For birders, there's a lot to love about Ecuador--almost 1650 species of birds, wonderful places to see them all, plus our Field Guides there to show them to you. And now there's a new Amazonian rainforest lodge located in an area that has only begun to be explored ornithologically. Where, you ask? About fifty miles southeast of the town of Coca along the Shiripuno River in the remote Waorani nation. Needless to say, the habitat is spectacular, still graced with healthy populations of macaws (4 species are easy), curassows (no guarantees, of course, but Salvin's and Nocturnal are here!), some interesting antbirds (White-plumed, Hairy-crested, Lunulated, Black Bushbird), and awesome flocks. Our tour to Shiripuno Lodge is designed for those of you looking to immerse yourselves in the riches of Amazonian birding but who don't mind conditions a little more rustic than you'd find at some of the better-known lodges.

As a result of its remoteness--and the owners' desire to have as little impact on the area as possible--the lodge itself is simple: it does not have 24-hour electricity, internet or cellphone service (escape!), nor hot showers, but the food is plentiful and well prepared. Shiripuno's primary strength is that it offers a birding experience more pristine than most other more accessible areas in Ecuador's wilds. Right behind the lodge the flocks will blow your mind: Ocellated Woodcreeper, Rufous-backed Stipplethroat, Yellow-browed Antbird, and Slender-billed Xenops took us by surprise...all tough birds to find along the Napo! Further in, along the relatively flat trails behind the lodge, it just gets better and better: Wing-banded Antbird and Spotted Puffbird are there waiting as Yellow-throated Flycatchers call from the treetops above. Rolling terra firme forests lie only short canoe rides away for yet another set of birds.

Looking for something different? Come see the wildest side of Ecuador for some adventure and great birding!

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