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The phenomenon of a migratory flyway like the East Coast during fall is a spectacle not to be missed! Early October is near, or at the peak, for a host of different bird families, from shorebirds, seabirds and sparrows, to waterfowl, warblers and raptors. In particular, Accipiters and Falcons are pouring down the coast. We will be sure to position ourselves at geographic funneling points for numerous observations of these challenging groups. A patient and educational approach will be taken to be develop identification skills and absorb the wonder of it all. This tour visits some of the most famous birding sites on the East Coast such as Eastern Shore of Virginia, Chincoteague, Bombay Hook and Prime Hook national wildlife refuges, Kiptopeke State Park and Hawk Mountain Sanctuary.

Peninsulas, like the Delmarva, concentrate migrants in impressive numbers, especially with the passage of a cold front. Contiguous mountain ridges generate the same favorable migration conditions. After time spent along the coast in Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, the tour will wrap up with several days along the Kittatinny Ridge in Pennsylvania for a comparative study. On days with less favorable winds, we will turn our attention to the plethora of coastal marshes, estuaries, beaches, and thickets to round out our list. When our eyes aren't trained on raptors overhead, we will study the numerous ducks, terns, shorebirds, and gulls, as well as dozens of warblers, sparrows and other songbirds.

This tour spends several days at each of the areas to maximize the potential for a peak flight. Raptors in flight, shorebirds on a mudflat, and warblers in non-breeding plumage can be tricky to ID, but with lots of different looks and careful tutelage, you will return home with increased confidence and a tremendous sense of awe.

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Client comment
"The tour couldn't have been better. Humpback Whales breaching, gannets plunging into the ocean, Monhegan Island and the warblers...the Maine coastline and small towns along the way. In the rare event that we run out of birds, guide Eric Hynes talks natural history and greatly enriches the experience. Your tour managers and office staff are first rate." J.P., MAINE IN FALL