A Field Guides Birding Tours Report

Brazil's Rio Roosevelt: Birding the River of Doubt 2022

June 4-19, 2022 with Marcelo Barreiros guiding

Another wonderful tour in one of greatest place for birding in Brazil. The Pousada Rio Roosevelt (PRR) is in a pristine area of Amazon forest, between two great rivers (Madeira and Tapajós rivers) and the Roosevelt river also acts as a barrier for some animals.

We also spent a few days in Humaitá, on the left bank of the Madeira river and in an area with some unique habitats, and birds (of course). On the very first morning we had some great birds like Brown-banded and Western Striolated puffbirds, a pair of White-browed Hawks flying over our heads, Black-banded Woodcreeper and the rare Orange-breasted Falcon seen in the scope. Later on that day, we found a nest of Tiny Hawk with both adults moving around it. Near to Humaitá, we stopped in a Campina habitat and saw some of the specialties like Predicted Antwren, Black Manakin, Citron-bellied Attila and another great target for the tour, the Campina Jay (considered by Clements as subspecies of Azure-naped Jay), only found in this habitat.

We also went to some nice Terra-Firme areas and we saw some good birds like Spangled Cotinga, Gould's Toucanet, Dotted Tanager, Red-billed Pied-Tanager, Amazonian Stipplethroat (Madeira race), and Broad-billed Motmot. We also visited the Campos de Humaitá area, covered by Cerrado (Brazilian Savannah habitat) and its great birds like White-rumped Tanager, Black-masked Finch, Rusty-backed Antwren and one of the highlight of the tour, the hardly seen Ocellated Crake.

We gave a try for the rare Rondonia Bushbird that, unfortunately, did not show up, but it was a nice day anyway. We had some good birds like Curve-billed Scythebill (Rondonia race), Olivaceus Flatbill, Common Scale-backed Antbird and a few others. And after that, we had a great morning at Amazonas Nautica and its nice entrance road. Because of the flight time to reach PRR, we only had a morning for birding at Amazona Nautica, but we really enjoyed it, with some great looks at Curl-crested Aracari, Reddish Hermit, Chestnut-tailed Antbird, Blue-cheeked Jacamar, Rondonia Warbling-Antbird, Dot-winged and Sclater's antwrens, Rufous-tailed Xenops and a few nice birds by the Candeias river, like Amazonian-streaked Antwren and Long-billed Woodcreeper.

On that afternoon we took our chartered flight to the Pousada Rio Roosevelt for a week of adventure. The first two days were cold (by Amazonian standards) and windy, and it made things harder for us because most of the birds were quiet and saving energy. Even with such weather, we saw some great ones like Alta Floresta Antpitta, Hoffman's Woodcreeper, Red-necked Woodpecker and the gorgeous Crimson Fruitcrow. Later, the weather got better and bird community became more vocal and we took advantage, for sure!

The Roosevelt river is a barrier for some species we were looking for on the left bank, like Rio Madeira Stipplethroat (dentei race), Manicore Warbling-Antbird and a new species of Chestnut-tailed antbird.

In the region we can also find some Campina (white-sand soil) habitats nearby with amazing birds and we saw a few of those specialties like Flame-crowned Manakin, Aripuana Antwren, Fuscous Flycatcher (duidae race), Rufous-crowned Elaenia, Natterer's Antshrike, Brown Jacamar and a rare and very restricted bird, Chico's Tyrannulet, that was first seen in history on a Field Guides tour a few years ago.

Canopy towers are always nice in the Amazon and it was not different this time. We went to the tower a couple of times and had nice moments with Gould's Toucanet, Tooth-billed Wren, Orange-cheeked Parrot, Amazonian Pygmy-Owl, after listening to it a few times, and a great canopy flock moving around the tower with Paradise and Green-and-gold tanagers, Purple and Short-billed honeycreepers, Dusky-capped Woodcreeper and more. Besides that, some other great birds we saw were the amazing Rufous Potoo, Uniform Woodcreeper, Collared Puffbird, a Starred Wood-quail perched for a few minutes, Razor-billed Curassow, Pavonine Cuckoo, a male Black-bellied Thorntail in the scope, Chestnut-bellied Gnateater, Eastern Striolated Puffbird, a group of Crimson-bellied Parakeets perched, male and female Pearly Antshrike, Snow-capped Manakin and some great mammals: several species of Titi-Monkey, Common Wooly Monkey, Giant and Southern anteaters and the rarely seen Neotropical Pygmy-Squirrel.

Thanks for the great tour, guys!

All the best!

—Marcelo Barreiros

One of the following keys may be shown in brackets for individual species as appropriate: * = heard only, I = introduced, E = endemic, N = nesting, a = austral migrant, b = boreal migrant

Tinamidae (Tinamous)

GRAY TINAMOU (Tinamus tao) [*]

GREAT TINAMOU (Tinamus major) [*]

WHITE-THROATED TINAMOU (Tinamus guttatus) [*]

CINEREOUS TINAMOU (Crypturellus cinereus) [*]

LITTLE TINAMOU (Crypturellus soui) [*]

UNDULATED TINAMOU (Crypturellus undulatus) [*]

VARIEGATED TINAMOU (Crypturellus variegatus) [*]

SMALL-BILLED TINAMOU (Crypturellus parvirostris) [*]

Anatidae (Ducks, Geese, and Waterfowl)

BLACK-BELLIED WHISTLING-DUCK (Dendrocygna autumnalis)

A couple of brief looks near Humaitá.

