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This exciting itinerary focuses on the incredible diversity of warblers, vireos, flycatchers, and other songbirds breeding in Pennsylvania, guide Tom Johnson's home state and stomping grounds. Our tour is timed for the peak of spring vocal activity as male songbirds arrive on their territories, and we should have optimal opportunities to find such gems as Cerulean, Golden-winged, and Worm-eating warblers, as many as five species of Empidonax flycatchers (identifications made easy at this season since they will be singing!), and the wonderful Henslow's Sparrow. We'll focus on Pennsylvania's center, transitioning from the riverine valleys of the southeast to the ridge-and-valley heart of the state and the wild forests of the Allegheny Plateau and Northern Tier.

Along the way, we should also have opportunities for migrating waterbirds, Upland Sandpipers, and plenty of raptors. Because we'll be looking for songbirds at the peak of the season, we'll be out in the field early in the morning, and song activity is usually intense enough that we should be able to find birds throughout the day. Walking will be easy -- a maximum of 1-2 miles per day on dirt roads or well-maintained trails. And we'll stay at comfortable hotels and enjoy some fine Pennsylvania food and drink along the way.

Spring weather is quite variable in Pennsylvania -- we might experience 85 degrees and sunny skies in the afternoons near Harrisburg or 50 degrees with drizzle on some mornings in the north. Whatever the particulars, we should see some great birds and have a lot of fun!

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Client comment
"This experience was awesome! Best feature was birding with guide Tom Johnson. He is a top-notch birder and has an amazing ear. I loved the detail he gave about each species...plumage, habitat, migration, etc. I learned a lot about birds and places to bird in Pennsylvania. Office service was excellent. I have loved both of my trips with Field Guides. I will take another one soon." K.M., PENNSYLVANIA'S WARBLERS & MORE 2019