From the lush forests of the southern Yungas to the driest inter-Andean valleys in Salta, from a high Andean lake near the Bolivian border to a vast lowland salt flat in Cordoba, and from dense thorny woodland in the Gran Chaco to the inviting grassy slopes high in Tucuman, northwestern Argentina's incredible diversity of striking landscapes and habitats holds boundless promise for birders as well as a dazzling display of dramatic mountain scenery.

Like so many other Andean venues, northwestern Argentina offers an exciting and varied mix of birds both to seasoned South American birders and to those new to the southern Andes. By visiting a sampling of key habitats, we stand an excellent chance of finding virtually all of the many specialties of this region along with many widespread southern South American species in this stunningly beautiful country. Amidst the inviting Yungas forests, dense lowland thorn forest, stark inter-Andean valleys, and lush Andean grasslands, we'll search for the likes of Brushland Tinamou, Andean and James's (Puna) flamingos, Andean Condor, Red-faced Guan, Black-legged Seriema, Horned Coot, Chaco Owl, Red-tailed Comet, Sandy Gallito, Salinas Monjita, Rufous-throated Dipper, the endemic Tucuman Mountain-Finch, and Yellow-striped Brush-Finch while immersed in some of the most surprisingly beautiful scenery that South America has to offer.

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Combo Tours
If you would like a longer birding holiday, some departures of this tour may be combined with:
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