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Spring greetings, birding friends! We hope the birds are afield in full song, wherever you may be. In this emailing we bring you several just-added 2017 departures (June Cloudforests of Ecuador II, Vietnam and Louisiana II in early November), and we have now confirmed New Guinea & Australia II for October…details below. You can catch up on recent Field Guides tours with 95 fabulous images from 12 tours in our March Recent Photos gallery. Linked below we also bring you 14 recent illustrated triplists (lots of pics, videos, and anecdotes), and 15 fresh itineraries for late 2017 and early 2018. The lovely Bar-headed Geese below are a sample, photographed by participant Becky Hansen in Northern India. Enjoy reading and viewing, and good birding to all!

Bar-headed Geese by Northern India participant Becky Hansen

Four extra 2017 departures

Cloudforests of Ecuador II ā€” New Guinea/Australia II ā€” Louisiana II ā€” Vietnam

Our scheduling folks have been busy again this past month, adding three more 2017 departures and confirming a fourth we mentioned in March — let us know if you are interested!
With his first departure fully booked, guide Willy Perez will be in the lead on CLOUDFORESTS OF ECUADOR: THE BEST OF THE WILD NORTHWEST II, Jul 17-27. This 11-day tour offers a great chance for such spectaculars as Long-wattled Umbrellabird and Andean Cock-of-the-rock, and possibly even Spectacled Bear, plus a large selection from the bird riches of Ecuador’s Andes and the Choco region of the northwest. Here’s a link to the itinerary.
We’ve confirmed our added NEW GUINEA & AUSTRALIA II departure proposed in last month’s emailing, scheduled with guide Jay VanderGaast for Oct 8-26. This long-popular sampler features the best of New Guinea and its birds-of-paradise plus some great Australian birding out of Cairns and Brisbane. We have a core group booked, but there are still some spaces open! Itinerary’s here.
Cajun country remains popular on our fall docket, and with our first departure sold out, guides Dan Lane and Cory Gregory are offering a follow-on LOUISIANA: YELLOW RAILS & CRAWFISH TAILS II tour, Nov 2-6. Who knows, you might even get to ride on a rice combine — the coolest rail-viewing platform!
To complement our many other fall choices, guide Dave Stejskal has added VIETNAM for Nov 3-25, a reprise of our highly successful 2016 tour. Lots of specialties and some spectacular scenery are on tap — check out our 2016 illustrated triplist here for a taste of what’s in store. The itinerary and tour fee should be available very soon; in the meantime you can hold a space with no obligation, just let our office know!

Added tours for 2018-2019, and new tour slideshows

Also just announced for those of you planning into next year and beyond:
  • A new OREGON tour scheduled for Sep 8-17, 2018, with Cory Gregory guiding. Lots of Pacific Northwest specialties amidst some inspiring landscapes and coastline. More text info coming soon, but meanwhile there’s a slideshow on the tour page — once there, click on the link for the slideshow in larger format, where you can play it full screen.
  • A new EMPEROR PENGUINS IN THE WEDDELL SEA cruise for that most iconic bird of the southern ice (Tom Johnson will guide; tentative dates are Nov 15-28, 2019, though these may shift a bit).
  • And a reprise of ANTARCTICA, SOUTH GEORGIA & THE FALKLANDS, scheduled for Jan 17-Feb 7, 2019. For some beautiful imagery, once on the tour page click on the link for the slideshow in larger format, then play it full screen…wow!

We’ve also added a slideshow of guide Doug Gochfeld‘s beautiful images from ISRAEL: SPRING MIGRATION SPECTACLE — again, on the tour page, click on the link for the slideshow in larger format, then hit the Play symbol for full-screen…some real lovelies in that gallery. There’s just one space currently open for this new 2018 offering.

Online: Watching migration progress northward

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s BirdCast has been a great migration resource for birders for some years now, and they’ve recently added a new tool to categorize a species’s progress northward. Take a look at their Forecast page and click on the latest week to watch what’s happening now…it’s a great way to see not only movement patterns but pick up some great info and analysis about bird migration.

