Payment Options

Field Guides does not accept credit cards for tour fee payments (you may use a credit card to pay for airfare if we are arranging that for you as airfare is processed through the airline). Credit card companies charge merchants who do not have physical access to your credit card a 3.5%- 4% fee (the fee is much less when the card is “swipeable”). Merchants must treat cash and credit card customers the same, so we cannot add this fee on for only those who wish to use a credit card. Merchants, at least in Texas, can offer cash customers a discount but we would have to raise all of our fees by 4% and then give clients paying by check or ACH a discount. We have opted to avoid the increase and not accept credit cards. If you would like to pay using a credit card for an added fee, please see the “Paypal” section below.

Your payment options are:

Paypal: Clients may prefer to use Paypal to send us funds as they can use their credit card to pay through Paypal.  Please be aware PayPal charges a fee that Field Guides does not cover (3.5% fee for domestic/US based transactions and 5.0% for international transactions).  We will give you the exact USD credit we receive from Paypal.  If you decide to use Paypal, let us know and we can email you an invoice through our Paypal account.

Personal Check: We are always happy to accept a personal check mailed to our office, 4425 South Mopac Expy, Bldg 3, Ste 505, Austin, TX 78735.

Foreign Currency Payments (clients with banks outside the US): We are happy to accept your personal check in a foreign currency (Euros, GBP, CAD, etc.).  We will deposit your check with our bank and give you the exact US dollar credit we receive.  The exchange rate is typically better if you initiate a wire transfer with your bank or purchase a USD draft, but in those cases the institution charges a fee.  So typically a personal check is advantageous for smaller amounts while wires or drafts are more economical for larger payments. If you decide to pay by wire transfer, please let us know and we can email you the banking details.

Electronic Funds & Wire Transfers: Most banks have electronic payment options for their customers; check with your bank.  If you decide to transfer funds electronically or issue a wire transfer, please let us know and we can email you the banking details.