and spoke very highly of it and guide Terry Stevenson. It was totally awesome. The best feature was the birds, of course, but the cultural experiences in the extension gave the tour additional oomph. Office service was excellent--queries were answered quickly. Field Guides is our favorite tour company and so far has given us our best experiences and value for money." T.H., ETHIOPIA 2019