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Mid-summer–what a great time of year. Field Guides tours to Newfoundland, New Guinea, Iceland, Brazil, Ecuador, Spitsbergen, East Africa, Peru, and Galagagos have just wrapped up, and we have a busy slate of other trips ahead of our annual business meeting in Arizona in mid-August. This month we have some fun birding info, 10 fresh itineraries for 2017, 16 triplists from recent tours, and a beautiful assortment of trip photos in our July Recent Photos gallery — 70 new images from 9 departures spanning Alta Floresta to Ethiopia and Montana to Alaska. The Black-billed Barbet from Ethiopia participant Becky Hansen below is just a sample. Enjoy reading, and good birding to all.

Cool birding info: Peru app, Feather Atlas & more

  • Hot off the press: There’s now an iPhone and iPad app for the Birds of Peru field guide, co-authored by our own Field Guide Dan Lane. Now you can take all those great birds with you into the field in a small pocket…amazing! Check it out here on the iTunes store.
  • We’re always spotting dropped feathers when we’re out birding, and it’s fun to try to I.D. them. If you enjoy doing the same in North America and haven’t seen it yet, check out the online Feather Atlas from the US Fish & Wildlife Department. You can key out your find using some pattern and color characteristics, and on your way to identifying your feather you’ll pick up some cool comparison points, too. Have fun being a feather sleuth!
  • In the birding-related department, if you enjoy learning about the mammals you’re bound to encounter while out in the field, explore this North American Mammals website from the Smithsonian where you can search for species by name, by location, by taxonomic relationship, and more…pretty cool.
  • Love ID tips? Pick up helpful hints on identifying Solitary Sandpipers from guide Tom Johnson’s informative piece in Cape May Bird Observatory’s July View from the Cape.

Birding from 9 to 13 days for the 2016 Holidays

We have a diverse array of choices with those 8 great guides shown above if you’re looking for a birding escape with space still open over the Thanksgiving or December breaks:

Above, some images from our upcoming 2016 holiday itineraries, which include a visit to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula with Chris Benesh, where in addition to plenty of landbirds we’ll see American Flamingos lighting up a lagoon; some beautiful landscapes and plenty of local and regional endemics like Cactus Canastero and the striking Inca Tern on Jesse Fagan’s Holiday Southern Peru; and the ever-regal Resplendent Quetzal on Holiday Costa Rica I with Megan Edwards Crewe. Thanks to participants Johanne Charbonneau and Paul Bisson for the great flamingo and quetzal images.

Fresh tour galleries

We’ve continued to add new slideshows to some of our tour pages. You can see examples on the pages listed below. Note too that on each page there’s a link to a larger version of the slideshow that has a fullscreen option. Enjoy!

Triplists from recent tours

Click on any image below to see our annotated and illustrated online triplist. (And be sure also to see our July Recent Photos gallery for other great images.)

Ecuador birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Borneo birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Arizona birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Greece birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Dominican Republic birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Costa Rica birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Point Pelee birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Colorado Grouse birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Arizona birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Arizona Nightbirds birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Montana birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Northern Arizona birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Texas on tour with FIELD GUIDES

Texas Coast birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Puerto Rico birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Maine birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Recent comments (thanks!)

Your post-tour comments on our evaluation form help us ensure that we offer the best possible tour experience and service, in the field and from our office.

“An excellent experience. Great birds, lovely habitats, delightful lodge, good group of participants, and superb guiding by Bret Whitney.” J.S., Brazil’s Rio Roosevelt: Birding the River of Doubt 2016

“As my first birding tour, it was fantastic. Eric Hynes is so very knowledgeable and patient especially since most everyone else was experienced. I could not have imagined a better experience.” C.A, Iceland 2016

“This was one the best birding tours I have taken. Particularly, the careful organization exhibited by the company to every aspect of the trip. I would like to mention the excellent birding guiding services of Mitch Lysinger and local guide Oscar Tapuy. No question about it, I will be with you again in the future.” P.L., Amazonian Ecuador: Sacha Lodge III 2016

Tour openings: September to December

California birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

This image by guide Tom Johnson shows a small part of a massive Sooty Shearwater flock of about 80,000 birds seen in Half Moon Bay on our September 2015 Slice of California: Seabirds to Sierra tours. There’s one space left on Tom’s Sep 13-22 tour.

Recently posted 2017 itineraries


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