If you think Colorado is good for "chickens," just wait until you see the wildfowl of central China. Actually, don't just wait, when it comes to these birds why would you want to delay gratification? Not only are the pheasants, partridges, snowcocks, and monals (14 species in the pheasant family are possible on this itinerary) incredibely charismatic in and of themselves, but they also share the region with a slew of other special birds.

From the bold and brilliantly blue Grandala (if you thought that Mountain Bluebirds were as blue as blue gets, you may re-assess that when you see a male Grandala at close range), to the ultimate apex scavenger, Lammergeier (Bearded Vulture), the enigmatic Sichuan Wood-Owl, the alpine-dwelling Snow Pigeon, and the one-of-a-kind Przevalski's Pinktail (in its very own monotypic family), Sichuan province has one of the most intriguing and exciting avifaunas of the Far East.

Its wide range of habitat types can produce a great diversity of Parrotbills (8 species), Rosefinches, Redstarts, and Old World Warblers (over 20 species). From big and fancy to small and subtle, with fascinating culture and delicious food to boot, Sichuan has it all.

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