MUSCOVY DUCK (Cairina moschata)

BRAZILIAN TEAL (Amazonetta brasiliensis)

A pair of birds seen near Humaitá.

Cracidae (Guans, Chachalacas, and Curassows)


SPIX'S GUAN (Penelope jacquacu)

Three birds seen on the Pousada Rio Roosevelt trails.


Great bird, seen a couple of times along the Roosevelt river.


Seen nicely on the Igarapé Cujubim.

Odontophoridae (New World Quail)

STARRED WOOD-QUAIL (Odontophorus stellatus)

The best view ever!! We saw a bird perched 6ft above the ground. I think there was probably a snake around because we heard some other birds making alarm calls near by.

Columbidae (Pigeons and Doves)

ROCK PIGEON (Columba livia)

PALE-VENTED PIGEON (Patagioenas cayennensis)

SCALED PIGEON (Patagioenas speciosa)

RUDDY PIGEON (Patagioenas subvinacea)

COMMON GROUND DOVE (Columbina passerina)

RUDDY GROUND DOVE (Columbina talpacoti)

BLUE GROUND DOVE (Claravis pretiosa)

Seen flying across a dirt road.

WHITE-TIPPED DOVE (Leptotila verreauxi)

Cuculidae (Cuckoos)

SMOOTH-BILLED ANI (Crotophaga ani)

PAVONINE CUCKOO (Dromococcyx pavoninus)

Fantastic looks on the PRR trails. A very responsive bird came straight to the recording and perched 6ft away from us.

LITTLE CUCKOO (Coccycua minuta) [*]

SQUIRREL CUCKOO (Piaya cayana)

BLACK-BELLIED CUCKOO (Piaya melanogaster)

Nice looks from the PRR canopy tower.

DARK-BILLED CUCKOO (Coccyzus melacoryphus)

Seen a couple of times close to our cabins at PRR.

Caprimulgidae (Nightjars and Allies)

BLACKISH NIGHTJAR (Nyctipolus nigrescens)

COMMON PAURAQUE (Nyctidromus albicollis)

LADDER-TAILED NIGHTJAR (Hydropsalis climacocerca)

Nyctibiidae (Potoos)

COMMON POTOO (Nyctibius griseus)

RUFOUS POTOO (Nyctibius bracteatus)

Always a special one, it took us two attempts to see but we got it!

Apodidae (Swifts)

AMAZONIAN SWIFT (Chaetura viridipennis)

SHORT-TAILED SWIFT (Chaetura brachyura)

BAND-RUMPED SWIFT (Chaetura spinicaudus)

FORK-TAILED PALM-SWIFT (Tachornis squamata)

Trochilidae (Hummingbirds)

NEEDLE-BILLED HERMIT (Phaethornis philippii)

Seen mobbing a pair of Humaita Antbird.

REDDISH HERMIT (Phaethornis ruber)

Nice looks in the scope on the Amazonas Nautica entrance road.

BLACK-EARED FAIRY (Heliothryx auritus)

Seen from the PRR canopy tower.


BLACK-THROATED MANGO (Anthracothorax nigricollis)

BLACK-BELLIED THORNTAIL (Discosura langsdorffi)

A highlight moment!! A male seen perched for several minutes in the scope!

FORK-TAILED WOODNYMPH (Thalurania furcata)

RUFOUS-THROATED SAPPHIRE (Hylocharis sapphirina)

Nice looks in a Campina habitat along the Roosevelt river.

WHITE-CHINNED SAPPHIRE (Hylocharis cyanus)

Opisthocomidae (Hoatzin)

HOATZIN (Opisthocomus hoazin)

Rallidae (Rails, Gallinules, and Coots)

OCELLATED CRAKE (Micropygia schomburgkii)

Great bird to see. We saw it walking couple of times under a grass tunnel that we made near Humaitá.

RUSSET-CROWNED CRAKE (Anurolimnas viridis) [*]

Psophiidae (Trumpeters)

DARK-WINGED TRUMPETER (Psophia viridis) [*]

Charadriidae (Plovers and Lapwings)

PIED LAPWING (Vanellus cayanus)

SOUTHERN LAPWING (Vanellus chilensis)

Jacanidae (Jacanas)

WATTLED JACANA (Jacana jacana)

Laridae (Gulls, Terns, and Skimmers)

YELLOW-BILLED TERN (Sternula superciliaris)

LARGE-BILLED TERN (Phaetusa simplex)

BLACK SKIMMER (INTERCEDENS) (Rynchops niger intercedens)

Eurypygidae (Sunbittern)

SUNBITTERN (Eurypyga helias)

Nice looks on Igarapé Cujubim.

