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Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea

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October 2011 E-mailing
Greetings, all! This month we have an added 2012 DR tour, a fresh Bolivia slideshow, Megan on Oaxaca, and our October recent photos gallery (samples to guess at left from Brazil, France, Peru, Ecuador, New Guinea) -- our cheat sheet is below. Enjoy!

We've added a 2nd Dominican Republic 2012 tour...
Our original Dominican Republic tour with guide Jesse Fagan filled quickly for the March 2012 time slot, and so we've added a second departure, Apr 28-May 5. Jesse will be guiding this one, too, from the Sierra de Bahoruco to Los Haitises! Contact our office if you'd like to hold a space, and see our itinerary and recent lists on our DR web page.

Bolivia slideshow: hot off the press

Dan Lane and Jay VanderGaast recently wrapped up our 2011 Bolivia's Avian Riches tour, and Dan put together a slideshow of his images from the trip. Give yourself a treat and take a visual tour to this remarkable country! Once in the gallery, click on the "Slideshow" button to see the images in large format. We're headed back to Bolivia Sep 8-23, 2012.

Oaxaca...Megan's January tour is a "go"

Collared TowheeWhy head to Oaxaca, Mexico, January 22-29? Here's guide Megan Crewe's answer. "I can give you four good reasons: 1) for the birds: some 225 possibilities with more than 25 endemics, including Oaxaca Sparrow, Ocellated Thrasher, Collared Towhee (at right), and Dwarf Jay; 2) for the food, including moles (spicy sauces served over chicken or pork), squash blossom soups, and smoky mescals; 3) for the weather: warm, sunny days and cool sleep-under-the-blanket nights; 4) for the culture: the spectacular ruins of Monte Albán, Yagul, and Mitla (also good birding spots), and the fascinating rug-weaving town of Teotitlán del Valle. Why head to Oaxaca? For the chance to create some truly wonderful memories!"

Upcoming tours with one or more spaces open...
November and December tours with space
Louisiana: Yellow Rails & Crawfish Tails: Nov 3-7 with Dan Lane & Jesse Fagan (1 space)
Madagascar, Mauritius & Reunion: Nov 8-Dec 4 with Phil Gregory & Megan Crewe (3 spaces; 2 on the extension; Madagascar Pygmy-Kingfisher shown above) (We've just added Megan as second leader here, and did you know you can do just the Madagascar portion, without Mauritius and Reunion, if time is an issue? Contact us!)
Guatemala Thanksgiving: Nov 19-28 with Jesse Fagan (3 spaces)
Oman & the UAE
: Dec 1-17 with George Armistead (2 spaces)
Uruguay: Dec 3-17 with Alvaro Jaramillo (4 spaces)
Brazil's Rio Roosevelt: Dec 15-28 with Bret Whitney (1 space)
Trinidad & Tobago: Dec 17-26 with Wayne Petersen (2 spaces)
Panama's Canopy Lodge at El Valle: Dec 27-Jan 3 with Chris Benesh (4 spaces)
New Year in Mexico: Oaxaca & the Pacific Coast: Dec 28-Jan 8 with Megan Crewe
January through March tours with space
Colima & Jalisco: Jan 13-21 with Megan Crewe
Sacha Lodge (Ecuador) I: Jan 13-22 with Willy Perez (4 spaces)
Yellowstone in Winter: Jan 14-22 with Terry & Karen McEneaney
Colombia: Bogota, the Magdalena Valley & Santa Marta: Jan 14-30 with Jesse Fagan & local guide (4 spaces)
Panama's Fabulous Fortnight: (in two parts) Jan 20-26 and Jan 26-Feb 2 with Chris Benesh
Colombia: The Cauca Valley & Western and Central Andes
: Jan 21-Feb 6 with Richard Webster & local guide (1 space; Gold-ringed Tanager & Golden-fronted Redstart shown above)
Northern India: Jan 21-Feb 12 with Terry Stevenson
Oaxaca: Jan 22-29 with Megan Crewe
The Heart of Chile: Jan 28-Feb 11 with Peter Burke & Ricardo Matus (3 spaces)
Sacha Lodge (Ecuador) II: Feb 3-12 with Dan Lane (4 spaces)
Winter Japan: Cranes & Sea-Eagles: Feb 3-18 with Phil Gregory (2 spaces)
Panama's Canopy Tower I & II: Feb 10-17 with John Coons or Feb 25-Mar 3 with Chris Benesh (3 spaces on Feb 25 tour)
Trinidad & Tobago: Feb 25-Mar 5 with Megan Crewe (3 spaces)
Suriname: Mar 2-17 with Dan Lane (1 space)
Honduras: Land of the Emeralds: Mar 3-11 with Jesse Fagan
Birding Plus Egypt: Mar 3-20 with Terry Stevenson
Colombia: Santa Marta Escape: Mar 17-25 with Richard Webster & local guide (3 spaces)
Puerto Rico: Mar 18-24 with George Armistead
Bahamas: Birds & Butterflies: Mar 31-Apr 5 with Jesse Fagan (4 spaces)

My goodness...time to think about spring already?
Yes, it's true. There has been a lot of interest in our May tours, in particular both Arizona Nightbirds & More departures with Dave Stejskal (May 3-7 and May 10-14; 3 and 2 spaces open, respectively), our Point Pelee Migration Spectacle tour, May 12-19 now with Peter Burke (1 space), Uganda: Shoebill, Rift Endemics & Gorillas, May 17-Jun 7 with Phil Gregory (3 spaces), and Marcelo's Brazil's Rio Roosevelt trip, May 6-16. October planning brings May scanning?

Our October newsletter is online
Check out the latest issue of our colorful newsletter, in PDF file format on our website now. It's got everything: 4 pages of photos from recent Field Guides tours, articles on our Jewels of Ecuador and Northern India trips and our Spitsbergen (Arctic Norway) cruise, and a tongue-in-cheek piece by guide Richard Webster about some flashy birds in Bhutan. Read on!

Some recent posts to our website and Facebook
Recent posts to our website's News page: a Japan's Charismatic Cranes & Sea-Eagles piece by guide Phil Gregory about his upcoming February 2012 tour, a Machu Picchu & Abra Malaga Birding Wrap-up from Dan Lane's recent tour, and a Peru's Magnetic North Birding Wrap-up from John Rowlett's summer trip. And on our Facebook page, Megan Crewe's been reporting on her Cape May tour, and Chris Benesh has continued with pics from his second Slice of California: Seabirds to Sierra trip.

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Recently posted 2012 itineraries
Recently posted itineraries for 2012 tours include Point Pelee Migration Spectacle (May 12-19), Newfoundland & Nova Scotia (Jun 29-Jul 9), Arizona's Second Spring (two departures: Jul 28-Aug 6 or Aug 4-13), Galapagos: An Intimate Look at Darwin's Islands (three departures: Jun 16-26 or Jul 7-17 or Aug 4-14), and Spitsbergen: A Cruise to the Norwegian Arctic (Jun 23-Jul 5).

Recently posted triplists
Reports from recent 2011 tours are out for France: Camargue & Pyrenees with Megan Crewe & Jesse Fagan, New Caledonia, Fiji & Vanuatu with Phil Gregory, Amazonian Ecuador: Sacha Lodge III with Mitch Lysinger, Montane Ecuador I with Mitch Lysinger, Galapagos I with Jesse Fagan, Alta Floresta & the Northern Pantanal with Bret Whitney & Marcelo Padua, and Kenya Safari Spectacular II with Terry Stevenson. Enjoy!

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Till next time, from all of us at Field Guides, good birding!

Cheat sheet
All photos at left are from our October recent photos. Enjoy!