Jan Pierson

Field Guides Staff

Jan Pierson is one of the founders of Field Guides and a veteran of more than 40 years of international birding and guiding. He has traveled far and wide to all continents, yet some of his favorite birding experiences remain simple ones: spring warbler migration, savoring good, long looks at birds, be they rare or common, tropical or temperate, and watching other birders thrill at their first-time discoveries.

Jan's Field Guides duties now primarily include numerous behind-the-scenes tasks--from executive duties to various efforts including oversight of promotional materials, our web presence, and database programming--along with occasional forays into the field on Field Guides travel. Jan, aka the "Gannet," and his wife, Liz, are "from away" and thus after more than 40 years still remain "year-round summer folk" in lovely Maine, where they raised their two daughters.