The islands of Japan lie at the eastern edge of Eurasia and cover a diverse range of habitats, from the subtropical Ryukyu Islands to the almost Siberian taiga-like wilds of Hokkaido. Japan is a surprisingly mountainous and wooded land, with beautiful varied coastlines and very heavily populated lowlands, where tiny rice fields dot the landscape amidst the rural dwellings. Add to this the seabirds, migrant warblers, alcids, and the Izu and Ryukyu Islands (Amami and Okinawa) endemics, plus a useful sprinkling of Japanese mainland endemics and of course the huge, marvelous, and rare Blakiston's Fish-Owl. We have several days on beautiful Hokkaido in spring, a complete contrast to the winter desolation, with two short boat trips for some exciting alcids, sea otters, and Brown Bear. We'll also have great views of Mount Fuji and do some birding on or near the slopes of this gorgeous place. It will be a memorable trip.

Japanese culture is also a feature of the trip, with one of our lodgings in a traditional Japanese guest-houses or minshuku, with sliding walls, tatami rush matting, and futon bedding, while a couple of the hotels have the in-house onsen deep hot-spring baths. The food is also very distinctive, with a fantastic selection of sauces for the elaborate fish, rice, and vegetable dishes which make up the traditional cuisine, and we will have some memorable and varied meals.

This tour is ideal for photography and video, with beautiful scenery and light and some large, spectacular species at close range.

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