Mitch Lysinger

Field Guides Leader

Mitch Lysinger grew up birding his native Florida before moving to Ecuador to work at La Selva Lodge and then with Field Guides since 1997. Mitch is fascinated by bird sounds and has spent many years intensively birding and recording the birds of Ecuador and other Neotropical countries.

He is involved in conservation programs in Ecuador, working closely with the Jocotoco Foundation on land purchase in areas critically in need of protection. When not on tour, Mitch can often be found with his wife, Carmen, and their two children, Martin and Sara, at Cabanas San Isidro--their cloudforest lodge on the east slope of the Andes where they see to the needs of their guests and continue to expand the lodge's already vast 1200-hectare reserve. Mitch will be guiding tours in Amazonian Ecuador at both Sacha and Shiripuno lodges as well as tours to Ecuador's Southwest and to the east slope at San Isidro.

Scroll down to see Mitch's current schedule of tours.

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Client comment
"Mitch Lysinger was a superb tour leader. His knowledge of the birds, their calls/songs, and natural history was astonishing. His sense of humor kept things light. This tour had high quality and attention to detail, as I knew to expect from my two previous Field Guides trips." N.R., JEWELS OF ECUADOR

Mitch's Upcoming Tours

Status: Provisionally full; waitlist available
Feb 18-27, 2022 ($3725) with Mitch Lysinger
Tour Limit: 8
Weeklong survey of the upper tropical foothills of the far southeast along the Peruvian border, where we'll search for the Orange-throated Tanager and many other specialties of this distinctive and remote region of Ecuador.
May be combined with Southwestern Ecuador Specialties
Status: One space available
Nov 19-28, 2022 (Fee TBD / 2021=$3175) with Mitch Lysinger
Tour Limit: 8
A bird-rich holiday escape based primarily at the very comfortable San Isidro Lodge.
Status: Open
Jun 17-27, 2023 (Fee TBD / 2021=$7500) with Mitch Lysinger & local guide
Tour Limit: 13
A must for any naturalist and birder; small-group, broad coverage of the islands with plenty of time for the birds, exploring, and photography.
May be combined with Machu Picchu & Abra Malaga, Peru
Status: Open
Nov 18-27, 2023 (Fee TBD / 2021=$3175) with Mitch Lysinger
Tour Limit: 8
A bird-rich holiday escape based primarily at the very comfortable San Isidro Lodge.