Ciconiidae (Storks)

WOOD STORK (Mycteria americana)

Anhingidae (Anhingas)

ANHINGA (Anhinga anhinga)

Phalacrocoracidae (Cormorants and Shags)

NEOTROPIC CORMORANT (Phalacrocorax brasilianus)

Ardeidae (Herons, Egrets, and Bitterns)

ZIGZAG HERON (Zebrilus undulatus) [*]

RUFESCENT TIGER-HERON (Tigrisoma lineatum)

COCOI HERON (Ardea cocoi)

GREAT EGRET (Ardea alba)

SNOWY EGRET (Egretta thula)

CATTLE EGRET (Bubulcus ibis)

STRIATED HERON (Butorides striata)

CAPPED HERON (Pilherodius pileatus)

BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT-HERON (Nycticorax nycticorax)

Threskiornithidae (Ibises and Spoonbills)

GREEN IBIS (Mesembrinibis cayennensis)

Cathartidae (New World Vultures)

KING VULTURE (Sarcoramphus papa)

BLACK VULTURE (Coragyps atratus)

TURKEY VULTURE (TROPICAL) (Cathartes aura ruficollis)


Accipitridae (Hawks, Eagles, and Kites)

PEARL KITE (Gampsonyx swainsonii)

Seen once near Jaci Paraná.

GRAY-HEADED KITE (Leptodon cayanensis)

SWALLOW-TAILED KITE (Elanoides forficatus)

ORNATE HAWK-EAGLE (Spizaetus ornatus) [*]

DOUBLE-TOOTHED KITE (Harpagus bidentatus)

Seen from the PRR canopy tower.

TINY HAWK (Accipiter superciliosus)

We found a nest on our way to Humaitá.

SLATE-COLORED HAWK (Buteogallus schistaceus)

Nice looks along the Roosevelt river.

GREAT BLACK HAWK (Buteogallus urubitinga)

ROADSIDE HAWK (Rupornis magnirostris)

WHITE-TAILED HAWK (Geranoaetus albicaudatus)

WHITE-BROWED HAWK (Leucopternis kuhli)

A pair of birds seen on the very first morning.

GRAY-LINED HAWK (Buteo nitidus)

Strigidae (Owls)

TAWNY-BELLIED SCREECH-OWL (Megascops watsonii) [*]

AMAZONIAN PYGMY-OWL (Glaucidium hardyi)

Great looks from the PRR canopy tower.

BURROWING OWL (Athene cunicularia)

Trogonidae (Trogons)

BLACK-TAILED TROGON (Trogon melanurus)

GREEN-BACKED TROGON (Trogon viridis)

AMAZONIAN TROGON (Trogon ramonianus)

BLUE-CROWNED TROGON (Trogon curucui)

BLACK-THROATED TROGON (Trogon rufus) [*]

COLLARED TROGON (Trogon collaris)

Momotidae (Motmots)

BROAD-BILLED MOTMOT (Electron platyrhynchum)

Great looks in the scope near Humaitá.

Alcedinidae (Kingfishers)

RINGED KINGFISHER (Megaceryle torquata)

AMAZON KINGFISHER (Chloroceryle amazona)

AMERICAN PYGMY KINGFISHER (Chloroceryle aenea) [*]

GREEN KINGFISHER (Chloroceryle americana)


Bucconidae (Puffbirds)

WHITE-NECKED PUFFBIRD (Notharchus hyperrhynchus hyperrhynchus)

Big puffbird seen on our first morning.

BROWN-BANDED PUFFBIRD (Notharchus ordii)

Great bird and fantastic looks on the left bank of Madeira river.

PIED PUFFBIRD (Notharchus tectus)

A single one seen from the PRR canopy tower.

COLLARED PUFFBIRD (Bucco capensis)

After a few attempts, we saw two birds on Santa Maria trail, right bank of Roosevelt river.


One of the first birds of the tour.


This one replaces Western Striolated-Puffbird to the east of Madeira river. We had some nice looks on left bank of Roosevelt river.

WHITE-EARED PUFFBIRD (Nystalus chacuru)

RUFOUS-NECKED PUFFBIRD (Malacoptila rufa) [*]

BLACK-FRONTED NUNBIRD (Monasa nigrifrons)

WHITE-FRONTED NUNBIRD (Monasa morphoeus)

SWALLOW-WINGED PUFFBIRD (Chelidoptera tenebrosa)

Galbulidae (Jacamars)

BROWN JACAMAR (Brachygalba lugubris melanosterna)

Great looks along the Igarapé Cujubim.

BLUE-CHEEKED JACAMAR (Galbula cyanicollis)

A pair of this nice looking jacamar seen very well on the Nautica Amazonas entrance road.

RUFOUS-TAILED JACAMAR (Galbula ruficauda)

BLUISH-FRONTED JACAMAR (Galbula cyanescens)

A single one seen very well on the way to Humaitá.

BRONZY JACAMAR (Galbula leucogastra)

Seen well a couple of times.


GREAT JACAMAR (Jacamerops aureus)

Male and female seen in the scope near Humaitá.

Capitonidae (New World Barbets)

BLACK-GIRDLED BARBET (Capito dayi) [*]

GILDED BARBET (Capito auratus)

Nice looks on the first morning.

