A Field Guides Birding Tours Report

Succinct Suriname: Cotingas & Trumpeters 2023

January 14-25, 2023 with Micah Riegner & Sean Dilrosun guiding

Flying over Suriname, you see the capital city of Paramaribo hugging the coast, the highway linking Suriname to Guiana and French Guiana and a road that stretches south about 150 Km to the interior, and that’s about it. The rest is untouched tropical wilderness with rumpled granitic ridges as far as the eye can see. If you’re looking for a truly immersive, off-the-beaten-path birding experience in a place with diverse cultures and delicious food, Suriname is the place to go!

This year’s tour experienced more rain than normal, and road conditions were challenging to say the least, but that didn’t stop us from getting where we needed to go and seeing a ton of great birds! We were in good hands with our local guide, musician and flute-maker entrepreneur, Sean, driver Dinesh and cook Bernhard, who prepared some very tasty dishes while we were out in the middle of nowhere. We spent the first day in Peperpot Nature Reserve, just on the other side of the river from Paramaribo. Peperpot used to be a sugar cane plantation during the Dutch colonial period and, after its abandonment, the forest took over. The canals still exist, and a nice set of trails allows you to see the avian specialties of the northern coastal forest. Our primary targets for the morning were the endemic Arrowhead Piculet, which we saw within the first 5 minutes there, and Blood-colored Woodpecker, which was in a feeding flock accompanied by Northern Slaty Antshrikes, White-winged Becards and a Yellow-crowned Elaenia. Farther along the trail we saw Crimson-hooded Manakin glowing in the heliconia-dominated understory. After a visit to Weg Nar Zee to see Rufous-crab Hawk, Red-crowned Woodpecker and a mudflat dotted with shorebirds, we headed to Colakreek where we were greeted by Mel, who prepared us a Bruine Bonen: a traditional Surinamese bean, rice and vegetable dish.

The road to Brownsberg zigzags up a steep ridge through miles of gorgeous primary forest. Under normal conditions it’s a thrilling ride and this year’s rain made it even more thrilling with the huge stretches of mud that we had to go through. One stretch we even had to get out of the bus so that Dinesh could climb a rather steep hill with less weight. Our first morning at Brownsberg we birded the main road and had outstanding looks at Ferruginous-backed Antbirds, Collared Puffbird, Pectoral Sparrow, Spotted Antpitta and a Tiny Hawk, which Sean spotted way up in the canopy. It was picking apart a bird, which looked like a Mouse-colored Antshrike. The next day we walked out the Mazaroni Road, which goes along the Mazaroni Plateau, and saw Lined Forest-falcons, Musician Wren, and Marail Guan, but the bird of the day was Blue-backed Tanager, and not just a fleeting view—they sat out in the open and we got them in the scopes! Our two days at Brownsberg flew by and we had yet to see any trumpeters. How is that possible? On the morning before we were to leave, I left a radio with Marino, the groundskeeper, so that he could radio us if the trumpeters showed up. We were busy working through a mixed species flock with Brown-bellied Stipplethroat, both Cinereous and Dusky-throated Antshrikes, and Fulvous Shrike-tanager when Marino radioed us—the trumpeters were in! We rushed back to the lodge clearing to find the flock moseying about, relaxed as ever. After soul-satisfying views, we went back to check on a bird we had tried to see the day before, but just didn’t show—Wing-banded Antbird, one of my favorite birds in the neotropics! Within a couple seconds the bird called back so we positioned ourselves to call it into view. What an outstanding view of such an elusive bird!

With that, we were off to Fred’s Place, a new lodge due southwest of Brownsberg. After slogging through another very muddy road and stopping for Double-toothed Kite and Paradise Jacamars on our way, we arrived at our cozy cabins tucked away in the forest at the edge of the Little Saramacca River. Our days at Fred’s we spent walking different stretches of the main road and various trails while dodging localized rainstorms, which kept things exciting. The first day we saw Brown Jacamars, Slender-billed Xenops, a skulking McConnell’s Spinetail in the morning and in the afternoon we visited a Guianan Cock-of-the-rock lek. Several males were sitting about, squawking away until a storm blew in and we and the birds left. The next morning, we convened pre-dawn and walked to a territory of Zigzag Heron along the river. We played the recording in total darkness and within 10 seconds I could see a large white oval in the heat scope. I turned on the flashlight and there it was, a Zigzag Heron right in front of us!

Other highlights at Fred’s were the male and female Crimson Fruitcrows, a Purple-breasted Cotinga, an adult Bicolored Hawk, an ant swarm with White-plumed and Rufous-throated Antbirds, Plain-brown and White-chinned Woodcreepers and a fruiting tree that was attracting Black-spotted Barbets, Green Aracaris, and Black-headed Parrots. We even had a quick look at a pair of Racket-tipped Thorntails at some flowers way up in the canopy. Getting out of Fred’s was quite the adventure. The rains had caused the road to get much muddier. There was one particularly challenging stretch, where a logging truck had already gotten stuck. We tried to maneuver around the logging truck but lost traction and went down as well. Thankfully, Sean’s friend, Stevo, came to our rescue. First, he tried to pull us out with his Jeep, but it just didn’t have enough power, so we went down the road to get help from a front-end loader. After about an hour, they arrived and were able to pull us free. What a relief!

We finished up the tour by hitting a couple more white sand habitats around Colakreek where we saw Black Manakin, Rufous-crowned Elaenia, Rose-breasted Chat, a close pair of Guira Tanagers and a small flock of Campina Thrushes. That evening after Mel’s final dinner we found Black-banded Owl, Prehensile-tailed Porcupine and Tropical Screech Owls right around our cabins. What a way to finish off the tour! Sean and I had a great time with all of you and look forward to our next adventures!


One of the following keys may be shown in brackets for individual species as appropriate: * = heard only, I = introduced, E = endemic, N = nesting, a = austral migrant, b = boreal migrant

Tinamidae (Tinamous)

GREAT TINAMOU (Tinamus major) [*]

CINEREOUS TINAMOU (Crypturellus cinereus)

One sang from close proximity at Fred's but wouldn't come into view.

