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The new online Field Guides Store!

We’ve just set up a new online store on our website. As of this writing, two items are available: a beautiful 2021 wall calendar and a set of 12 note cards, each based on a dozen watercolors of birds by our guide-artists Dan Lane and Micah Riegner. Visit our store for a slideshow and lots more info, and to purchase these new items…they make great holiday gifts, too!

Videos from our “Take a break” page, from late March to now

Here’s an updated listing of all the guide and staff videos we’ve been posting in our “Take a break with us…” series, with a link to jump to reach. Enjoy!

  • (6/8) Rose Ann (Grebe) shares the life of a retired guide from home in Portal, Arizona. Rose Ann Rowlett has been retired from guiding for a few years now, but still enjoys nature as much as ever. She lives on the edge of wilderness in the Chiricahua Mountains of Arizona and has had many exciting visitors to her yard – including Mountain Lion! (link)
  • (6/5) Kite celebrates Flycatcher Weekend in Austin, TX. Guide Bret Whitney (Kite) visits a park in Austin, Texas and shows us a handful of tricky flycatchers and some beautiful views of the landscape. (link)
  • (6/1) Kingfisher and Roadrunner search for Montezuma Quail in Coconino County, Arizona. Guides John Coons (Kingfisher) and Dave Stejskal (Roadrunner) hunt for locally rare Montezuma Quail – and also stop in Winslow, Arizona. (link)
  • (5/28) Jay (Vanga) takes us birding by bike in Montreal, Québec. Guide Jay VanderGaast (the Vanga) explores his neighborhood in Montreal, Québec, Canada by bike. (link)
  • (5/26) Eric (Eagle) Snowshoes for Ptarmigan near his Colorado home. Guide Eric Hynes follows up on a tip to find the elusive White-tailed Ptarmigan in the alpine zone above Telluride, Colorado. (link)
  • (5/18) Field Guides Collaborative Global Big Day. On May 9, 2020, the whole Field Guides crew, scattered to the winds across the globe, went out to bird as much as was safe and prudent as part of the Global Big Day. These are their stories. (link)
  • (5/15) Ned (Screamer) takes us birding around Cape Charles, Virginia. Ned Brinkley (Screamer) — guide and creator of the Field Guides catalogs, newsletters, and emailings — lives near the southern tip of the Delmarva Peninsula at Cape Charles, Virginia. In this video, he introduces us to some of the beautiful open space that Cape Charles has to offer. (link)
  • (5/13) Kite birds the Texas Hill Country for Global Big Day. Guide Bret Whitney (Kite) set out on Saturday, May 9th to find Golden-cheeked Warbler, Painted Bunting, and other Hill Country gems at Emma Long Metropolitan Park in Austin, Texas during the Global Big Day. Tune in for the great Nine-banded Armadillo footage, too! (link)
  • (5/12) RP Watson jams out with Chuck-will’s-widow and friends. Among myriad interests, RP Watson (husband to the incomparable Peggy Watson) is a musician. Recently, he rose early and jammed out with the morning bird chorus in their backyard in Austin, Texas, playing handpan along with the songs of Chuck-will’s-widow and Northern Cardinal. Listen over your speakers or, for an immersive experience, pop on some headphones to take advantage of this stereo recording. (link)
  • (5/11) Marcelo (Manakin) has a wild backyard – the Pantanal of Brazil! Guide Marcelo Padua (the Manakin) takes us on an excursion in his home turf, Brazil’s Pantanal – and shows us some great birds and a mammal along the way. (link)
  • (5/11) Chris takes us on a Tucson scorpion safari. Expanding on his considerable love for birds and beasts, guide Chris Benesh has developed a particular passion for scorpions. As a resident of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, Chris has ready access to these fascinating beasts – and today, he shares a few with us. (link)
  • (5/6) Owling in Arizona with Micah (Bare-eye). Micah Riegner shares a successful evening looking for Flammulated and Northern Saw-whet owls outside of Prescott, Arizona. (link)
  • (5/4) Tom (Albatross) greets a returning friend – a Swainson’s Warbler. On the cusp of major spring migration across North America, Tom (Albatross) shows us how to recognize the songs of an individual Swainson’s Warbler that has returned to Cape May for multiple spring seasons. In this time when we aren’t doing as much traveling to see birds, it’s a good reminder to slow down and pay attention to the little things. (link)
  • (5/1) Willy shows us the birds of his garden in England. Guide Willy Perez is spending time at home with his family in Dorset, England. Today he shares some of his backyard birds and shows off his skills with the fútbol, too! (link)
  • (4/29) Neotropical migrants bring a big smile to Barbet’s face in Baton Rouge. Guide Dan Lane (Barbet) shares a migrant-filled day as he tallies 70 species from his Louisiana yard. (link)
  • (4/27) Godfried invites us in to check out his Spanish garden. Guide Godfried Schreur shares some birds and plants from his lovely garden in Spain. Can you imagine seeing both Spanish Imperial Eagle and a castle from your doorstep? (link)
  • (4/24) Chris (Solitaire) gives us a birding tour of his Tucson neigborhood. Guide Chris Benesh takes a walk through the rich desert in his Tucson, Arizona neighborhood, finding a nesting Cooper’s Hawk along the way. (link)
  • (4/22) Micah (Bare-eye) hunts for arriving Gray Vireos in Arizona. Guide Micah Riegner (Bare-eye) takes us on a visit to chaparral near his home in Arizona to admire Black-chinned Sparrows and Gray Vireos. (link)
  • (4/20) Doug seeks April migrants in Brooklyn, with a side of Northern Gannet. Guide Doug Gochfeld goes to Coney Island Creek Park this time, and discovers a surprise or two. (Be sure to enjoy the final feature starting a little more than 5 minutes in!) (link)
  • (4/17) Eric (Eagle) goes owling and porcupining in Colorado. Guide Eric Hynes heads out to the woods of southwestern Colorado to look for nocturnal critters. (link)
  • (4/17) Jesse (the Motmot) checks in from Lima, Peru. Guide Jesse Fagan (Motmot) lives in Lima, Peru, where the population is under a fairly strict quarantine policy. Mot doesn’t let that stop him from sharing his backyard birds with us. (link)
  • (4/15) A visit to Karen’s yard in Austin (with Kite and Ruth). Office Manager Karen Turner shares some of her animals with Bret Whitney (Kite) and Tour Manager Ruth Kuhl during a socially distanced Austin yard visit. (link)
  • (4/13) An Expedition to the Barbet’s (Dan Lane’s) Baton Rouge Backyard. Field Guides leader Dan Lane (our Barbet) takes us exploring around his backyard in Baton Rouge, Louisiana — some pretty interesting creatures to see there. (link)
  • (4/10) Micah (Bare-eye) sketches and paints birds in Arizona. In conjunction with his birding and leadership skills, guide Micah Riegner (Bare-eye) is a talented artist. Here, he takes us on an exploration of his process and some of his completed works. (link)
  • (4/8) Tom records the return of Louisiana Waterthrushes to Cape May. Tom Johnson (the Albatross) spends some time watching and sound-recording recently arrived Louisiana Waterthrushes in the wilds of southern New Jersey. (link)
  • (4/6) Eric Hynes (Eagle) explores the Colorado mountains. Field Guides leader Eric Hynes is joined by his research assistants (aka his wonderful daughters Rita and Molly) on a birding adventure in his spectacular neighborhood in the mountains of southwestern Colorado. (link)
  • (4/3) Micah (Bare-eye) and John (Kingfisher) search for woodpeckers in Arizona. Field Guides leaders Micah Riegner and John Coons on a search for American Three-toed Woodpeckers near Williams, Arizona. (link)
  • (4/2) Doug goes storm birding in Brooklyn, NYC. Guide Doug Gochfeld visits one of his favorite Brooklyn birding patches when there’s no one else around on a recent stormy day. It was a little wild and wooly out there, but there was some cool stuff to see nevertheless. And there’s nothing better than an excuse to get out birding, right? (link)
  • (4/1) Why we bird (wisdom from the wilds of Brazil). Group members on Bret Whitney & Marcelo Barreiros’s Brazil’s Rio Roosevelt: Birding the River of Doubt tour take a few minutes during an early afternoon birding lull to riff on what draws them to watching birds… (link)
  • (3/29) Bret’s Screech-Owl. Guide Bret Whitney (whom we and many of you know as Kite) takes us on an 8-minute tour of his yard in downtown Austin, Texas, with some fun discoveries along the way. It’s classic Kite, enjoy! (link)

