Terry McEneaney

Field Guides Leader

Terry McEneaney is a retired staff ornithologist for Yellowstone National Park. He has authored three books (Birds of Yellowstone, The Uncommon Loon, and Birding Montana) and has also written numerous scientific and popular articles, appeared in magazine articles, and has been field consultant and cinematographer guide for Nature, the BBC, the National Geographic Society, and Audubon.

Terry has developed a number of western itineraries for Field Guides, and because of his close ties to the Emerald Isle, a country he loves to visit and to bird, he has added spring and fall Birding Plus tours to our schedule featuring a mix of birding and Irish music and culture. In addition to Ireland, Terry's tours include a wonderful personal journey of the "big sky" state of Montana and his beloved Yellowstone.

Terry and his wife, Karen, who regularly co-leads Terry's tours, live in Missoula.

"I found Terry and Karen McEneaney's experience and knowledge for leading this tour outstanding. They anticipated needs of the group and made everyone feel relaxed and comfortable. I particularily enjoyed the way they worked together and made the trip fun while still getting us to the necessary spots to find good birds. I loved it!" B. M., Montana: Yellowstone to Glacier