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Did you know there's a bird named Zigzag?

There is perhaps no cooler name for a bird than Zigzag Heron -- a very strange small heron that inhabits the damp understory of lowland humid tropical habitats in South America. The name comes from the pattern on the plumage, as you can see in this image by guide Marcelo Padua. But if you are lucky enough to see the bird (it can be quite tough!), the zig and zag of the feathers may catch your eye initially, but then your attention is likely to be drawn to the bird's tail, which it has the habit of slowly switching left to right in a rhythmic pattern. It looks like Marcelo photographed this bird in mid-zig -- of its tail, that is!

It's always a prize to see this species well, and the Cristalino Jungle Lodge, which we visit on our Brazil tours linked below, is a site that offers us a chance to see this reclusive bird.

Our upcoming ALTA FLORESTA & THE NORTHERN PANTANAL tour, which runs Jun 23-Jul 9, 2017, with Marcelo Padua and Marcelo Barreiros as guides, has two spaces available. Our shorter BRAZIL'S CRISTALINO JUNGLE LODGE tour, Nov 4-15 with Marcelo Padua guiding, has space available as well. You can read all about either tour on our tour page by clicking on a link above.

Don't forget also to view our 2016 illustrated triplist for a great taste of the Alta Floresta & the Northern Pantanal tour. (It's worth checking out for the Fiery-tailed Awlbill photo, too!)

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