Ramphastidae (Toucans)

LETTERED ARACARI (Pteroglossus inscriptus)

CHESTNUT-EARED ARACARI (Pteroglossus castanotis)

IVORY-BILLED ARACARI (BROWN-BILLED) (Pteroglossus azara mariae)

Great bird, only found on the left bank of Madeira river.

CURL-CRESTED ARACARI (Pteroglossus beauharnaesii)

Maybe the most beautiful aracari in the Amazon, seen very well on the Nautica Amazonas entrance road.

RED-NECKED ARACARI (Pteroglossus bitorquatus)

Seen well a couple of times on right bank of Madeira river.

GOLDEN-COLLARED TOUCANET (Selenidera reinwardtii)

Seen very well near Humaitá, this one replaces Gould's Toucanet on left bank of Madeira river.

GOULD'S TOUCANET (Selenidera gouldii)

Nice looks from the PRR canopy tower.

WHITE-THROATED TOUCAN (Ramphastos tucanus)

CHANNEL-BILLED TOUCAN (Ramphastos vitellinus)

Picidae (Woodpeckers)

BAR-BREASTED PICULET (Picumnus aurifrons)

Seen a couple of times on the tour.

YELLOW-TUFTED WOODPECKER (Melanerpes cruentatus)

RED-STAINED WOODPECKER (Dryobates affinis)

RED-NECKED WOODPECKER (Campephilus rubricollis)

The biggest woodpecker in the Amazon seen very well on the PRR trails.

CRIMSON-CRESTED WOODPECKER (Campephilus melanoleucos)

LINEATED WOODPECKER (Dryocopus lineatus)

RINGED WOODPECKER (Celeus torquatus)

A single bird eating some Cecropia fruit on the Esperança trail, left bank of Roosevelt river.


A pair of birds seen on the first morning.



A female foraging with an understory mixed-species flock.


GOLDEN-GREEN WOODPECKER (Piculus chrysochloros)

Falconidae (Falcons and Caracaras)

BLACK CARACARA (Daptrius ater)

RED-THROATED CARACARA (Ibycter americanus)

SOUTHERN CARACARA (Caracara plancus)

YELLOW-HEADED CARACARA (Milvago chimachima)

LAUGHING FALCON (Herpetotheres cachinnans)

BAT FALCON (Falco rufigularis)

Seen a few times along the Roosevelt river.

ORANGE-BREASTED FALCON (Falco deiroleucus)

Great bird to see! We saw a single one on the first morning.

Psittacidae (New World and African Parrots)


WHITE-WINGED PARAKEET (Brotogeris versicolurus)

GOLDEN-WINGED PARAKEET (Brotogeris chrysoptera)

ORANGE-CHEEKED PARROT (Pyrilia barrabandi)

One of the most beautiful parrots in the Amazon forest, for sure. We saw them very well from the PRR canopy tower.

BLUE-HEADED PARROT (Pionus menstruus)

SHORT-TAILED PARROT (Graydidascalus brachyurus)

Hundreds of birds coming from their roost at Humaitá at dawn.

YELLOW-CROWNED PARROT (Amazona ochrocephala)

MEALY PARROT (Amazona farinosa)

KAWALL'S PARROT (Amazona kawalli)

A big parrot, only found on this region of the Amazon basin. We heard it a few times and saw it along the Madeirinha river.

WHITE-BELLIED PARROT (Pionites leucogaster) [*]


A nice looking parakeet, scarce and hard to see. We were very lucky and found three birds perched in a Campina habitat.

SANTAREM PARAKEET (MADEIRA) (Pyrrhura amazonum snethlageae)

A Pyrrhura parakeet species who replaces Bonaparte's one by the right bank of Madeira river.

BONAPARTE'S PARAKEET (Pyrrhura lucianii)

By the range, this is the Pyrrhura species found around Humaitá.


DUSKY-HEADED PARAKEET (Aratinga weddellii)

Nice looks near Humaitá.

RED-BELLIED MACAW (Orthopsittaca manilatus)

BLUE-WINGED MACAW (Primolius maracana)

A group of birds seen by the Madeira river.




WHITE-EYED PARAKEET (Psittacara leucophthalmus)

Thamnophilidae (Typical Antbirds)


There is a lack of knowledge for a few birds’ occurrence in the Roosevelt river area, including the Euchrepomis species (Chestnut-shouldered and Ash-winged antwrens). We heard this bird a few times and saw it poorly from the ground, and for me the birds we saw were Chestnut-shouldered Antwren by plumage.

FASCIATED ANTSHRIKE (Cymbilaimus lineatus)

Seen a couple of times.

GLOSSY ANTSHRIKE (Sakesphorus luctuosus) [*]

BARRED ANTSHRIKE (Thamnophilus doliatus)

PLAIN-WINGED ANTSHRIKE (Thamnophilus schistaceus)

MOUSE-COLORED ANTSHRIKE (Thamnophilus murinus)

NATTERER'S SLATY-ANTSHRIKE (Thamnophilus stictocephalus)

Nice looks in a Campina habitat.

