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It’s full-on summer now, with current Alaska, Montana, Brazil, Borneo, and Galapagos tours almost complete, and Iceland, Spitsbergen, Peru, Ecuador, New Guinea, and much more coming right up. In this emailing you can catch up on recent Field Guides tours with 87 fresh images from 9 departures in our May Recent Photos gallery. Linked below we also bring you 12 recent illustrated triplists (lots of pics and anecdotes), 9 fresh itineraries ready for 2018, and spaces available in the next few months (including a few in July). The image of guide Chris Benesh with two of our group in Monfrague N.P. below, from our recent Spain: La Mancha, Coto Donana & Extremadura tour, is a sample photographed by participant Chuck Holliday. Enjoy reading and viewing, and good birding to all!


Tour news: Ecuador ’17, Costa Rica Edges ’18

If you’re looking for an unusual opportunity to bird Ecuador, here’s one: We currently have 3 folks booked on guide Willy Perez’s ECUADOR: RAINFOREST & ANDES tour scheduled for Sep 3-17, 2017. We need just two more to confirm it as a “go” — and this close to departure if we get those two more it’s likely to remain a very small group with Willy (at left below). What might you see? Well, it’s Ecuador, and there are myriad new birds in every direction — our checklist for the tour lists more than 900 reasonable possibilities, of which Willy’s most recent tour recorded nearly 600! Are you tempted? Contact our office to hold a space or two.

We recently added a short slideshow to our COSTA RICA: BIRDING THE EDGES tour page, and you can see it in larger format here (click on the Play arrow there). Tom Johnson (center, above) and Cory Gregory (r.) guided our 2017 two-parted tour, and they are on tap for our January 2018 departures as well. Tom put together a fun photos-and-captions piece for our June newsletter, which is about to mail. Here’s a sneak preview in PDF format — check out page 3 to see Tom’s piece “Costa Rica from Top to Bottom.” Dates for the two parts are Jan 6-15, 2018 and Jan 14-23, 2018. Each part recorded more than 300 species in 2017, and you can see the richly illustrated triplists at these links:

Birding news: Little Bunting, podcast appearance & more

In one of the surprise finds of the season, guide Richard Webster discovered a Little Bunting while birding in extreme S.E. Arizona at the end of May! A very cool find that turned out to be a one-day wonder, but a few other folks were lucky enough also to see it. There’s a brief report on the ABA Blog.
Bill Thompson III (editor of Bird Watcher’s Digest) has been hosting a podcast called This Birding Life for the past 10 years, and the latest episode (#68) features an interview with our own Jan Pierson. Bill and Jan had a fun conversation, ranging from Jan’s beginning as a birder to the collaborative ownership of Field Guides to favorite birding destinations and fantasy birding companions. Have a listen at this link! (If you listen to it directly in your browser, you’ll see a bunch of FG photos from 1985 to now, too.)
Birders like to know what the wind is doing, especially during migration. In a past emailing, we mentioned the wind map for the US. Did you know you can also see one for the globe? It’s a pretty neat animation of what’s going on anywhere of interest to you at this time.
And speaking of migration, if you’ve been wondering how birds are affected by warmer and earlier springs, eBird data have been used in assessing a potential mismatch for many species between spring green-up and arrival dates. Read more about it here.

Lots of fresh Instagram posts

Fo a little additional fun, check out our recent Instagram posts for a variety of beautiful photos by our guides and participants and info from our tours (you can see it from your smartphone or tablet app or on your computer). Become one of our 1000+ followers if you’d like to keep up with new posts, which now appear most weekdays. Enjoy!

Triplists from recent tours

Click on any image below to see our annotated and illustrated online triplist. (And be sure also to see our May Recent Photos gallery for other great images.)


Comments from our travelers

Your post-tour comments on our evaluation form help us ensure that we offer the best possible tour experience and service, in the field and from our office.

“A great tour! Looking forward to another trip with guide Dave Stejskal. Dave demonstrates a good mix of professional behavior and a great sense of humor and fun.” M.S., ARIZONA: BIRDING THE BORDER 2017

“An excellent experience! It was well organized and very interesting. Guides Eric Hynes and Cory Gregory were a highlight. Both were very patient and service-oriented. Office service was top-notch.” S.R., MAINE: BIRDING DOWNEAST 2017

“An excellent tour! It went by too fast. Having Chris Benesh or Tom Johnson as a guide definitely plays into my decision to take a trip. Both together…..slam dunk. I always look to Field Guides first as you are consistent in outstanding service (office and guides) and exceed my expectations. I would say Field Guides outperforms the other tour companies in most trip aspects.” M.T., ALASKA 2017

“The whole experience was excellent. Megan Crewe is a first class guide with amazing eyes for birds. I was impressed with the excellent organization that Field Guides has put together to make the trip run smoothly. Megan knew all of the in-country support people, treated them well, and everyone was friendly. Field Guides, in my mind, is at the top of the heap when it comes to bird tours. Well organized,with superb guides.” E.T., GUYANA: WILDERNESS PARADISE 2017
“This was a wonderful, fun, extraordinary trip. Terry Stevenson is the creme de la creme of all the extraordinary guides at Field Guides. Terry’s style is simply the perfect way of building group cohesiveness and giving the trip a real sense of fun. He also interacts with everyone and keeps all informed. His knowledge and identification of birds are truly incredible. The way he interacted with all the local guides and others on the trip contributed to a fantastic trip.” D.T., HUNGARY & ROMANIA 2017

Private tours: plan your own

Want to organize your own tour with a group of special birding friends and one of our staff guides? We regularly put together just such private departures for groups of 6 or more, and they are invariably a big hit. Here’s an example of an illustrated triplist from one such recent tour, a wonderful Thailand survey with guides Dave Stejskal and John Rowlett. You can start planning your group’s next great birding trip — just contact our office.

Tour openings: July to November

Participant Steve Rannels caught this striking Lesser Bird-of-paradise in flight on our 2016 summer Papua New Guinea tour. Our next PNG departure is coming right up July 6-23 with Jay VanderGaast & Doug Gochfeld (1 space). Additionally, we’ll be visiting this land of birds-of-paradise and myriad other endemics on two other 2017 departures, Papua New Guinea & New Britain in Style with Phil Gregory, Sep 16-Oct 3 (1 space), and New Guinea & Australia with Jay VanderGaast, Oct 8-26 (4 spaces). Check out those tour pages for more details. If you’d like to hold a space on these trips or any of the ones listed below with space still open from July through November, just contact our office.

Recently posted 2018 itineraries


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