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"We know what a
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good birds, and we
have the experience,
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to make it
happen for you."

Field Guides contributes annually to the following conservation organizations:

The Nature Conservancy

Conservation International

American Bird Conservancy

Additionally, we make targeted contributions to individual conservation or research projects important to areas we visit on some of our tours.

Our gifts in 2015 included two additional targeted contributions:

-- 1) in support of the "Projeto bicudinho-de-brejo" (Parana Antwren Project) at the suggestion of guides Bret Whitney and Marcelo Padua. As Bret notes, this project was "founded a few years ago by Bianca Reinert and Ricardo Belmonte-Lopes, and Marcos Bornschein. They have done wonderful things out there with very little money, bringing the antwren from new-to-science to one of the best-known passerines in the world in under twenty years."

-- 2) in support of the "Saving the Santa Marta Parakeet" project: To protect the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the single most important mountain for endangered biodiversity, Rainforest Trust's Colombian partner ProAves has strategically identified eight key properties at great risk, totaling 2,200 acres, which will be used to expand and consolidate both the El Dorado Reserve and the Carriker Bird Sanctuary. Rainforest Trust seeks $1.5 million to purchase these properties and protect the many species that they harbor. We do tours to the Santa Martas, of course, and this seems an appropriate and worthy effort, only 21% funded at this point. For more details, see this page on the Rainforest Trust website. These funds will be matched this year, doubling our impact.

Furthermore, our individual staff and guides are involved directly personally in numerous conservation organizations, land trusts, research organizations, and fund-raising efforts on behalf of such organizations -- everything from conservation issues in Brazil and Ecuador to more home-grown, local assistance to land trusts in North America.

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