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Does this fruitcrow really "complain"?

Well, of course we can't really know if Purple-throated Fruitcrows "complain" about anything, but clearly French ornithologist Louis Pierre Vieillot, who named the species 200 years ago, thought it might be apt. Querula purpurata -- the purple-throated "complainer" or "whiner"-- is the scientific name of this gregarious species that is a regular voice in the rainforest around Sacha Lodge in the lowlands of eastern Ecuador. These birds are typically heard much more frequently than seen as they move in small groups through the upper reaches of the trees. This image by guide Willy Perez of a handsome male was taken from Sacha's canopy walkway, an excellent place from which to experience eye-to-eye views of 50 or more species on some mornings.

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You can read all about this tour on our AMAZONIAN ECUADOR: SACHA LODGE page.

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