Vietnam is home to one of the richest avifaunas of any Southeast Asian country, with a number of endemic, near-endemic, and highly threatened species found there. Indeed, no other mainland Southeast Asian country can boast as many endemics, with several unique forms being recently elevated to full species status by ornithologists and taxonomists. Although intense agriculture, population pressures, and the long era of strife have taken their toll, several fine reserves and national parks dot the length of the country and shelter some of Southeast Asia's rarest birds and mammals.

Our three weeks will allow us to sample some of the richest sites that are accessible to tourists. Near Hanoi, the lovely forests of Cuc Phuong NP will provide us with a few days of exciting birding in lovely limestone karst forest, and Tam Dao NP gives us a taste of an avifauna with strong Himalayan affinities. We'll continue on to Annam and Cochinchina, where we'll visit three of the richest stops in the south: the mountainous Da Lat area, one of the most important centers of endemism in the country; the Di Linh area, home to a number of range-restricted birds unlikely to be seen elsewhere; and Cat Tien NP, arguably the richest lowland forest birding site in the country and a wonderfully comfortable place to finish up our tour.

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