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Do you know what makes Colombia so bird-rich?

Colombia has an amazing bird list of about 1900 species, including this endemic Santa Marta Blossomcrown hummingbird photographed by participant Bill Maynard. What makes it so incredibly bird-rich? Colombia is transected by not one but three cordilleras of the Andes. Add to this the isolated Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta at the northern end of the country, and you have an amazing diversity of topography. Together, this variety of high- and low-elevation habitats and the resulting possibilities for isolation of bird populations from each other has, over eons, led to an amazing diversity of distinct forms. Cross from one side of a cordillera to the other, or from one cordillera to the next, and the bird life changes.

All of this means that there are numerous possible itineraries for a birding visit to Colombia that yield substantially different lists of birds seen. This is reflected in our diversity of Field Guides Colombia tours offered, just one example of which is our Colombia: Santa Marta Escape tour, which runs March 4-12, 2017, with Richard Webster guiding. There is just one space available.

You can read all about this tour on our COLOMBIA: SANTA MARTA ESCAPE page.

Don't forget also to view Richard's 2016 illustrated triplist for a great taste of the tour.

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Do you know what makes Colombia so bird-rich?

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