LITTLE TINAMOU (Crypturellus soui)

Another close heard only! This one was at the Hanover Savanna.

RED-LEGGED TINAMOU (Crypturellus erythropus) [*]

Heard at Kakangoe near Colakreek.

VARIEGATED TINAMOU (Crypturellus variegatus)

We heard one at close proximity.

Cracidae (Guans, Chachalacas, and Curassows)


MARAIL GUAN (Penelope marail)

Sylvia spotted one over the road at Brownsberg and it stuck around for a while.

Odontophoridae (New World Quail)

CRESTED BOBWHITE (Colinus cristatus)

One zipped across the road a couple times at the Hannover Savanna.

Columbidae (Pigeons and Doves)

ROCK PIGEON (Columba livia) [I]

PALE-VENTED PIGEON (Patagioenas cayennensis)

SCALED PIGEON (Patagioenas speciosa)

Seen regularly throughout the tour, especially at Fred's Place.

PLUMBEOUS PIGEON (Patagioenas plumbea) [*]

RUDDY PIGEON (Patagioenas subvinacea)

COMMON GROUND DOVE (Columbina passerina)

RUDDY GROUND DOVE (Columbina talpacoti)

BLUE GROUND DOVE (Claravis pretiosa) [*]

Heard on the road to Fred's Place.

WHITE-TIPPED DOVE (Leptotila verreauxi) [*]

GRAY-FRONTED DOVE (Leptotila rufaxilla)

Cuculidae (Cuckoos)

GREATER ANI (Crotophaga major)

SMOOTH-BILLED ANI (Crotophaga ani)

LITTLE CUCKOO (Coccycua minuta)

We called one into view at Peperpot.

SQUIRREL CUCKOO (Piaya cayana)

Caprimulgidae (Nightjars and Allies)

LESSER NIGHTHAWK (Chordeiles acutipennis)

I was blown away by how many were roosting on that tiny island of vegetation near the Zanderij Airport!

BLACKISH NIGHTJAR (Nyctipolus nigrescens)

Sean spotted one off the side of the road as we were driving near Fred's Place. What a find!

COMMON PAURAQUE (Nyctidromus albicollis)

There was one along the side of the road at Fred's on our night drive.

WHITE-TAILED NIGHTJAR (Hydropsalis cayennensis)

The nightjar we saw perched in the open field near the airport.

Nyctibiidae (Potoos)

LONG-TAILED POTOO (Nyctibius aethereus) [*]

We heard it calling "Raul" along the main road at Fred's.

COMMON POTOO (Nyctibius griseus)

We went to Sean's Potoo branch and after a couple minutes the bird showed up right in front of us!

Apodidae (Swifts)

CHAPMAN'S SWIFT (Chaetura chapmani)

The swifts with the dark brown rumps we saw from the Mazaroni Overlook.

SHORT-TAILED SWIFT (Chaetura brachyura)

The common swift around Paramaribo.

BAND-RUMPED SWIFT (Chaetura spinicaudus)

The most common Chaetura of the trip--seen daily from Brownsberg and Fred's.

LESSER SWALLOW-TAILED SWIFT (Panyptila cayennensis)

A couple flew right over us, vocalizing while we were trying to call in a Black Manakin. I wish I had my microphone and recorder ready!

FORK-TAILED PALM-SWIFT (Tachornis squamata)

Abundant around Colakreek with all the Mauritia Palms.

Trochilidae (Hummingbirds)

CRIMSON TOPAZ (Topaza pella)

We saw a young male at the Mazaroni Overlook at Brownsberg and a female near the Capuchinbird spot at Fred's.

PALE-TAILED BARBTHROAT (Threnetes leucurus)

One buzzed in through the palm swamp forest behind Fred's Place. Also some folks saw one at the feeders.

STRAIGHT-BILLED HERMIT (Phaethornis bourcieri)

Common around both Brownsberg and Fred's Place, but heard whizzing by more often than seen.

LONG-TAILED HERMIT (Phaethornis superciliosus)

Also common around Brownsberg and Fred's Place. We had nice looks at one visiting Costus flowers.

REDDISH HERMIT (Phaethornis ruber)

The tiny hermit that buzzed in close at Colakreek.

BLACK-EARED FAIRY (Heliothryx auritus)


We had a nice look at a female at the Hannover Savanna and then a male at Kakangoe.

RACKET-TIPPED THORNTAIL (Discosura longicaudus)

One of the fanciest hummers in Suriname! We saw a pair near that fruiting tree at Fred's.

AMETHYST WOODSTAR (Calliphlox amethystina)

Wow! One of these diminutive hummers zipped by at the Hannover Savanna.

BLUE-TAILED EMERALD (Chlorostilbon mellisugus)

We saw a female at Weg Naar Zee.

GRAY-BREASTED SABREWING (Campylopterus largipennis)

We had nice looks at this enormous hummer at Brownsberg and Fred's Place.

FORK-TAILED WOODNYMPH (Thalurania furcata)

Probably the most abundant hummer in Suriname. Seen almost very day of the trip!


We saw one our first morning at Peperpot.

RUFOUS-THROATED SAPPHIRE (Hylocharis sapphirina)

WHITE-CHINNED SAPPHIRE (Chlorestes cyanus)

Rallidae (Rails, Gallinules, and Coots)

RUSSET-CROWNED CRAKE (Anurolimnas viridis) [*]

Heard on the entrance of Colakreek. We tried to bring them into view but they wouldn't budge.

Aramidae (Limpkin)

LIMPKIN (Aramus guarauna)

Psophiidae (Trumpeters)

GRAY-WINGED TRUMPETER (Psophia crepitans)

Super! After spending three days at Brownsberg and not seeing Trumpeters, we were beginning to think this would be the first tour in history to not see them. Then, the morning we were about to leave, they finally showed up. What a huge relief! I'm glad we don't have to change the name of the tour.

Charadriidae (Plovers and Lapwings)

SEMIPALMATED PLOVER (Charadrius semipalmatus)

A few were out on the mud flats at Weg Naar Zee.

