Dave Stejskal

Field Guides Leader

Dave Stejskal's love of birds took firm root at the age of nine. After teenage years consumed by birding and basketball, he went on to graduate from the University of Arizona in Tucson, the desert city he and his wife, Julie Hecimovich, call home. Dave is particularly skilled at identifying birds by their songs and calls and eagerly shares his knowledge with others.

Since he joined Field Guides in 1985, Dave's more than 300 tours have taken him north to arctic Alaska, south to Tierra del Fuego (guiding tours in nearly every country in between and of course many to his home state of Arizona), and across the Pacific to Asia and Southeast Asia--including Thailand, Vietnam, China, and Borneo--and his enthusiasm for finding and watching birds has proven to be contagious.

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Client comment
"Dave Stejskal did an exceptional job. I'd absolutely travel with him again. His experience with the country, the specific locations, and the birds was always evident. But, importantly, in addition to being a good bird guide, Dave is an excellent leader. He was conscious of participants' needs and abilities, which species they'd seen or hadn't seen, and consistently worked harder than the rest of us to find birds. I expected a lot from a Field Guides leader, and he met or exceeded my expectations. Thanks for a wonderful experience." R.L., BORNEO

"I had been on a previous Field Guides trip and was impressed with the quality of the guide and the smoothness with which everything flowed. I anticipated a similar experience on the Borneo expedition and was not disappointed. It was excellent! Dave Stejskal's low key demeanor and humorous anecdotes kept the group in good spirits and his ability to identify, locate and predict the behavior/movements of targeted birds enhanced the experience for all of us. Companies and organizations are judged by the people that make them up and Field Guides has some of the best. Thank you for a wonderful experience in a special corner of the world." W.G., BORNEO

Dave's Upcoming Tours

Status: Waitlisted
Apr 29 - May 3, 2021 ($1675) with Dave Stejskal
Tour Limit: 7
A short tour focused on this area's many owl and nightjar specialties.
Status: Waitlisted
May 11-20, 2021 ($3175) with Dave Stejskal
Tour Limit: 7
One of the most exciting destinations in North America with a backdrop of spectacular mountain scenery.
Status: Open
Jun 8-18, 2021 - Part Two ($6175) with Dave Stejskal & Micah Riegner
Tour Limit: 14
Survey in two parts: Part I to the Pribilofs and Denali; Part II to Nome, Seward, and Utqiagvik (formerly Barrow).
Status: Open
Jul 17-29, 2021 ($7350) with Dave Stejskal
Tour Limit: 9
A high-arctic adventure aboard a comfortable vessel for fantastic seabirds, marine mammals including Walrus and Polar Bear, and fabulous scenery.
Status: Open
Mar 1-18, 2022 (Fee TBD / 2021=$8275) with Dave Stejskal & Doug Gochfeld
Tour Limit: 10
Three prime areas in some of Earth's richest forests while based in comfort right in the wild.