WHITE-SHOULDERED ANTSHRIKE (Thamnophilus aethiops) [*]

AMAZONIAN ANTSHRIKE (Thamnophilus amazonicus)

PEARLY ANTSHRIKE (Megastictus margaritatus)

Nice bird seen well on the PRR trails.

SATURNINE ANTSHRIKE (Thamnomanes saturninus)

CINEREOUS ANTSHRIKE (Thamnomanes caesius)

One of the nuclear species for the understory flocks in the Amazon.

PLAIN-THROATED ANTWREN (Isleria hauxwelli)

Great looks on the PRR trails.

SPOT-WINGED ANTSHRIKE (Pygiptila stellaris)

WHITE-EYED STIPPLETHROAT (Epinecrophylla leucophthalma)

Seen well a few times foraging with the flocks.

RIO MADEIRA STIPPLETHROAT (Epinecrophylla amazonica)

This one is only found on the left bank of the Madeira river.

RIO MADEIRA STIPPLETHROAT (ROOSEVELT) (Epinecrophylla amazonica dentei)

One of the Roosevelt-Madeira interfluve specialties seen well on this tour.

PYGMY ANTWREN (Myrmotherula brachyura)

SCLATER'S ANTWREN (Myrmotherula sclateri)

Tiny little antwren was seen well on the Amazonas Nautica entrance road.

AMAZONIAN STREAKED-ANTWREN (Myrmotherula multostriata)

WHITE-FLANKED ANTWREN (Myrmotherula axillaris)

LONG-WINGED ANTWREN (Myrmotherula longipennis)

IHERING'S ANTWREN (Myrmotherula iheringi) [*]

GRAY ANTWREN (Myrmotherula menetriesii)

BANDED ANTBIRD (Dichrozona cincta)

One of my favorite antbirds! We had some great looks near Humaitá.

PREDICTED ANTWREN (Herpsilochmus praedictus)

This is another great Campina bird, restricted to the left bank of Madeira river.

ARIPUANA ANTWREN (Herpsilochmus stotzi)

Recently described, this little one occurs butween the Aripuanã and Machado rivers.

RUFOUS-WINGED ANTWREN (Herpsilochmus rufimarginatus)

DOT-WINGED ANTWREN (Microrhopias quixensis)

Nice looking bird seen well.

WHITE-FRINGED ANTWREN (Formicivora grisea)

RUSTY-BACKED ANTWREN (Formicivora rufa)

A Cerrado habitat bird seen near Humaitá.

PERUVIAN WARBLING-ANTBIRD (Hypocnemis peruviana)

The first Warbling-Antbird seen on the tour.

RONDONIA WARBLING-ANTBIRD (Hypocnemis ochrogyna)

SPIX'S WARBLING-ANTBIRD (Hypocnemis striata implicata)

This tour is fantastic for warbling-antbirds, and this species is found on the right bank of the Roosevelt river.


Another recently described bird only found between the Roosevelt and Machado rivers.

BLACK ANTBIRD (Cercomacroides serva)

Nice looks on our way to Humaitá.

BLACKISH ANTBIRD (Cercomacroides nigrescens)

GRAY ANTBIRD (Cercomacra cinerascens)

WHITE-BROWED ANTBIRD (Myrmoborus leucophrys)

A female seen briefly on the PRR trails.

BLACK-FACED ANTBIRD (Myrmoborus myotherinus)

BAND-TAILED ANTBIRD (Hypocnemoides maculicauda)

HUMAITA ANTBIRD (Myrmelastes humaythae)

Only found on left bank of the Madeira river, replace to the east by the Rufous-faced Antbird.

RUFOUS-FACED ANTBIRD (Myrmelastes rufifacies)

CHESTNUT-TAILED ANTBIRD (PALLENS) (Sciaphylax hemimelaena pallens)

Great looks on the Amazonas Nautica entrance road.

[CHESTNUT-TAILED] ANTBIRD (Sciaphylax [hemimelaena] taxon novum)

FERRUGINOUS-BACKED ANTBIRD (Myrmoderus ferrugineus elutus)

BLACK-THROATED ANTBIRD (Myrmophylax atrothorax)

WHITE-THROATED ANTBIRD (Oneillornis salvini) [*]

WHITE-BREASTED ANTBIRD (Rhegmatorhina hoffmannsi)

Seen briefly a couple of times.

SPOT-BACKED ANTBIRD (Hylophylax naevius)

Little beauty, seen really well a couple of times.

DOT-BACKED ANTBIRD (Hylophylax punctulatus)

A female seen well in a seasonally flooded forest.

COMMON SCALE-BACKED ANTBIRD (Willisornis poecilinotus)

BLACK-SPOTTED BARE-EYE (Phlegopsis nigromaculata)

Great bird! Always tricky to see. We saw it once.

Conopophagidae (Gnateaters)


Another great Amazonian bird seen well on the PRR trails.

Grallariidae (Antpittas)

VARIEGATED ANTPITTA (Grallaria varia) [*]

ALTA FLORESTA ANTPITTA (Hylopezus whittakeri)

This is what we call lucky!! On our way back on the first morning at Roosevelt area, a bird popped up from the ground and remained perched 4ft on a horizontal branch for a few minutes. Great moment.

