Newfoundland and Nova Scotia offer a wonderful summer getaway with some of the best birding in eastern Canada. Spectacular scenery ranging from high cliffs and sandy beaches to windswept barrens and rich deciduous forest forms the backdrop for our exciting trip. In Newfoundland, we'll focus our attention on the multitudes of seabirds, some 300,000 nesting pairs of Atlantic Puffins and more than 400,000 other alcids including both murres, Razorbill, and Black Guillemot! It's a blur of constant motion, the sight of thousands of birds whirling around their few select nest islands like ungainly bees swarming a hive.

A ferry crossing will take us from Argentia to North Sydney, Nova Scotia; it can be one of the most productive in eastern North America, so we'll keep a sharp lookout for Manx, Great, and Sooty shearwaters, Pomarine and Parasitic jaegers, Leach's and Wilson's storm-petrels, as well as a number of whales and possibly even a South Polar Skua.

On Cape Breton Island, known for its sweeping coastal vistas and great birding, we'll look for such specialties as Spruce Grouse, Boreal Chickadee, and White-winged Crossbill, as well as an excellent selection of warblers and other landbirds. Join us this summer for some truly enjoyable birding combined with dramatic landscapes and hard-to-resist seafood.

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