We have a new “Take a break with us…” [from the news] page online

We miss being out in the field with you. But we’ve put together a new web page where we are now posting several times each week items we hope you’ll enjoy as a break, including videos from our own guides and staff. We’ve gotten lots of great response from many of you who find these to be a welcome respite from the news cycle as well as a fun way to share a little time with our various guides while they’re at home. Check it out at this link.

Tour video: Central Mexico & Baja—Birds, Butterflies & Whales

Guide Micah Riegner assembled a fun video run through our inaugural tour for Mexican endemics, Monarch butterflies, and Gray Whales and Whale Sharks…come watch, it’s a lot of fun!

You can also visit our web page for more info.

Tour video: Brazil’s Japura & Tefe Rivers

Have a look at Bret Whitney and Micah Riegner’s December 2019 tour to remote Amazonia in this fun video from Bret filled with great visuals and drone footage!

You can also see our full 2019 triplist or visit our web page for more info.

Newsletter: November 2019 Issue

Click the image below to view a PDF of our November newsletter featuring lots of images from recent tours in our Fresh From The Field section, a special InFocus section about our Asia tours (a great way for you to select one just right for your birding style), a tribute to Abbie Rowlett (our star newsletter and catalog producer for 20 years who retired in 2019), and a cool Bird Buzz piece from a recent Peru tour, where there was an amazing chase of a Gray-bellied Hawk after an Undulated Tinamou (no spoiler here!). Enjoy reading! Our next newsletter will hit mailboxes in early 2020. If you don’t already receive our quarterly newsletters but would like to, join our mailing list by clicking this link.