THRUSH-LIKE ANTPITTA (Myrmothera campanisona) [*]

Rhinocryptidae (Tapaculos)

RUSTY-BELTED TAPACULO (Liosceles thoracicus) [*]

Formicariidae (Antthrushes)

RUFOUS-CAPPED ANTTHRUSH (Formicarius colma) [*]

Furnariidae (Ovenbirds and Woodcreepers)

OLIVACEOUS WOODCREEPER (Sittasomus griseicapillus)

LONG-TAILED WOODCREEPER (Deconychura longicauda)

Seen briefly near Humaitá.

WHITE-CHINNED WOODCREEPER (Dendrocincla merula) [*]

WEDGE-BILLED WOODCREEPER (Glyphorynchus spirurus)


Two birds seen well near Humaitá.

LONG-BILLED WOODCREEPER (Nasica longirostris)

A very elegant woodcreeper. We saw it by the Candeias river.

AMAZONIAN BARRED-WOODCREEPER (JURUA) (Dendrocolaptes certhia juruanus)

Seen nicely on the first morning.

AMAZONIAN BARRED-WOODCREEPER (PLAIN-COLORED) (Dendrocolaptes certhia concolor)

This one replaces the Jurua race on right bank of Madeira river.

BLACK-BANDED WOODCREEPER (PALE-BILLED) (Dendrocolaptes picumnus pallescens)

HOFFMANNS'S WOODCREEPER (Dendrocolaptes hoffmannsi)

A nice bird, not seen very often. We saw it well on the PRR trails.

RED-BILLED WOODCREEPER (UNIFORM) (Hylexetastes perrotii uniformis)

Replaces Barred-bellied Woodcreeper on right bank of Madeira river.

STRONG-BILLED WOODCREEPER (Xiphocolaptes promeropirhynchus) [*]

STRIPED WOODCREEPER (Xiphorhynchus obsoletus)

OCELLATED WOODCREEPER (Xiphorhynchus ocellatus)

Seen briefly on the PRR trails.

ELEGANT WOODCREEPER (Xiphorhynchus elegans)

BUFF-THROATED WOODCREEPER (DUSKY-BILLED) (Xiphorhynchus guttatus eytoni)


CURVE-BILLED SCYTHEBILL (RONDONIA) (Campylorhamphus procurvoides probatus)

Fantastic evolutionary adaptation. This bird is able to get bugs in the deepest holes easily.

RONDONIA WOODCREEPER (Lepidocolaptes fuscicapillus)

SLENDER-BILLED XENOPS (Xenops tenuirostris) [*]

PLAIN XENOPS (Xenops minutus)

STREAKED XENOPS (Xenops rutilans)


RUFOUS-TAILED XENOPS (Microxenops milleri)

A pair of birds seen on the Amazonas Nautica entrance road.

RUFOUS-RUMPED FOLIAGE-GLEANER (Philydor erythrocercum)


Fantastic looks near Humaitá.

CHESTNUT-WINGED HOOKBILL (Ancistrops strigilatus) [*]



SPECKLED SPINETAIL (Cranioleuca gutturata)


RUDDY SPINETAIL (Synallaxis rutilans)

A hard bird to see everywhere. We were very lucky to see a very cooperative one on the Esperança trail.

Pipridae (Manakins)

DWARF TYRANT-MANAKIN (Tyranneutes stolzmanni)

BLUE-BACKED MANAKIN (REGINA) (Chiroxiphia pareola regina)

Seen very well from the PRR canopy tower.

BLACK MANAKIN (Xenopipo atronitens)

BLUE-CROWNED MANAKIN (Lepidothrix coronata) [*]

SNOW-CAPPED MANAKIN (Lepidothrix nattereri)

Manakins are always nice to see and this one is not different.

FLAME-CROWNED MANAKIN (Heterocercus linteatus)

An adult male seen really well along the Igarapé Cujubim.

FIERY-CAPPED MANAKIN (Machaeropterus pyrocephalus) [*]

RED-HEADED MANAKIN (Ceratopipra rubrocapilla)

Cotingidae (Cotingas)

CRIMSON FRUITCROW (Haematoderus militaris)

This was probably the most exciting moment on the tour. Male and female Crimson Fruitcrow seen very, very well.

SPANGLED COTINGA (Cotinga cayana)

A male seen well near Humaitá.

SCREAMING PIHA (Lipaugus vociferans)

POMPADOUR COTINGA (Xipholena punicea)

Male and female seen feeding near to the PRR canopy tower.

BARE-NECKED FRUITCROW (Gymnoderus foetidus)

Tityridae (Tityras and Allies)


MASKED TITYRA (Tityra semifasciata)

BROWN-WINGED SCHIFFORNIS (Schiffornis turdina)

Nice looks near Humaitá.

CINEREOUS MOURNER (Laniocera hypopyrra) [*]

WHITE-BROWED PURPLETUFT (Iodopleura isabellae)

A nice little beauty seen a couple of times.

