Tina Rose

Tour Manager

Don't you love the name "Tina Rose"? Sounds like a country or blues singer from the good old days. Well, in fact, Field Guides's newest Tour Manager is indeed an accomplished blues singer, a real-live musician from the thriving Austin scene! After taking her college degree in Environmental Studies, Tina worked in the fields of fundraising, event planning, music production, customer service, and most recently in the coffee business. A lifelong animal lover, she is passionate about volunteer work as a veterinary technician at Austin-area shelters and always has a few rescue animals in her life.

After selling her coffee business, Tina was casting around for a new venture that involved work with like-minded, committed, positive people when she heard about the opening with Field Guides. Her interview went so splendidly that it was an immediate Yes on both sides! Tina says of the job: "I love working in a company whose mission I can believe in. I love providing great customer service and learning more and more about birds and wildlife. And I definitely feel like I hit the jackpot with Field Guides!" And the feeling is definitely mutual. So if you're joining the Oregon, Oaxaca, Trinidad & Tobago, Louisiana, Guyana, or Alberta tours, you'll have the great pleasure of working with Tina, too!

Client comment
"Tina Rose in your office was great--no complaints. She has a sense of humor and was fun to communicate with." R.B., ALASKA FALL GOLDMINE

"Tour Manager Tina Rose did an exceptional job in always answering my emails promptly and giving me detailed answers to all my questions." B.A., TRINIDAD & TOBAGO