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Hi, birding friends! Can it really be almost September? The summer has flown by with nearly 30 tours, and next up is an exciting fall schedule, with nearly 50 more departures between now and New Year’s. This month we have a fun article by participant Joyce Miller from a Field Guides Brazil tour, news from our recent annual business meeting, 13 fresh itineraries for 2017, 12 triplists from recent tours, and a beautiful assortment of trip photos in our August Recent Photos gallery — 80 new images from 7 departures spanning Iceland, Spitsbergen, Brazil, Peru, and more, of which the drake Harlequin Ducks below from Iceland are a sample. Enjoy reading, and good birding to all.

Harlequin Ducks on FIELD GUIDES Iceland tour by Eric Hynes

Fun reading from a Brazil experience

Article on FIELD GUIDES Jaguar Spotting tour to BrazilOur Jaguar Spotting: Pantanal & Garden of the Amazon tour has been perennially popular since guide Marcelo Padua inaugurated it in 2011. Participant Joyce Miller was on Marcelo’s tour this July and wrote about her adventures in her northern New York newspaper, The Chronicle. Take a few minutes to read her fun article and enjoy some images from the tour as well. And if you want to follow in Joyce’s footsteps, Marcelo’s next Jaguar Spotting tour is scheduled for Jul 16-27, 2017, and there are a few spaces left!

Some rare “vagrants” sighted!

FIELD GUIDES 2016 business meeting group photo

We’ve just returned from a big, busy, and fun Field Guides annual meeting in Portal, Arizona. We had folks arrive from all over (Vermont, Maine, Virginia, Cape May, New York, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Brazil, Peru, England, and of course Arizona itself), and a special treat was having several “vagrants” to the States from far afield join us for the first time in several years, including guide Terry Stevenson (third from right above) from his base in Kenya and guide Mitch Lysinger (kneeling with baseball cap at center) and his wife, Carmen Bustamante (third from left), up from Ecuador. (Click on the image to see a version with names, then click on that version to see it much bigger!)
Terry caught us up on happenings in Kenya and Africa (and at his “mud-and-cow-dung mansion” near Mt. Kenya) in general, and we got to hear first-hand the exciting goings-on at Mitch and Carmen’s east-slope lodges, San Isidro and Guango, and about birding in Ecuador. The meeting was a great chance for all of us to re-connect in person, and we had a blast. Thanks to Tom Johnson (at right above) for setting up and snapping this group pic!

…and then they return to their “territories”!

Fall birding tours with FIELD GUIDES

If you’d like to catch some of those migrants and vagrants from the meeting on their home turf, here are a few possibilities. Mitch and Carmen are en route home to Ecuador, from which base Mitch will be guiding these upcoming tours: Ecuador’s Shiripuno Lodge, Sep 22-Oct 1 (3 open) and Holiday at San Isidro, Nov 19-28 (3 open). Terry Stevenson is already back on tour in Kenya, then it’ll be South Africa (fully booked) followed by Southern India (Nov 13-Dec 3, still a few spaces open). Marcelo Padua, an annual “migrant” to our meeting, has 4 consecutive Brazil tours this fall, with just the 11-day Serra dos Tucanos beginning Sep 24 with 2 spaces open. And Jesse Fagan is returning to his home base in Lima, from which he has NW Argentina (fully booked), Colombia: Llanos & More (Nov 5-15, 3 spaces), Peru’s Rarely Explored South (Nov 19-Dec 1, 2 spaces), and Holiday Costa Rica II (Dec 30-Jan 7, 1 space). Come on along on one of these open tours if you need to migrate somewhere yourself!

Recent Field Guides Facebook posts

You don’t have to be on Facebook yourself to enjoy recent additions to our Field Guides feed! Just click to our public Facebook page here to see what Megan and Tom have posted from one of our current France tours, or to check out a very cool photo of Golden Parakeets, or to see what happened on our inaugural Mouth of the Amazon tour in Brazil with Bret and Marcelo in August–and much more.

Triplists from recent tours

Click on any image below to see our annotated and illustrated online triplist. (And be sure also to see our August Recent Photos gallery for other great images.)

Guyana birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Iceland birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Arizona Nightbirds tour with FIELD GUIDES

SW Ecuador birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

SE Brazil birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Borneo birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Ethiopia birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Colorado Grouse birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Spitsbergen birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Morocco birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Newfoundland/Nova Scotia birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Papua New Guinea birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Recent comments (thanks!)

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“Travel with guide John Coons is like traveling with a good friend who knows what he is doing and pays attention to you and the details. He makes sure everyone has a good experience.” M.M., Spitsbergen & Svalbard Archipelago 2016: A Cruise to the Norwegian Arctic

“Your office’s service was excellent. Efficient, helpful, and very pleasant. I had the good feeling that there is a large safety net behind Field Guides tours. I haven’t had this comfort with tours by smaller companies or organized by individuals.” E.L., Borneo 2016

“Jay VanderGaast is impressive in every way. His in-depth knowledge of the birds and venues visited and his excellent organization skills delivered an outstanding tour. Plus, his friendly and outgoing personality and keen sense of humor make him a pleasure to be with.” D.R., Papua New Guinea 2016

Tour openings: October to January

Orinoco Geese from the FIELD GUIDES Colombia: Llanos & More tour

Handsome Orinoco Geese are but one of more than 400 species of birds likely on guide Jesse Fagan’s upcoming tour to Colombia: Llanos & More. Other possibilities include everything from Black Inca and Indigo-capped Hummingbird to Bogota Rail, Horned Screamer, Apolinar’s Wren, and Bar-crested Antshrike. Should be fun!

Recently posted 2017 itineraries


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