Jacanidae (Jacanas)

WATTLED JACANA (Jacana jacana)

Scolopacidae (Sandpipers and Allies)

RUDDY TURNSTONE (Arenaria interpres)

At Weg Naar Zee.


PARAGUAYAN SNIPE (Gallinago paraguaiae)

We flushed one near the Zanderij Airport.

SPOTTED SANDPIPER (Actitis macularius)

SOLITARY SANDPIPER (Tringa solitaria)

We flushed a few at shallow puddles near the airport.

GREATER YELLOWLEGS (Tringa melanoleuca)

Nice side-by-side comparisons with Lesser Yellowlegs at Wg Naar Zee.

LESSER YELLOWLEGS (Tringa flavipes)

Laridae (Gulls, Terns, and Skimmers)

ROYAL TERN (Thalasseus maximus)

Distant views at Weg Naar Zee.

Phalacrocoracidae (Cormorants and Shags)

NEOTROPIC CORMORANT (Nannopterum brasilianum)

Pelecanidae (Pelicans)

BROWN PELICAN (Pelecanus occidentalis)

Ardeidae (Herons, Egrets, and Bitterns)

ZIGZAG HERON (Zebrilus undulatus)

One of my favorites of the tour. What an adrenaline rush to see it show up in the heat scope behind Fred's Place!

GREAT EGRET (AMERICAN) (Ardea alba egretta)

SNOWY EGRET (Egretta thula)

LITTLE BLUE HERON (Egretta caerulea)

On the mudflats at Weg Naar Zee.

TRICOLORED HERON (Egretta tricolor)

CATTLE EGRET (WESTERN) (Bubulcus ibis ibis)

STRIATED HERON (SOUTH AMERICAN) (Butorides striata striata)

Threskiornithidae (Ibises and Spoonbills)

GREEN IBIS (Mesembrinibis cayennensis)

Cathartidae (New World Vultures)

KING VULTURE (Sarcoramphus papa)

Multiple views from the overlook at Brownsberg.

BLACK VULTURE (Coragyps atratus)

TURKEY VULTURE (TROPICAL) (Cathartes aura ruficollis)

LESSER YELLOW-HEADED VULTURE (Cathartes burrovianus)

The Yellow-headed Vultures around Colakreek.


Seen most days around Brownsberg and Fred's Place.

Pandionidae (Osprey)

OSPREY (Pandion haliaetus)

Accipitridae (Hawks, Eagles, and Kites)

HOOK-BILLED KITE (Chondrohierax uncinatus)

One circled over the main road at Fred's Place.

GRAY-HEADED KITE (Leptodon cayanensis)

Seen at Brownsberg.

SWALLOW-TAILED KITE (Elanoides forficatus)

A regular fly-over at Brownsberg.

BLACK-COLLARED HAWK (Busarellus nigricollis)

SNAIL KITE (Rostrhamus sociabilis)

SLENDER-BILLED KITE (Helicolestes hamatus)

One flew over us, vocalizing at Peperpot. What a strange wing shape.

DOUBLE-TOOTHED KITE (Harpagus bidentatus)

We were so close we could see the "double tooth" off the road to Fred's Place.

PLUMBEOUS KITE (Ictinia plumbea)

Almost seen every day.

LONG-WINGED HARRIER (Circus buffoni)

One flew low over the marsh at Weg Naar Zee.

GRAY-BELLIED HAWK (Accipiter poliogaster) [*]

We head one calling at the spot where Sean had seen it before, but sadly it didn't come out.

TINY HAWK (Accipiter superciliosus)

What a great spotting by Sean! We watched it picking apart a bird high in the canopy at Brownsberg.

BICOLORED HAWK (Accipiter bicolor)

A real rarity, in fact a lifer for Sean. We watched it at the top of a snag on the road behind Fred's.

CRANE HAWK (Geranospiza caerulescens)

We saw a couple in the white sand forest near Colakreek.

RUFOUS CRAB HAWK (Buteogallus aequinoctialis)

Both adult and juvenile were at the mangrove forest of Weg Naar Zee.

GREAT BLACK HAWK (Buteogallus urubitinga)

ROADSIDE HAWK (Rupornis magnirostris)

WHITE-TAILED HAWK (Geranoaetus albicaudatus)

One circled over the grasslands near the airport.

WHITE HAWK (Pseudastur albicollis)

On flew by at the Brownsberg overlook.

GRAY-LINED HAWK (Buteo nitidus)

BROAD-WINGED HAWK (Buteo platypterus)

How cool to see one in the lodge clearing at Brownsberg!

SHORT-TAILED HAWK (Buteo brachyurus)

ZONE-TAILED HAWK (Buteo albonotatus)

We saw one flying low over Paramaribo on our way to lunch the first day.

Strigidae (Owls)

TROPICAL SCREECH-OWL (Megascops choliba)

We saw one at Colakreek our final night of the tour.

FOOTHILL SCREECH-OWL (Megascops roraimae)

Yipee! We saw one right behind the lodge clearing at Brownsberg.

CRESTED OWL (Lophostrix cristata) [*]

One called and called from near the lodge clearing at Brownsberg, but it just wouldn't come into view. Darn.

AMAZONIAN PYGMY-OWL (Glaucidium hardyi)

Good scope views along the main road at Fred's.

BURROWING OWL (Athene cunicularia)

These are regular around the airport.

BLACK-BANDED OWL (Ciccaba huhula)

Heck yeah! What a thrill to see one our final day of the tour.

STRIPED OWL (Asio clamator)

We saw one on a wire just outside Colakreek.

Trogonidae (Trogons)

GREEN-BACKED TROGON (Trogon viridis)

The most common trogon of the tour.

GUIANAN TROGON (Trogon violaceus)

We saw one briefly along the road to Fred's Place.


Wow! We had super looks along the Mazaroni Road.

COLLARED TROGON (Trogon collaris)

This has the exact same colors of the Suriname Flag. Seen our final morning at Brownsberg.

