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As our last spring migration tours wrap up, we’re excited to head into our summer schedule, beginning with Alaska, Mongolia, the Grand Canyon, and Borneo. In this emailing you can catch up on recent Field Guides tours with 108 eye-catching images from 15 departures in our April Recent Photos gallery. Linked below we also bring you 12 recent illustrated triplists (lots of pics, videos, and anecdotes), and 12 fresh itineraries, one for our added 2017 Vietnam departure, the others for early 2018. The Hawaii group image below is a sample, photographed by participant Maureen Phair. Enjoy reading and viewing, and good birding to all!


Updates for 2017: June/July and the holidays

Are you hoping for a birding vacation this summer? Well, you can still grab one or two of the last spaces we have open on a few June and July tours…check out the listing below under “Tour openings” for everything from the Galapagos and New Guinea to Jaguar Spotting or Spatuletails.
And if the Nov-Dec holidays are already in your getaway dreams, it’s good to plan early, both for space and for flights. Eight of our holiday trips are already tentatively full, but the following still have openings:

We have an updated limit for a fall tour: We’ve reduced the limit of our Brazil’s Remote Rio Tapajos tour from 10 to 8 with Bret Whitney. For a visual taste of the area — where few birders have ever been — check out Bret’s slideshow preview for the tour. There are 3 spaces open.

For your bookshelf: Phil’s new New Guinea guide!

Have you heard the exciting news? Guide Phil Gregory’s hot-off-the-press field guide to Birds of New Guinea is due out May 25! From the Lynx Edicions website:

This is the first field guide to cover the entire New Guinea region, comprising Indonesian West Papua (including the West Papuan Islands, Geelvink Bay Islands and Aru Islands) and Papua New Guinea and its associated islands, the Bismarcks and Bougainville. All of the 943 species known to occur are covered, including the extraordinarily high total of 456 endemics, as well as 5 introduced species, 2 species yet to be formally described and a separate appendix with 75 vagrants. Subspecies are listed also to give a comprehensive overview of the remarkable regional avifauna.

You can order from Lynx Edicions — then you’ll be ready to head off for birds-of-paradise and more!

Bird news

From the All About Birds website of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology comes this recent piece by Scott Weidensaul on the wonders of migration (and note the several fine photos by guide Tom Johnson). Scott also touches on some of the technological innovations recently developed (e.g., the Motus network) and soon to be implemented (such as large-scale audio tracking) that assist scientists and birders in following migrating birds as well as help them identify the threats to their passage and the resources the migrants need most.
On a more sobering note, this article appeared recently in the Washington Post about a building strike by migrating birds in Houston. There’s an informative PDF linked from the article outlining best practices for reducing building and window collisions for structures of various sizes and, on pages 10-11, specific measures you can implement around your home.

Instagram posts

If you are on Instagram, check out our recent posts for a variety of beautiful photos by our guides and participants and info from our tours (you can see it from your smartphone or tablet app or on your computer). Become one of our followers if you’d like to keep up with new posts, which now appear most weekdays. Enjoy!

Triplists from recent tours

Click on any image below to see our annotated and illustrated online triplist. (And be sure also to see our April Recent Photos gallery for other great images.)

Comments from our travelers

Your post-tour comments on our evaluation form help us ensure that we offer the best possible tour experience and service, in the field and from our office.

“This experience was at least as good as I’ve had with other tour companies or organizations, if not the best. Field Guides has really got the art of group bird watching tours down to a science. Guide John Coons has a great leadership style and always kept us abreast of our flexible schedule changes as we followed the birds. Love the depth of his experience and bird knowledge.” J.H., TEXAS COAST MIGRATION SPECTACLE 2017

“Guides Tom Johnson and Doug Gochfeld were fantastic!!! Not only are they excellent birders, making sure that everyone saw every bird, but were solicitous in making sure everyone in the group had their expectations met and exceeded. Office service was excellent. Every detail was anticipated and met from registration to tour to airport drop-off. I have traveled with another organization, and I must admit that Field Guides was far superior in every aspect. I am looking forward to traveling with Field Guides again. The quality of the tour guides and their expertise is second to none.” C.M., PUERTO RICO 2017

“Really enjoyed this tour. We’d travel again with guide Jesse Fagan, without question. We’ve specifically asked about some of Jesse’s other tours so we could consider those possibilities. Every time we have asked for assistance, advice, etc., the office staff has been prompt, efficient, and cordial. We feel we know most of you well.” S.E., WESTERN PANAMA: CHIRIQUI & BOCAS DEL TORO 2017

“An absolutely excellent tour. Guide Willy Perez was one of the best we have had. He is knowledgeable, efficient, and very personable. The location on this tour is stunning, with good birding opportunities. As always, Field Guides office staff were very informative and helpful.” B.B., ECUADOR’S WILDSUMACO LODGE 2017

Private tours: plan your own

Want to organize your own tour with a group of special birding friends and one of our staff guides? We regularly put together just such private departures for groups of 6 or more, and they are invariably a big hit. Here’s an example of an illustrated triplist from one such recent tour, a wonderful Australia survey with guides John Coons and Rose Ann Rowlett. You can start planning your group’s next great birding trip — just contact our office.

Tour openings: June to October

“Eye-catching” is a good descriptor for Sword-billed Hummingbird on our PERU’S MAGNETIC NORTH tour, yet the marquee birds for the trip are two additional amazing creatures: Marvelous Spatuletail and Long-whiskered Owlet. Peru experts Dan Lane (of Peru field guide fame) and Jesse Fagan (based in Lima) will be guiding our upcoming summer tour, Jul 15-26, and there is still 1 space open. See our 2016 triplist here for all the highlights from that tour, including encounters with the owlet and spatuletail as well as many other wonderful endemics and specialties. Oh, and the landscape? Fabulous!
There are still opportunities to get away birding with us in the next few months on these select tours among the 53 on tap June to October. Contact our office to hold a space!

Recently posted 2017-2018 itineraries


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