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If you think you'll have only one opportunity to visit Australasia, this tour is designed for you. We'll be sampling two great birding sites in New Guinea (including beautiful Kumul Lodge with its many birds-of-paradise) and several of the best areas of eastern Australia, with the goal of seeing many of the region's most unique and fascinating species.

In New Guinea, both near Port Moresby and in the highlands, we'll be looking for such birds-of-paradise as Raggiana, King-of-Saxony, Blue, and Superb, plus Brown Sicklebill and Ribbon-tailed Astrapia. We'll also stand a good chance to see members of three endemic families of birds in Fan-tailed Berrypecker, Crested and Tit berrypeckers, and the stunning Crested Satinbird plus a bunch of other fabulous species including Pink-spotted Fruit-Dove, Papuan Lorikeet, Rufous-bellied Kookaburra, Hooded Pitohui, Blue-capped Ifrita, the bizarre Wattled Ploughbill, and Regent Whistler, all against the backdrop of a remarkable civilization, with many people still practicing their traditional lifestyles.

In Australia, we'll hope to find a huge Southern Cassowary at the well-known Cassowary House, and we'll visit the beautiful rainforest reserves of the Atherton Tableland, home to specialties like Pied Monarch, Chowchilla, Victoria's Riflebird, the rare Golden Bowerbird, and a good variety of mammals including Duck-billed Platypus. We'll also spend two days at O'Reilly's Guest House (Lamington NP), where we will see Regent and Satin bowerbirds, Logrunner, and Crimson Rosellas at close range, and we'll have time to search for the more challenging Noisy Pitta and Paradise Riflebird. We'll finish up in Royal NP near Sydney with a chance for the world's largest passerine, Superb Lyrebird, plus Rockwarbler, a highly localized endemic.

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Client comment
"The trip was a fantastic experience overall and I would recommend it to others. The diversity of the bird species was amazing...the terrain in New Guinea was spectacular. Jay VanderGaast does an outstanding job in all aspects of the trip. I would definitely go on another Field Guides trip with Jay in the future. Your office service was excellent." W.K., NEW GUINEA & AUSTRALIA 2019

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