Momotidae (Motmots)

AMAZONIAN MOTMOT (Momotus momota) [*]

Alcedinidae (Kingfishers)

RINGED KINGFISHER (Megaceryle torquata)

AMAZON KINGFISHER (Chloroceryle amazona)


Peperpot is a good place to see this diminutive kingfisher.

GREEN-AND-RUFOUS KINGFISHER (Chloroceryle inda) [*]

Bucconidae (Puffbirds)

PIED PUFFBIRD (Notharchus tectus)

We kept finding these over and over again at Fred's Place.

COLLARED PUFFBIRD (Bucco capensis)

It was great to see this understory puffbird early on around Brownsberg. We found it thanks to the heat scope!

WHITE-CHESTED PUFFBIRD (Malacoptila fusca) [*]

We heard one on the trail near the Cock-of-the-rock lek, but it slipped away before we could get bins on it. Darn.

BLACK NUNBIRD (Monasa atra)

Abundant around Fred's Place.

SWALLOW-WINGED PUFFBIRD (Chelidoptera tenebrosa)

Galbulidae (Jacamars)

BROWN JACAMAR (Brachygalba lugubris)

This jacamar has a patchy distribution around Amazonia. They are surprisingly common around Fred's Place.

GREEN-TAILED JACAMAR (Galbula galbula)

The jacamars we saw at Peperpot.

BRONZY JACAMAR (Galbula leucogastra)

One of the white sand forest targets we saw around Colakreek.


Numerous around Fred's Place.

GREAT JACAMAR (Jacamerops aureus)

After several minutes of trying to whistle it in, we gave up, and just as we were heading back down the trail Sylvia spotted it! Yes!

Capitonidae (New World Barbets)


We had a couple nice encounters with this species both at Fred's and around Colakreek.

Ramphastidae (Toucans)

GREEN ARACARI (Pteroglossus viridis)

These were coming in to feed at the fruiting tree at Fred's.

BLACK-NECKED ARACARI (Pteroglossus aracari)

Nice looks at Fred's Place.

GUIANAN TOUCANET (Selenidera piperivora)

It took us up until our last day at Fred's before we connected with this outstanding member of the Ramphastidae!

WHITE-THROATED TOUCAN (RED-BILLED) (Ramphastos tucanus tucanus)

We heard these throughout most of the trip, but it wasn't until our last day at Fred's that we lay eyes on one.

CHANNEL-BILLED TOUCAN (CHANNEL-BILLED) (Ramphastos vitellinus vitellinus)

We had multiple great looks at this species throughout the trip.

Picidae (Woodpeckers)


We called one in right before a the rain forced us back onto the bus.

ARROWHEAD PICULET (Picumnus minutissimus)

The only Suriname endemic! Seen multiple times at Peperpot.

YELLOW-TUFTED WOODPECKER (Melanerpes cruentatus)

Often around the bridge crossing at Fred's Place.

RED-CROWNED WOODPECKER (Melanerpes rubricapillus)

This was a lifer for me believe it or not! We saw it in the mangrove forest at Weg Naar Zee.


It's rare to see this bird without having to crane your neck, but we had one at eye level near Colakreek.

BLOOD-COLORED WOODPECKER (Dryobates sanguineus)

We couldn't have asked for better views at Peperpot.

RED-NECKED WOODPECKER (Campephilus rubricollis)

Another situation where we couldn't have asked for better views. We watched a female demolishing a rotting trunk on her quest for grubs.

CRIMSON-CRESTED WOODPECKER (Campephilus melanoleucos)

LINEATED WOODPECKER (Dryocopus lineatus)

RINGED WOODPECKER (Celeus torquatus)

WAVED WOODPECKER (Celeus undatus)


Sean called some in from the canopy tower at Peperpot.


Watching one at eye level at Brownsberg was hard to beat!


One shot over the road at Fred's.

GOLDEN-GREEN WOODPECKER (Piculus chrysochloros)

A super scarce bird in Suriname. We happened upon one at Fred's.

GOLDEN-OLIVE WOODPECKER (Colaptes rubiginosus)

Quite common around Brownsberg. We had nice views around the lodge clearing.

Falconidae (Falcons and Caracaras)

BARRED FOREST-FALCON (Micrastur ruficollis) [*]

Heard one morning at Fred's.

LINED FOREST-FALCON (Micrastur gilvicollis)

We encountered a few around Brownsberg.

RED-THROATED CARACARA (Ibycter americanus)

A regular around Fred's Place. What a voice!

CRESTED CARACARA (Caracara plancus)

YELLOW-HEADED CARACARA (Milvago chimachima)

LAUGHING FALCON (Herpetotheres cachinnans)

We saw one out in the white sand savannah near Colakreek.

BAT FALCON (Falco rufigularis)

PEREGRINE FALCON (Falco peregrinus)

Sean spotted one our first morning at Peperpot. It was perched way up on a cell tower.

Psittacidae (New World and African Parrots)


A tight flock flew in right at the entrance to Fred's Place.

GOLDEN-WINGED PARAKEET (Brotogeris chrysoptera)

CAICA PARROT (Pyrilia caica)

A couple shot over the road on the way to the Cock-of-the-rock lek.

DUSKY PARROT (Pionus fuscus)

A couple flew in and gave us great views at Brownsberg.

BLUE-HEADED PARROT (Pionus menstruus)

MEALY PARROT (Amazona farinosa)

Fairly common at Fred's Place, but still outnumbered by Orange-winged Parrot.

ORANGE-WINGED PARROT (Amazona amazonica)

BLACK-HEADED PARROT (Pionites melanocephalus)

One of the most handsome parrots in Suriname. We saw a small flock at Fred's.

RED-FAN PARROT (Deroptyus accipitrinus)

Seen around Colakreek and Fred's Place.

PAINTED PARAKEET (Pyrrhura picta)

BROWN-THROATED PARAKEET (Eupsittula pertinax)

RED-BELLIED MACAW (Orthopsittaca manilatus)

The Mauritia Palm specialist macaw we saw near Colakreek.


Surprisingly scarce. We had just one pair fly over on the entire tour.

