Field Guides travel in the COVID era

Updated 11 January 2022

We are traveling on tours regularly, out enjoying fabulous birds and destinations with you on Field Guides tours. Here’s an update on our upcoming travel.

Travel to some foreign destinations (i.e., outside the US) is still somewhat uncertain owing to a number of factors resulting from the pandemic. However, our US birding tourism has been steady, with dozens of Field Guides tours operated across the U.S. in 2021, and many of our international destinations have become accessible. We are watching developments for foreign destinations carefully and, based on current circumstances and trends, we expect most foreign tours on our schedule to operate over the coming months.

Please note that for travel on a Field Guides tour in the coming months, all participants will be required to confirm they will have completed a full COVID vaccination course at least two weeks prior to travel (if you are getting a two-dose vaccine, this means you must receive your second dose two weeks prior to departure).  Having a vaccinated group will greatly diminish but not eliminate the possibility of the group and individual participants being adversely affected by COVID-19. We are requiring all of our staff guides to be vaccinated. Note too that many travel destinations are or soon will be requiring proof of vaccination for entry to bypass testing delays or quarantine, and that entry requirements for a destination can change at any time. You should also have your booster. We strongly encourage you to get your booster if you are eligible. Proof of a booster shot may become a requirement for some travel destinations if they choose to declare that vaccinations do not last indefinitely. And having a booster means your risk is lowered and your travel plans are less likely to be disrupted.

Please note that for our upcoming tours we expect to have to follow some COVID-related pre-tour and on-tour protocols, even with vaccinated groups. To see the most recent update, visit our tour protocols page.

We are accepting bookings on tours where we have space available. If you are holding space on one of the many tours listed on our website, we will inform you if and when that tour’s operation can be confirmed, and at that time you may make your final choice regarding whether you wish to travel or not. (If a particular departure of interest to you is listed as fully booked, we encourage you to add your name to the tour’s waitlist in case a space opens up.)

From all of us at Field Guides, we want to thank you for your kind words and for the remarkable patience you’ve shown us during this pandemic. We love traveling with you (and we are delighted to now be doing so again!), and many of you who have traveled with us repeatedly over the years are deeply woven into our close-knit community, with many first-time travelers joining those ranks every year. Our fantastic group of clients, working with our wonderful team in the office and our amazing guides in the field, is integrated into our lives as it is in few other businesses. We look forward to seeing you in person on a tour soon!

Stay focused, stay engaged, and most of all, stay healthy!

— From all of us at Field Guides


A good source of up-to-date information related to travel is the Center for Disease Control’s COVID-19 page at this link:

Additionally, there is a more general CDC health travel page with links to specific countries and the latest guidance and recommendations (including those related to COVID-19) at this link:

We will update this page as new information becomes available.