Eric Hynes

Field Guides Leader

Eric Hynes has been fascinated by birds and passionate about birding since he first heard the ghostly wailing of a Common Loon at summer camp in Maine more than 30 years ago. Upon completion of his B.S. at the University of Vermont, where he studied environmental studies and wildlife biology, Eric began a serious endeavor as a bird hobo that lasted more than a decade. His travels ranged across the U.S. with a number of trips to Central America as well. During this quest, Eric did everything from monitoring breeding raptors in the Snake River Canyon, to guiding for two summers in Alaska on St. Paul Island in the Pribilofs, to ground squirrel rustling in Montana, to owl banding and hawk counting in Pennsylvania.

Getting married to Christine helped settle Eric into a fulltime position at Maine Audubon but not until after a birding trip to Panama cleverly disguised as their honeymoon. As the staff naturalist and adult education coordinator, Eric taught numerous bird identification workshops and led field trips locally and abroad for Maine Audubon. His positive energy and infectious enthusiasm for all things wild has drawn many a convert to birding and conservation. Eric served several terms on the Maine Bird Records Committee.

Eric and his family now live in Telluride, Colorado where he focuses on tracking down Gunnison Sage-Grouse and rosy-finches as a scout in-residence for the Colorado Grouse tour.

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Client comment
"The tour couldn't have been better. Humpback Whales breaching, gannets plunging into the ocean, Monhegan Island and the warblers...the Maine coastline and small towns along the way. In the rare event that we run out of birds, guide Eric Hynes talks natural history and greatly enriches the experience. Your tour managers and office staff are first rate." J.P., MAINE IN FALL

Photos by Eric
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Eric's Upcoming Tours

Status: Waitlisted
Sep 9-18, 2021 ($3975) with Eric Hynes
Tour Limit: 7
A new September itinerary at a beautiful season in Maine for coastal migrants and pelagic birds, with a good chance for skuas.
Status: Open
Oct 1-10, 2021 (Fee TBD) with Eric Hynes
Tour Limit: 14
A master class on fall migration on the East Coast, from Kiptopeke to the Kittatinny, with an emphasis on raptors.
Status: Waitlisted
Apr 23 - May 2, 2022 (Fee TBD / 2021=$3550) with Chris Benesh & Eric Hynes
Tour Limit: 14
Colima and Golden-cheeked warblers, Montezuma Quail, and other southern borderland specialties in Texas's grand desert mountain landscapes.
May be combined with Texas Coast Migration Spectacle
Status: Waitlisted
May 15-28, 2022 (Fee TBD / 2021=$6325) with Eric Hynes & local guide
Tour Limit: 11
A superb itinerary from the capital to the Arctic Circle, following the flow of spring migration in search of displaying grouse, nesting owls, lekking Ruffs, and special mammals, including Wolverines.