Peru Tours: An Overview

How do you choose among 8 itineraries to a country with more than 1800 species of birds? To give you a little help, we’ve put together a new overview page covering northern and southern Amazonian Peru as well as the Andes. Even if you’re not quite ready this year, it makes for some great virtual birding!  Read on

Early morning at the river's edge at Reserva Amazonica in southeastern Peru

2 thoughts on “Peru Tours: An Overview”

  1. Hi Jan et al–

    Helpfully overwhelming, the Peru array would be even better if you made a composite map showing all eight trajectories on one page.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Wally. We did consider doing that, but thought it would be impossible to put all the routes together without it being confusing, since we have 2 with some overlap in the northwest, and 4 heading out of Cusco in the south…it might look quite a mess all in one. However, we could point to the area on a Peru that each itinerary goes to, if that might be helpful…?

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