Marcelo’s short alternatives to perennial faves

Our Alta Floresta & the Northern Pantanal tour in Brazil and our top-to-bottom Chile tour are both perenially popular, and indeed you may have been eyeing them. They do, however, require two-and-a-half and three weeks of time, respectively. Now guide Marcelo Padua is offering two shorter alternatives for those whose schedules are a little more restricted. He’s bringing back two great trips we have offered in the past at Field Guides: BRAZIL’S CRISTALINO JUNGLE LODGE, only 12 days and featuring just two sites, including a 7-night stay at Cristalino, and THE HEART OF CHILE, which at 15 days focuses on central Chile and in the process picks up most of the endemic and specialty birds. Cristalino is scheduled for Nov 4-15 and Heart of Chile for Jan 27-Feb 10, 2018. If your time is at a premium, have a look. Contact our office to hold a space.

Triplists from recent tours

Click on any image below to see our annotated and illustrated online triplist. (And be sure also to see our March Recent Photos gallery for other great images.)


Ecuador's Sacha Lodge with FIELD GUIDES BIRDING TOURS


South Texas Rarities with FIELD GUIDES BIRDING TOURS

Trinidad and Tobago with FIELD GUIDES BIRDING TOURS


Colombia: Santa Marta Escape with FIELD GUIDES BIRDING TOURS



Olwberta: Alberta's Owls and More with FIELD GUIDES BIRDING TOURS

Panama's Canopy Tower and Lodge with FIELD GUIDES BIRDING TOURS


Chile and Argentina Birds and Wine with FIELD GUIDES BIRDING TOURS


Comments from our travelers

Your post-tour comments on our evaluation form help us ensure that we offer the best possible tour experience and service, in the field and from our office.

“I was very happy with the overall experience. Your tours are so well-planned, your guides superb, the ground operations reliable, and I know that once I am on tour that I can relax and focus on seeing and enjoying the birds. I would most definitely travel with Jesse Fagan again. He’s such a fine guide in the field, insuring that participants have the best opportunities to see the birds, and he’s also a great companion. The tour manager was always prompt to answer any questions, and was very helpful.” B.M., JAMAICA 2017

“It was a pleasure to meet Marcelo Padua, who knows so much about birds and wines, and so nice to travel again with John Coons (my sixth trip with him), so yes indeed — would travel with both of them again anytime! This was a superb experience — one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. It had everything: birds, delicious wines and food, lovely hotels, a spacious and comfortable bus, and the grand Andes!” D.S., BIRDS & WINES OF CHILE AND ARGENTINA

Mitch Lysinger is one of the best guides I have ever traveled with. It turned out that I was the only one on the tour who had not been on tour with him before, and I quickly saw why people want to travel with him over and over. He has an amazing ability to hear birds and call in difficult birds. He is incredibly knowledgeable and personable. I will be looking to travel with Mitch again.” M.P., SOUTHWESTERN ECUADOR SPECIALTIES 2017

“Karen Turner and others in your Austin office did a great job with all our details and with communication. Guide Megan Edwards Crewe has a gift at human relations and it pays off in keeping the group experience good.” D.R., BORNEO 2017

Private tours: plan your own

Want to organize your own tour with a group of special birding friends and one of our staff guides? We regularly put together just such private departures for groups of 6 or more, and they are invariably a big hit. Here’s an example of an illustrated triplist from one such recent tour, a wonderful Australia survey with guides John Coons and Rose Ann Rowlett. You can start planning your group’s next great birding trip — just contact our office.

Tour openings: May to September

Galapagos with FIELD GUIDES BIRDING TOURSThat’s our 2016 Galapagos group above with guide Willy Perez (l.), having a great time cruising and birding through the “Islas Encantadas” aboard our vessel, the Nemo III. Jesse Fagan will be doing the guiding honors this Jun 10-20 for our GALAPAGOS I trip, and there are still 2 spaces open (our second tour, in July, is fully booked). See our 2016 triplist here for all the highlights from that tour, including the many wonderful endemics and such spectaculars as Waved Albatross, Blue-footed Booby, and Swallow-tailed Gull. And if you haven’t read these already, what better excuse to prep by diving into Darwin’s Voyage of the Beagle and Jonathan Weiner’s The Beak of the Finch?
There are still opportunities to get away birding with us in the next few months on these select tours among the 53 on tap May to September. Contact our office to hold a space!

Recently posted 2017-2018 itineraries


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