A little guiding humor

We thought you’d enjoy seeing these two pics from recent Africa tours — they gave us a good chuckle!

During their recent Uganda tour, guides Terry Stevenson and Jesse Fagan discovered this enumeration of “Qualities of a good guide.” As you can see, it’s got Terry at right wondering if he’s up to it (or is it back to guiding school?). And Jesse’s clearly decided to adjust his bandana and work on the “use props” side of things (we’ve written out the full listing below). Unbiased observers that we are, we of course think they’ve got all the important ones covered!



In a parallel vein, participant Kristine Wallstrom, who did our recent Ethiopia tour with guide Phil Gregory, spotted the sign below…and kindly informed Phil that, in the course of providing his “public service” (aren’t birding tours a public service?), he met them all! Go, Phil!



In case the print’s a bit small in the top pic, the listing reads:

  • smartness/cleanliness
  • knowledgeable
  • time-conscious
  • physically fit
  • helpful
  • kindness
  • not shy
  • open-minded
  • good interpretation skills
  • honest
  • audible enough
  • trustworthy
  • confident
  • healthy
  • ever-ready
  • presentable
  • use props
  • enthusiastic
  • articulate
  • love your job [ed.: Oh, yeah!]