RED-AND-GREEN MACAW (Ara chloropterus)

Also quite scarce. We just saw one pair at Fred's.

RED-SHOULDERED MACAW (Diopsittaca nobilis)

It's crazy to think this is a macaw given its small size. We saw several around Colakreek.

WHITE-EYED PARAKEET (Psittacara leucophthalmus)

Thamnophilidae (Typical Antbirds)

FASCIATED ANTSHRIKE (Cymbilaimus lineatus)

It's often challenging to get a look at this high canopy antshrike, but we got lucky and had a pair near a tree fall gap.

BLACK-THROATED ANTSHRIKE (Frederickena viridis)

One of the very best antshrikes there is. We saw a male in the dark understory at Brownsberg.

GREAT ANTSHRIKE (Taraba major) [*]

BLACK-CRESTED ANTSHRIKE (Sakesphorus canadensis)

Peperpot is a great place to see this species. We saw and heard several.

BARRED ANTSHRIKE (Thamnophilus doliatus)

Despite this being one of the most widespread birds of the Neotropics, I never get tired of seeing it. We had great views of a male near Colakreek.

MOUSE-COLORED ANTSHRIKE (Thamnophilus murinus)

NORTHERN SLATY-ANTSHRIKE (Thamnophilus punctatus)

We found a pair at Peperpot.

AMAZONIAN ANTSHRIKE (Thamnophilus amazonicus) [*]

DUSKY-THROATED ANTSHRIKE (Thamnomanes ardesiacus)

One of the understory flock sentinels we saw at Brownsberg.

CINEREOUS ANTSHRIKE (Thamnomanes caesius)

The other flock sentinel we saw at Brownsberg.

BROWN-BELLIED STIPPLETHROAT (Epinecrophylla gutturalis)

The dead leaf specialist we saw in the feeding flcok at Brownsberg.

PYGMY ANTWREN (Myrmotherula brachyura)

We had nice looks at a pair at a tree fall gap at Brownsberg.

GUIANAN STREAKED-ANTWREN (Myrmotherula surinamensis)

We saw a male and female right along the river at Fred's Place.

WHITE-FLANKED ANTWREN (Myrmotherula axillaris)

Peperpot is a good place to see this species. We encountered a few.

LONG-WINGED ANTWREN (Myrmotherula longipennis)

This Guianan vocal type will be split eventually. Seen in the feeding flock at Brownsberg and Fred's as well.

GRAY ANTWREN (Myrmotherula menetriesii)

In the feeding flocks at Brownsberg and Fred's Place.

SPOT-TAILED ANTWREN (Herpsilochmus sticturus) [*]

TODD'S ANTWREN (Herpsilochmus stictocephalus)

After many neck-breaking attempts to see this high canopy antwren, one flew into view at Brownsberg.

WHITE-FRINGED ANTWREN (Formicivora grisea)

We had a heck of a view of both male and female at the Hannover Savanna near Colakreek.

GUIANAN WARBLING-ANTBIRD (Hypocnemis cantator)

A common voice around Brownsberg. We saw one our first morning there.

DUSKY ANTBIRD (Cercomacroides tyrannina)

The antbirds we saw in the clearing below the cabin at Brownsberg.

BLACKISH ANTBIRD (Cercomacroides nigrescens)

The antbirds we saw at Peperpot.

GRAY ANTBIRD (Cercomacra cinerascens)

This one took a bit of work but we finally brought it into view behind Fred's Place.

WHITE-BROWED ANTBIRD (Myrmoborus leucophrys)

We heard one at Peperpot and saw a pair in the riverine forest behind Fred's.

BLACK-CHINNED ANTBIRD (Hypocnemoides melanopogon)

Also in the riverine habitat behind Fred's.

SILVERED ANTBIRD (Sclateria naevia)

These Guianan Shield birds look so different from the ones in Amazonia. We saw them along the water's edge at Peperpot.

BLACK-HEADED ANTBIRD (Percnostola rufifrons)

The large dark antbird we saw near the lodge clearing at Brownsberg.

SPOT-WINGED ANTBIRD (Myrmelastes leucostigma)

This one was tough, but some of us managed to get a view in the swampy forest behind Fred's.

FERRUGINOUS-BACKED ANTBIRD (Myrmoderus ferrugineus)

Wow! A pair walked right into view while we were watching Pectoral Sparrow in the understory at Brownsberg. One of my favorite birds of the tour!

BLACK-THROATED ANTBIRD (Myrmophylax atrothorax)

We saw a pair of these skulkers at Peperpot.

WING-BANDED ANTBIRD (Myrmornis torquata)

One of those mythical birds you see in the book but never expect to see. After a couple attempts to see one at Browsberg, it came into view--just awesome!

WHITE-PLUMED ANTBIRD (Pithys albifrons)

Seeing them at the army ant swarm was quite the reward for having hiked through the forest all morning near Fred's Place. What a bird!

RUFOUS-THROATED ANTBIRD (Gymnopithys rufigula)

These were also attending the army ant swarm at Fred's.

SPOT-BACKED ANTBIRD (Hylophylax naevius)

The dapper little antbird we saw in the flooded forest off the Mazaroni Road at Brownsberg.

COMMON SCALE-BACKED ANTBIRD (Willisornis poecilinotus)

We had great looks at a male near the forest floor at Brownsberg.

Grallariidae (Antpittas)

SPOTTED ANTPITTA (Hylopezus macularius)

Getting one in the scope at Brownsberg our first morning was hugely exciting! It's not every day that you see an antpitta like that!

THRUSH-LIKE ANTPITTA (Myrmothera campanisona) [*]

Formicariidae (Antthrushes)

RUFOUS-CAPPED ANTTHRUSH (Formicarius colma) [*]

BLACK-FACED ANTTHRUSH (Formicarius analis)

We saw one just off the road on our way down from Brownsberg. It sat in the same spot and sang for several minutes!

Furnariidae (Ovenbirds and Woodcreepers)


A scarce woodcreeper of Amazonian lowlands. We saw one at the ant swarm behind Fred's Place.

