Health Protocols for Field Guides Tours

Updated 7 August 2023

The federal government’s COVID Public Health Emergency declaration expired on May 11, 2023. Our updated Field Guides suggested pre-tour and on-tour protocols in effect for all Field Guides tours are outlined below.

—We do not require mask-wearing on tour unless local regulations require it or unless your guide has determined that special circumstances require it. In such cases, participants are required to follow the guide’s directive.

—You should wear a mask as a courtesy when with the group if you are exhibiting symptoms of a respiratory virus, and your tour leader has the authority to require that you do so while in proximity to the group for one or more days while exhibiting symptoms. You should let the guide know immediately when you do not feel well. We will not require testing in this circumstance. In the case of acute illness, you may need to isolate from the group for one or more days before rejoining activities. In very rare instances, rejoining the tour might not be possible. *SEE BELOW

—For the foreseeable future, we will continue to require that all participants confirm they will have completed a full COVID vaccination course at least two weeks prior to travel; this includes a booster. NOTE: We cannot guarantee that local guides, drivers, and other persons we may encounter during our travels are vaccinated/boosted.

—Participants on tours outside the U.S. should continue to carry proof of vaccination on tour as it is possible some destinations may still require it for entry at the time of your travel.

—We continue to recommend that you take steps to avoid COVID for two weeks before the start of a tour—in order to protect your tour experience (and investment) and that of other participants and our guide(s). This means being careful to:

• Wear a well-fitting and effective (N-95 or KN-95) mask in indoor public settings you visit during this period, or if in close proximity to someone who appears to be ill.

• Wear a mask (as much as possible) in airports, where the risk of COVID transmission can be especially high due to crowding; and wear a mask during flights except to drink or eat.

—We strongly recommend you consider purchasing trip cancellation (including medical emergency) insurance to cover your investment in case of injury or illness to you or your family prior to or during a trip.

—We strongly recommend getting a current flu shot at least two weeks prior to your trip, as well as keeping up with COVID boosters as recommended by the CDC or your doctor.

* If a participant is unable to continue on a tour due to illness, then all associated costs will be the client’s responsibility. We cannot offer any refunds for missed days on the tour.  We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance for cases such as this and that you are familiar with your policy. Our local ground operator, office staff and, if possible, our guide will provide assistance where necessary and to the best of our ability.