Peter Burke

Field Guides Leader

Peter Burke is a birder, artist, and author who started birding more than 35 years ago. He devotes much of his time to illustrating and also works as a biological consultant and a guide. He has co-authored various articles on bird identification and biology and served as chair on the Ontario Bird Records Committee. Peter has birded extensively throughout Canada and much of the US and has traveled abroad to Andean South America (with an emphasis on Chile), Papua New Guinea, Cuba, Trinidad, and much of Central America.

He is an accomplished artist as is evident from his work in the identification and biology of the New World Blackbirds (Jaramillo and Burke, Princeton University Press), several editions of the National Geographic Society's Birds of North America (J. Dunn), and Birds of Chile (A. Jaramillo, P. Burke, D. Beadle). He is also a contributing artist to the Birds of Peru (T. Schulenberg et. al.) and the upcoming three-volume series Birds of Brazil (B. Whitney et. al.), and, with Jesse Fagan, is working on a field guide to the Birds of Northern Central America.

Apart from tour leading, Peter enjoys summers filled with canoeing and hiking and winters spent snowboarding and playing hockey in his home province of Ontario where he lives with his wife, Dawn, and their three children.