PLAIN-BROWN WOODCREEPER (Dendrocincla fuliginosa)

Another cool woodcreeper that was at the ant swarm.

WEDGE-BILLED WOODCREEPER (Glyphorynchus spirurus)

One of the most common birds in the forest. Heard regularly and seen a couple times at Brownsberg and Fred's.


I was pleasantly surprised to see them in that feeding flock near Colakreek. Gorgeous bird!


STRIPED WOODCREEPER (Xiphorhynchus obsoletus)

This species is often near water. We saw one well at Peperpot.

CHESTNUT-RUMPED WOODCREEPER (Xiphorhynchus pardalotus)

The common woodcreeper of understory feeding flocks around Brownsberg.

BUFF-THROATED WOODCREEPER (Xiphorhynchus guttatus)

It's hard to go 10 minutes at Brownsberg without hearing one of these high canopy woodcreepers. We saw one on our walk to the Mazaroni Overlook.


Another common woodcreeper at Peperpot.

GUIANAN WOODCREEPER (Lepidocolaptes albolineatus)

The high canopy woodcreeper we saw along the road at Fred's Place.

SLENDER-BILLED XENOPS (Xenops tenuirostris)

This scarce little ovenbird we saw both at Fred's and near Colakreek.

PLAIN XENOPS (Xenops minutus)

One showed nicely while we were watching the fruiting tree near Fred's Place.


One of my favorite Amazonian birds. We saw a pair at the palm swamp behind Colakreek.

RUFOUS-RUMPED FOLIAGE-GLEANER (Philydor erythrocercum)

We saw a pair in the canopy flock at Brownsberg.

PLAIN-CROWNED SPINETAIL (Synallaxis gujanensis)

One came into view at Peperpot.

MCCONNELL'S SPINETAIL (Synallaxis macconnelli)

Quite a skulker. We used the bluetooth speaker to call one into view at Fred's Place.

PALE-BREASTED SPINETAIL (Synallaxis albescens)

RUDDY SPINETAIL (Synallaxis rutilans) [*]

Heard at the bridge near Colakreek.

Pipridae (Manakins)

SAFFRON-CRESTED TYRANT-MANAKIN (Neopelma chrysocephalum)

A strange member of the manakin family. We saw one in the white sand forest behind the Zanderij Airport.

WHITE-THROATED MANAKIN (Corapipo gutturalis)

Wow did we have great looks at several coming in to eat Melastome fruit at Brownsberg!

BLACK MANAKIN (Xenopipo atronitens)

This one took quite a bit of work, but we finally got on a young male over at Kakangoe. We then unintentionally saw a male cross the road at Colakreek.

WHITE-FRONTED MANAKIN (Lepidothrix serena)

We scoped one along the road at Brownsberg.



Wow! What a stunner. A male shot into view at Peperpot.

WHITE-CROWNED MANAKIN (Pseudopipra pipra)

A female was at the army ant swarm, which was kind of strange. I've never seen a manakin at a swarm before.

GOLDEN-HEADED MANAKIN (Ceratopipra erythrocephala)

We had great looks at both males and females coming to eat the Melastome fruits at Brownsberg.

Cotingidae (Cotingas)

GUIANAN COCK-OF-THE-ROCK (Rupicola rupicola)

One of the fanciest birds there is. We had stunning looks at them at their lek behind Fred's Place right before it started to rain.

CRIMSON FRUITCROW (Haematoderus militaris)

We had truly magnificent views of both male and female along the road at Fred's.


We ran into a couple flocks of these noisy canopy cotingas at Fred's.

CAPUCHINBIRD (Perissocephalus tricolor)

It took us a couple tries before they cooperated and showed themselves at Fred's.


A male posed nicely on the side of the road at Fred's.

SCREAMING PIHA (Lipaugus vociferans)

Heard almost every day of the tour. We finally saw one behind Fred's Place.

POMPADOUR COTINGA (Xipholena punicea)

A flashy male with toilet paper white wings flew over the road at Fred's. We had nice looks at a female and juvenile, which looked a lot like an Aztec Thrush!

Tityridae (Tityras and Allies)


The common Tityra of Suriname. Seen most days.

OLIVACEOUS SCHIFFORNIS (Schiffornis olivacea)

Always a challenging bird to see since they often blast right past you without stopping. This happened to us at Brownsberg.

CINEREOUS MOURNER (Laniocera hypopyrra)

A strange strange bird. We saw one along the road at Brownsberg.

CINEREOUS BECARD (Pachyramphus rufus)

We had nice looks at a female behind Colakreek.

WHITE-WINGED BECARD (Pachyramphus polychopterus)

There was a pair in the feeding flock at Peperpot.

PINK-THROATED BECARD (Pachyramphus minor)

There was a pair in the canopy flock with the Blue-backed Tanagers at Brownsberg.

Oxyruncidae (Sharpbill, Royal Flycatcher, and Allies)

ROYAL FLYCATCHER (AMAZONIAN) (Onychorhynchus coronatus coronatus)

Seen our first morning at Peperpot.

WHISKERED FLYCATCHER (Myiobius barbatus)

One shot through in the canopy flock behind Fred's Place.

Tyrannidae (Tyrant Flycatchers)

WING-BARRED PIPRITES (Piprites chloris)

We came across a couple in the canopy flocks around Brownsberg.

OCHRE-BELLIED FLYCATCHER (Mionectes oleagineus)

MCCONNELL'S FLYCATCHER (Mionectes macconnelli)

DOUBLE-BANDED PYGMY-TYRANT (Lophotriccus vitiosus)

This one I'll never forget. When our bus got stuck in the mud on our way out of Fred's, we walked along the road and had fabulous looks at this fierce little tyrant.

HELMETED PYGMY-TYRANT (Lophotriccus galeatus) [*]

SPOTTED TODY-FLYCATCHER (Todirostrum maculatum)

COMMON TODY-FLYCATCHER (Todirostrum cinereum)

PAINTED TODY-FLYCATCHER (Todirostrum pictum)

We had decent views of this high canopy flycatcher at Peperpot. Also seen at Brownsberg.

