From the scenic Atlantic coast via the forested Atlas Mountains to the very edge of the great Sahara desert, Morocco is magnificent at any season. Blessed with the richest birdlife in northwest Africa, the country deservedly ranks as one of the Western Palearctic's truly great birding destinations. Specialties of the region include Eleonora's Falcon, Barbary Partridge, Double-spurred Francolin, Levaillant's Woodpecker, Moussier's Redstart, African Desert and Tristram's warblers, African Blue Tit, Desert Sparrow, and the Critically Endangered Waldrapp (Northern Bald Ibis).

For those with an interest in regional races and forms, this is an exciting area, too. In fact, a number of birds here may yet be elevated to full species--among them the distinctive forms of Long-legged Buzzard, Purple Swamphen, White Wagtail, Mourning and Northern wheatears, Eurasian Magpie, and Chaffinch (several have already been split within the last few years, for example Maghreb Magpie and African Blue Tit).

A long history of settlement by an array of different peoples, including the Moors and Berbers, as well as strong French and Spanish influences, has produced a country that not only has a wonderfully diverse birdlife but an exciting and varied culture, too. Morocco is not a wealthy country; hotels vary, but in the main they are good and come as a pleasant surprise to most visitors. This coupled with the country's often spectacular and ever-changing landscape, its distinctive Moorish cuisine, and a people noted for their traditions of hospitality and warmth, should make this a tour to remember!

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