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Greetings, birding friends! In this emailing we have an added Thanksgiving 2017 Jamaica departure (and possibilities for Western Panama and New Guinea & Australia), and we catch up on recent tours with 125 fabulous images from more than a dozen tours in our February Recent Photos gallery, and another 12 in our February Recent People Pics. Linked below we also bring you a slideshow for a new Remote Rio Tapajos tour in Brazil, 14 recent illustrated triplists (lots of pics, videos, and anecdotes), and 12 fresh itineraries for late 2017. The lovely northeast Brazil landscape above and Hooded Visorbearer below by guides Bret Whitney and Marcelo Barreiros are samples of recent photos in the gallery. Enjoy reading, and good birding to all!

Recent FIELD GUIDES Tour Photos

Extra fall 2017 departures: Jamaica III & more

Our scheduling folks have been busy…we’ve already added one fall departure to our 2017 schedule and are considering two additional ones — let us know if you are interested!
On the calendar already is JAMAICA III with guide Jesse Fagan, Nov 19-25. This is the same great itinerary as our Feb/Mar tours featuring 5 nights at Green Castle Estate (exciting birding, no moving hotels!) and a finale at Rocklands Bird Sanctuary near Montego Bay. It’ll make for a wonderful (and endemic-rich) birding escape over Thanksgiving. Streamertails on your fingers, anyone?
Also, we are gauging interest in two more departures we are considering adding:
–Our original NEW GUINEA & AUSTRALIA departure is fully booked and the itinerary went out last week. Once we have confirmed everyone on that tour, we will add NEW GUINEA & AUSTRALIA II with guide Jay VanderGaast for Oct 8-26. This long-popular sampler features the best of New Guinea and its birds-of-paradise plus some great Australian birding out of Cairns and Brisbane. If this sounds like a fun fall tour to you, let us know and we’ll pencil you in and keep you abreast of details as things firm up.
–We are also in the planning stages of an added WESTERN PANAMA: CHIRIQUI & BOCAS DEL TORO with guide Jesse FaganDec 8-17. This is our two-stop itinerary ranging from the Chiriqui Highlands to lovely Tranquilo Bay, and from Resplendent Quetzal and White-throated Mountain-gem to Snowy Cotinga and Golden-collared Manakin. If you’re interested in this December tour, let us know and we’ll pencil you in and keep you posted.

Bird news: Bret in The Atlantic

Striolated Puffbird article“Some ornithologists have very strong feelings about hyphens.”
That’s the somewhat tongue-in-cheek subtitle for author Andrew Jenner’s article on the world of bird taxonomy in the recent issue of The Atlantic. And who should appear in the opening sentence of the article but our own Bret Whitney while in the field in Brazil in 2008 and on the cusp of determining that Striolated Puffbird should be split into several taxa. The tale is spun around the 2013 description of the Western Striolated-Puffbird, Nystalus obamai, which Bret and Brazilian colleagues named for then-President Obama.
The article is much more about taxonomic debate than the subtitle, of course. Note that there are several embedded links that will be of interest to our Field Guides friends, in particular to the original paper by Whitney et al.
Bret will be doing some more exploring in Amazonia this Sep 30-Oct 11 — he and John Coons will be co-leading our new BRAZIL’S REMOTE RIO TAPAJOS tour. If you’d like a taste of the area, check out this slideshow of Bret’s images from his scouting for the tour…it’s going to be a great wilderness adventure based in a lovely, floating hotel!

Colombia November itinerary update

If Colombia has been on your radar as a travel destination, you’ll be interested to hear that guide Jesse Fagan has updated the itinerary for his COLOMBIA: THE LLANOS & MORE tour, shortening it to just 9 days and reducing the overlap with our other 4 Colombia itineraries. We have two spaces still open on this small-group tour (limited to 6) visiting the open areas of the eastern lowlands for some safari-like birding as well as several sites not far from the capital city of Bogota, where we’ll mine the Colombian Andes’ rich array of endemics and specialties. Dates are Nov 11-19contact our office to grab one or both of those last spaces.

Triplists from recent tours

Click on any image below to see our annotated and illustrated online triplist. (And be sure also to see our February Recent Photos gallery for other great images.)

Southeast Brazil birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Sacha Lodge, Ecuador birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Japan in Winter birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Serra dos Tucanos, Brazil birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Costa Rica: Birding the Edges birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Costa Rica: Birding the Edges birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Oaxaca, Mexico birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Sri Lanka birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Colombia birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Cambodia birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Holiday Costa Rica: Rancho Naturalista birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Rio Negro Paradise, Brazil birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Trinidad & Tobago birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Australia Part One birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

Comments from our travelers

Your post-tour comments on our evaluation form help us ensure that we offer the best possible tour experience and service, in the field and from our office.

“Willy Perez as guide has the right combination of professionalism, an infectious passion for birding, patience with clients, and sense of humour that isn’t easy to find in one person. Your office service was excellent. You obviously care about your clients a great deal. We were taken care of from start to finish. I appreciate the care and professionalism that Field Guides puts into your tours.” N.D., AMAZONIAN ECUADOR: SACHA LODGE 2017

“The new birds, the beautiful scenery, a calm and relaxed leader in Richard Webster, and the quality of the birding skills and congeniality of the participants all worked to create an enjoyable experience. Field Guides has the best guides and offers the best value for the cost. The guides are professional and well-trained and Field Guides provides the support staff the guides need in order to focus on the birds and participants.” S.J., COLOMBIA: MEDELLIN ESCAPE 2017

“Field Guides is one of the best companies I have travelled with and everything always runs smoothly. The guides are great and everyone works as a team to make your experience the best. I have confidence traveling with Field Guides.” L.G., JEWELS OF ECUADOR 2017

Private tours: plan your own

Want to organize your own tour with a group of special birding friends and one of our staff guides? We regularly put together just such private departures for groups of 8 or more, and they are invariably a big hit. Here’s an example of an illustrated triplist from one such recent tour, a wonderful Australia survey with guides John Coons and Rose Ann Rowlett. You can start planning your group’s next great birding trip — just contact our office.

Tour openings: late March to July

Papua New Guinea birding tour with FIELD GUIDES

We do a deep dive into the amazing birds-of-paradise and a wide array of other island endemics on our PAPUA NEW GUINEA itinerary — a destination we’ve been visiting for more than 30 years. Guides Jay VanderGaast and Doug Gochfeld will be at the helm to share all those great birds. Dates are July 6-23 and there are four spaces open. See our 2016 triplist here for all the highlights from that tour.

Recently posted 2017-2018 itineraries


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