Alex Sundvall

Field Guides Leader

Alex Sundvall is a proud Minnesota native and has truly loved birds all his life. At the young age of five, he took a field trip with his kindergarten class to their local Nature Center and learned all about birds. At the end of the trip, the class got to watch staff release a Dark-eyed Junco they had been rehabilitating, and from that moment he was hooked! With the help of his very supportive and encouraging parents, he learned everything he could about birds and birding. Even as a child, whenever anyone asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would always reply: “I’m going to be an ornithologist!”

This love of birds and nature has followed him throughout his life. He graduated from the University of Minnesota’s College of Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resource Sciences with a degree in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology with a double minor in Forest Ecosystem Management and Conservation; and Environmental Sciences, Policy, and Management. In 2016, Alex received the Young Birder Award from the Minnesota Ornithologists Union, and he has served as an alternate on his State’s Bird Records Committee.

Growing up in Minnesota, Alex developed a passion for studying bird migration. In the past he has worked as both a Counter and Count Interpreter at Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory in Duluth, MN. Even now, in his free time he’ll often drive somewhere, post up for the day, and just count migrating birds as they pass by.

In recent years, Alex has led numerous tours across the US and beyond -- from the deserts and sky islands of the Southwest to the hallowed shores of Attu, Alaska, and everything in between. He loves teaching people about birds and showing them all that nature has to offer!

Client comment
"Alex was amazing. His bird knowledge was excellent and he was super helpful. I was part of the small group that went all the way to Boot Springs in Big Bend National Park. Alex got us on the Blue-throated Mountain-gem and enjoyed watching the bird with us for 15 minutes. I hope that he becomes a regular tour leader for Field Guides." H.C., TEXAS'S BIG BEND & HILL COUNTRY

"Alex was so delightful and kind. He was thoughtful and charming to everyone! He is smart AND accomplished, Field Guides is lucky to have him." J.M., TEXAS'S BIG BEND & HILL COUNTRY

Alex's Upcoming Tours

Status: One space available
Sep 5-14, 2024 ($4850) with Chris Benesh & Alex Sundvall
Tour Limit: 14
A diverse mix of West Coast specialties, montane species, and pelagics in rugged and scenic sites.
Status: Open
Dec 21-28, 2024 ($3450) with Jesse Fagan & Alex Sundvall
Tour Limit: 14
Superb birding with two dozen Mexican endemics and fascinating ruins while based in lovely Oaxaca City.
Status: Provisionally full; waitlist available
Apr 11-22, 2025 (Fee TBD / 2024=$4850) with Micah Riegner & Alex Sundvall
Tour Limit: 14
A tour to seek out the state's spectacular prairie-chicken and grouse species.
Status: Open
Jun 7-23, 2025 (Fee TBD / 2024=$13075) with Chris Benesh & Alex Sundvall
Tour Limit: 14
Our fabulous survey of the best of Alaska birding: the Pribilofs, Kenai Fjords, Nome, and Utqiagvik (formerly Barrow).
Status: Provisionally full; waitlist available
Sep 26 - Oct 16, 2025 - Part One (Fee TBD / 2024=$10850) with Chris Benesh & Alex Sundvall
Tour Limit: 12
In two parts for those with limited time. Part I covers the environs of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, southwest Australia, and Alice Springs. Part II begins in Darwin and continues to Queensland (Cairns, Atherton Tableland, Outback Queensland, and O'Reilly's Guest House). Both parts combine for a complete birding tour of Australia. An optional endemic-rich extension to Tasmania follows Part II.
Status: Open
Oct 30 - Nov 3, 2025 (Fee TBD / 2024=$2225) with Dan Lane & Alex Sundvall
Tour Limit: 14
Late-autumn tour on the Gulf Coast targeting Yellow Rails and other migrants and wintering species of the region.