YELLOW-OLIVE FLYCATCHER (GUIANAN) (Tolmomyias sulphurescens cherriei)

YELLOW-MARGINED FLYCATCHER (EXAMINATUS) (Tolmomyias assimilis examinatus)

We saw one in the canopy flock that came by the fruiting tree at Fred's.

GRAY-CROWNED FLYCATCHER (Tolmomyias poliocephalus)

WHITE-LORED TYRANNULET (Ornithion inerme) [*]



We had nice views of a pair at the Hannover Savanna.

YELLOW-CROWNED TYRANNULET (Tyrannulus elatus) [*]

FOREST ELAENIA (Myiopagis gaimardii)

We saw one from the bus near the river crossing at Fred's!

YELLOW-CROWNED ELAENIA (Myiopagis flavivertex)

How about that for a view! One sat 6 feet above us at Peperpot!

PLAIN-CRESTED ELAENIA (Elaenia cristata)

The elaenias that were out at the Hannover Savanna.


It was really satisfying to finally see one and its rufous crown in the O.P. Savannah near the Zanderij Airport.

YELLOW-BELLIED ELAENIA (Elaenia flavogaster) [*]

SOOTY-HEADED TYRANNULET (Phyllomyias griseiceps)


FUSCOUS FLYCATCHER (Cnemotriccus fuscatus)

Seen at Peperpot.

WHITE-HEADED MARSH TYRANT (Arundinicola leucocephala)

PIED WATER-TYRANT (Fluvicola pica)

LONG-TAILED TYRANT (Colonia colonus)

Common along the roads at Fred's Place.

CINNAMON ATTILA (Attila cinnamomeus)

Peperpot is a great place to see this species. They're just right out in the open!

GRAYISH MOURNER (Rhytipterna simplex)

DUSKY-CAPPED FLYCATCHER (Myiarchus tuberculifer) [*]


GREAT KISKADEE (Pitangus sulphuratus)

BOAT-BILLED FLYCATCHER (Megarynchus pitangua)

RUSTY-MARGINED FLYCATCHER (Myiozetetes cayanensis)

DUSKY-CHESTED FLYCATCHER (Myiozetetes luteiventris) [*]


A few were in the high canopy flocks around Brownsberg.

PIRATIC FLYCATCHER (Legatus leucophaius)

VARIEGATED FLYCATCHER (Empidonomus varius)

SULPHURY FLYCATCHER (Tyrannopsis sulphurea)

These Mauritia Palm specialists chattered above us at Colakreek.

TROPICAL KINGBIRD (Tyrannus melancholicus)

GRAY KINGBIRD (Tyrannus dominicensis)

It was cool to see this Caribbean migrant at Weg Naar Zee.

Vireonidae (Vireos, Shrike-Babblers, and Erpornis)

RUFOUS-BROWED PEPPERSHRIKE (Cyclarhis gujanensis) [*]

ASHY-HEADED GREENLET (Hylophilus pectoralis)

These were the common greenlets at Peperpot.

LEMON-CHESTED GREENLET (Hylophilus thoracicus) [*]

TAWNY-CROWNED GREENLET (Tunchiornis ochraceiceps) [*]

BUFF-CHEEKED GREENLET (Pachysylvia muscicapina) [*]

CHIVI VIREO (Vireo chivi)

Corvidae (Crows, Jays, and Magpies)

CAYENNE JAY (Cyanocorax cayanus)

These were common around Colakreek. Sean found a fledgeling at the Hannover Savanna. The adults were still coming in to feed it.

Hirundinidae (Swallows)

WHITE-BANDED SWALLOW (Atticora fasciata)

These handsome swallows were around the bridge at Fred's Place.

SOUTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOW (Stelgidopteryx ruficollis)

GRAY-BREASTED MARTIN (Progne chalybea)


WHITE-WINGED SWALLOW (Tachycineta albiventer)

BARN SWALLOW (Hirundo rustica)

Polioptilidae (Gnatcatchers)

TROPICAL GNATCATCHER (PLUMBEA) (Polioptila plumbea plumbea)

Troglodytidae (Wrens)

HOUSE WREN (SOUTHERN) (Troglodytes aedon clarus)

CORAYA WREN (Pheugopedius coraya)

The wrens we saw from the overlook at Brownsberg.

BUFF-BREASTED WREN (Cantorchilus leucotis) [*]

WHITE-BREASTED WOOD-WREN (Henicorhina leucosticta)

MUSICIAN WREN (Cyphorhinus arada)

Watching one sing along the Mazaroni Road at Brownsberg was one of the highlights of the tour!

Mimidae (Mockingbirds and Thrashers)


Turdidae (Thrushes and Allies)

PALE-BREASTED THRUSH (Turdus leucomelas)

COCOA THRUSH (Turdus fumigatus)

WHITE-NECKED THRUSH (Turdus albicollis)

CAMPINA THRUSH (Turdus arthuri)

A recent split from Black-billed Thrush found in white sand forests of northern South America. We struck out our first morning at the O.P. Savanna, then returned in the afternoon and found a small flock!

Passeridae (Old World Sparrows)

HOUSE SPARROW (Passer domesticus) [I]

Fringillidae (Finches, Euphonias, and Allies)

PLUMBEOUS EUPHONIA (Euphonia plumbea)

We saw a female at the bridge near Colakreek.

FINSCH'S EUPHONIA (Euphonia finschi)

It was great to see this species a couple times. Our best views were at the Hannover Savanna.

VIOLACEOUS EUPHONIA (Euphonia violacea)

The large euphonias we saw at Peperpot.

GOLDEN-SIDED EUPHONIA (Euphonia cayennensis) [*]

Passerellidae (New World Sparrows)

GRASSLAND SPARROW (Ammodramus humeralis)

We saw one well on the road past the Zanderij Airport.

PECTORAL SPARROW (Arremon taciturnus)

We were watching a pair in the understory at Brownsberg when two Ferruginous-backed Antbirds stole the show!