WHITE-WINGED BECARD (Pachyramphus polychopterus)

BLACK-CAPPED BECARD (Pachyramphus marginatus)

Oxyruncidae (Sharpbill, Royal Flycatcher, and Allies)

RUDDY-TAILED FLYCATCHER (Terenotriccus erythrurus) [*]

Tyrannidae (Tyrant Flycatchers)

WING-BARRED PIPRITES (Piprites chloris)

GOLDEN-CROWNED SPADEBILL (Platyrinchus coronatus)

A hard bird to hear and make sure where it is in the forest understory. We saw it only once.

WHITE-CRESTED SPADEBILL (Platyrinchus platyrhynchos)

SEPIA-CAPPED FLYCATCHER (Leptopogon amaurocephalus)

RINGED ANTPIPIT (Corythopis torquatus)

Seen briefly by some people.

SHORT-TAILED PYGMY-TYRANT (Myiornis ecaudatus)

SNETHLAGE'S TODY-TYRANT (SNETHLAGE'S) (Hemitriccus minor minor)


Great looks on the first morning on our way to Humaitá.

ZIMMER'S TODY-TYRANT (Hemitriccus minimus)


Great bird only found in Campina habitat.

SPOTTED TODY-FLYCATCHER (Todirostrum maculatum)

YELLOW-BROWED TODY-FLYCATCHER (Todirostrum chrysocrotaphum)

OLIVACEOUS FLATBILL (Rhynchocyclus olivaceus)

Two birds seen near Jaci Paraná.


GRAY-CROWNED FLYCATCHER (Tolmomyias poliocephalus)



A bird incubating in front of the main building at PRR.


FOREST ELAENIA (Myiopagis gaimardii)

GRAY ELAENIA (Myiopagis caniceps)


Another Campina specialty seen nicely on the tour.

YELLOW-BELLIED ELAENIA (Elaenia flavogaster)

LESSER ELAENIA (Elaenia chiriquensis)

CHICO'S TYRANNULET (Zimmerius chicomendesi)

It's nice to see a bird exactly where it was found for the very first time in history!

FUSCOUS FLYCATCHER (CAMPINA) (Cnemotriccus fuscatus duidae)

The race duidae is restricted to Campina habitat.


DRAB WATER TYRANT (Ochthornis littoralis)

WHITE-HEADED MARSH TYRANT (Arundinicola leucocephala)

RUFOUS-TAILED FLATBILL (Ramphotrigon ruficauda)

CITRON-BELLIED ATTILA (Attila citriniventris)

Nice surprise near Humaitá.

BRIGHT-RUMPED ATTILA (Attila spadiceus)

GRAYISH MOURNER (Rhytipterna simplex)

PALE-BELLIED MOURNER (Rhytipterna immunda)

A nice Campina specialty.


LESSER KISKADEE (Pitangus lictor)

GREAT KISKADEE (Pitangus sulphuratus)

RUSTY-MARGINED FLYCATCHER (Myiozetetes cayanensis)


STREAKED FLYCATCHER (Myiodynastes maculatus)

VARIEGATED FLYCATCHER (Empidonomus varius)

CROWNED SLATY FLYCATCHER (Empidonomus aurantioatrocristatus)

TROPICAL KINGBIRD (Tyrannus melancholicus)

Vireonidae (Vireos, Shrike-Babblers, and Erpornis)


GRAY-CHESTED GREENLET (Hylophilus semicinereus)

TAWNY-CROWNED GREENLET (Tunchiornis ochraceiceps)

BUFF-CHEEKED GREENLET (Pachysylvia muscicapina)

CHIVI VIREO (MIGRATORY) (Vireo chivi chivi)

Corvidae (Crows, Jays, and Magpies)

AZURE-NAPED JAY (CAMPINA) (Cyanocorax heilprini hafferi)

After several attempts, we found a group of 8 birds near Humaitá.

Hirundinidae (Swallows)

BLACK-COLLARED SWALLOW (Pygochelidon melanoleuca)

WHITE-BANDED SWALLOW (Atticora fasciata)

SOUTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOW (Stelgidopteryx ruficollis)

GRAY-BREASTED MARTIN (Progne chalybea)


WHITE-WINGED SWALLOW (Tachycineta albiventer)

Polioptilidae (Gnatcatchers)

LONG-BILLED GNATWREN (Ramphocaenus melanurus) [*]

Troglodytidae (Wrens)

SCALY-BREASTED WREN (Microcerculus marginatus)

A very cooperative (and quiet!!) bird moving next to the trail.

TOOTH-BILLED WREN (Odontorchilus cinereus)

Nice looks by the PRR canopy tower.

HOUSE WREN (Troglodytes aedon)

THRUSH-LIKE WREN (Campylorhynchus turdinus)

MOUSTACHED WREN (Pheugopedius genibarbis)

BUFF-BREASTED WREN (Cantorchilus leucotis)

MUSICIAN WREN (RONDONIA) (Cyphorhinus arada interpositus)

This bird is magical. To hearing it is one of the most special things in the Amazon.

Turdidae (Thrushes and Allies)

PALE-BREASTED THRUSH (Turdus leucomelas)

HAUXWELL'S THRUSH (Turdus hauxwelli)

Passeridae (Old World Sparrows)

HOUSE SPARROW (Passer domesticus)

Fringillidae (Finches, Euphonias, and Allies)

GOLDEN-BELLIED EUPHONIA (Euphonia chrysopasta)

RUFOUS-BELLIED EUPHONIA (Euphonia rufiventris)

A male seen well on the Amazonas Nautica entrance road.

Passerellidae (New World Sparrows)

YELLOW-BROWED SPARROW (Ammodramus aurifrons)

Icteridae (Troupials and Allies)


GREEN OROPENDOLA (Psarocolius viridis)

OLIVE OROPENDOLA (Psarocolius bifasciatus)


EPAULET ORIOLE (Icterus cayanensis)

GIANT COWBIRD (Molothrus oryzivorus)

Mitrospingidae (Mitrospingid Tanagers)

RED-BILLED PIED TANAGER (Lamprospiza melanoleuca)

A group of 5 birds foraging with a canopy flock near Humaitá.

Cardinalidae (Cardinals and Allies)


ROSE-BREASTED CHAT (Granatellus pelzelni)

Beautiful little bird seen very well near Humaitá.

AMAZONIAN GROSBEAK (Cyanoloxia rothschildii) [*]

Thraupidae (Tanagers and Allies)

RED-CAPPED CARDINAL (Paroaria gularis)

FLAME-CRESTED TANAGER (Tachyphonus cristatus)

FULVOUS-CRESTED TANAGER (Tachyphonus surinamus)

RED-SHOULDERED TANAGER (Tachyphonus phoenicius)

Male and female seen in a Campina habitat.

SILVER-BEAKED TANAGER (Ramphocelus carbo)

BLUE-GRAY TANAGER (Thraupis episcopus)

PALM TANAGER (Thraupis palmarum)

DOTTED TANAGER (Ixothraupis varia)

A special bird in the Amazon, not seen very often. We saw a male foraging with a canopy flock near Humaitá.

MASKED TANAGER (Stilpnia nigrocincta)

TURQUOISE TANAGER (Tangara mexicana)

PARADISE TANAGER (Tangara chilensis)

A name justifies the beauty of the bird. One of the coolest amazonian species seen well a few times.

GREEN-AND-GOLD TANAGER (Tangara schrankii)

Another great tanager seen nicely from the PRR canopy tower.

BLACK-FACED DACNIS (Dacnis lineata)

YELLOW-BELLIED DACNIS (Dacnis flaviventer)

Male and female seen near to the PRR main building

BLUE DACNIS (Dacnis cayana)


PURPLE HONEYCREEPER (Cyanerpes caeruleus)


GREEN HONEYCREEPER (Chlorophanes spiza)

YELLOW-BACKED TANAGER (Hemithraupis flavicollis)

Nice looks near Humaitá.

WHITE-RUMPED TANAGER (Cypsnagra hirundinacea)

A Cerrado specialty, this bird has a nice duet display.

WEDGE-TAILED GRASS-FINCH (Emberizoides herbicola)

BLUE-BLACK GRASSQUIT (Volatinia jacarina)

PLUMBEOUS SEEDEATER (Sporophila plumbea)

BLACK-MASKED FINCH (Coryphaspiza melanotis)

Another one only found in Cerrado habitat seen very well near Humaitá.

BANANAQUIT (Coereba flaveola)

GRAYISH SALTATOR (Saltator coerulescens)



LONG-NOSED BAT (Rhynchonycteris naso)

FREE-TAILED BAT SP. (Tadarida sp.)

SADDLEBACK TAMARIN (Saguinus fuscicollis)

A group of these tamarins was seen on the first morning.



DUSKY TITI MONKEY (Callicebus moloch)

Nice looks on the right bank of Roosevelt.

COPPERY TITI MONKEY (Plecturocebus cupreus)

PRINCE BERNARD'S TITI MONKEY (Callicebus bernhardi)

Great looks on left bank of Roosevelt river.



BROWN CAPUCHIN (Cebus apella)

COMMON WOOLLY MONKEY (Lagothrix lagotricha)

Seen a couple of times.

WHITE-BELLIED SPIDER MONKEY (Ateles belzebuth chamek)

GIANT ANTEATER (Myrmecophaga tridactyla)

A brief look on left bank of Roosevelt river.

SOUTHERN TAMANDUA (Tamandua tetradactyla)

An adult carrying a baby seen going down into a tree hole.


Always nice to see this tiny creature.

RED-RUMPED AGOUTI (Dasyprocta agouti)

AMAZON RIVER DOLPHIN (Inia geoffrensis)

TUCUXI (Sotalia fluviatilis)

CRAB-EATING FOX (Cerdocyon thous)

GIANT OTTER (Pteronura brasiliensis)

COLLARED PECCARY (Tayassu tajacu)

A very calm individual seen along along the Esperança trail.


GREEN ANACONDA (Eunectes murinus)

A young individual seen in the water.

Totals for the tour: 390 bird taxa and 22 mammal taxa