Icteridae (Troupials and Allies)


GREEN OROPENDOLA (Psarocolius viridis)

CRESTED OROPENDOLA (Psarocolius decumanus)


SHINY COWBIRD (Molothrus bonariensis)

GIANT COWBIRD (Molothrus oryzivorus)

Parulidae (New World Warblers)

TROPICAL PARULA (Setophaga pitiayumi)

Mitrospingidae (Mitrospingid Tanagers)

RED-BILLED PIED TANAGER (Lamprospiza melanoleuca)

The high thin squeaks drew our attention to these robust canopy tanagers at Fred's.

Cardinalidae (Cardinals and Allies)

YELLOW-GREEN GROSBEAK (Caryothraustes canadensis)

Flocks of these high canopy grosbeaks were right outside Fred's Place.

ROSE-BREASTED CHAT (Granatellus pelzelni)

The male approached within 10 feet of us at the bridge near Colakreek. What a bird!

AMAZONIAN GROSBEAK (Cyanoloxia rothschildii)

Thraupidae (Tanagers and Allies)

BLACK-FACED TANAGER (Schistochlamys melanopis)

These were out in the O.P. Savanna our final afternoon.

HOODED TANAGER (Nemosia pileata)

FLAME-CRESTED TANAGER (Loriotus cristatus)


FULVOUS-CRESTED TANAGER (Tachyphonus surinamus)

We had nice looks at a male near the lodge clearing at Brownsberg.

WHITE-LINED TANAGER (Tachyphonus rufus)

RED-SHOULDERED TANAGER (Tachyphonus phoenicius)

We had nice looks at both males and females in near the Zanderij Airport.


In the canopy flocks at Brownsberg.

SILVER-BEAKED TANAGER (Ramphocelus carbo)

BLUE-BACKED TANAGER (Cyanicterus cyanicterus)

We were busy trying to call in some bird at Brownsberg when Sean, yelled "Blue-backed Tanagers!" We looked up and there they were with a canopy feeding flock. They remained for several minutes and allowed us to get great scope views. One of the real prizes of the Guianan Shield.

BLUE-GRAY TANAGER (Thraupis episcopus)

PALM TANAGER (Thraupis palmarum)

TURQUOISE TANAGER (Tangara mexicana)

BAY-HEADED TANAGER (Tangara gyrola)

BLACK-FACED DACNIS (Dacnis lineata)

BLUE DACNIS (Dacnis cayana)

PURPLE HONEYCREEPER (Cyanerpes caeruleus)


GREEN HONEYCREEPER (Chlorophanes spiza)

GUIRA TANAGER (Hemithraupis guira)

Rather scarce throughout its range. We had an outstanding look at both male and female near Colakreek.

BICOLORED CONEBILL (Conirostrum bicolor)

BLUE-BLACK GRASSQUIT (Volatinia jacarina)

WING-BARRED SEEDEATER (Sporophila americana)

We scoped one at Weg Naar Zee.

BANANAQUIT (Coereba flaveola)




COMMON OPOSSUM (Didelphis marsupialis)

We saw one on one of our night walks at Fred's.


These tiny monkeys were at Brownsberg and right behind the clearing at Colakreek.


One of the first things we saw at Peperpot.

RED HOWLER MONKEY (Alouatta seniculus)

It was just awesome watching these from the clearing at Brownsberg!

GUIANAN SAKI MONKEY (Pithecia pithecia) [*]

BROWN CAPUCHIN (Cebus apella)

We ran into a few at Brownsberg.

BLACK SPIDER MONKEY (Ateles paniscus) [*]

Most days we could hear them screaming below the overlook at Brownsberg.

SOUTHERN TWO-TOED SLOTH (Choloepus didactylus)

We watched one climbing down a tree along the road to Weg Naar Zee. It was probably heading down to use the bathroom.


Also right along the road to Weg Naar Zee.

GUIANAN SQUIRREL (Sciurus aestuans)

Seen from near the lodge clearing at Brownsberg.

BRAZILIAN PORCUPINE (Coendou prehensilis)

I found one with the heat scope our final night at Colakreek!

RED-RUMPED AGOUTI (Dasyprocta agouti)

We had great looks at them along the road at Peperpot.

TAYRA (Eira barbara)

One made a brief appearance along the road at Brownsberg.


GREEN IGUANA (Iguana iguana)

GIANT AMEIVA (Ameiva ameiva)

GOLDEN TEGU (Tupinambis teguixin)

We saw one from the canopy tower at Peperpot.

FER-DE-LANCE (Bothrops asper)

The one that was crossing the trail at Brownsberg got our heart rates up!


Here are some additional herps we encountered.

Anomologlossus baeobatrachus: We saw a male transporting tadpoles on its back at Brownsberg. This species is endemic to Brownsberg.

Ameerega trivittata: The gorgeous green and black poison dart frogs at Brownsberg.

Atelopus hoogmoedi: The gorgeous toad with purple rings we saw on the overlook trail at Brownsberg.

Rhaebo guttatus: The toad at the dining area at Fred’s.

Rhinella granulosa

Rhinella lescurei

Rhinella marina

Leptodactylus knudseni: The large frogs on the forest floor around Fred's Place.

Dendropsophus leucophullatus: The bright yellow and brown frog behind Fred’s Place.

Boana xerophylla

Hypsiboas boans

Pseudoboa neuwiedii: The snake that was crossing the road at Colakreek.

Amazon Tree Boa, Corallus hortulana: We saw one on a night walk at Fred's.

Chironius fuscus: The great big snake that was crossing the road at Fred's Place.

Some of the bats we found. Thanks, Fiona Reid for identifying them!

Artibeus planirostris: The bats under the roof at the Torarica Hotel.

Saccopteryx leptura: The bat under the roof at Brownsberg.

Dermanura cinerea: The tent bat we found behind Fred’s.

Diclidurus sp.: The ghost bat we saw on the night walk behind Fred’s.

Some additional arthropods.

Giant Walkingstick: Sean spotted one out the window as we were driving down the hill from Brownsberg.

Pink-toed Tarantula: We saw some at Brownsberg and at Fred's.

Totals for the tour: 359 bird taxa and 13 mammal taxa