For those birders who've never before ventured south of the US border, or for those who prefer their tropical experiences to be short and super sweet, the small Central American country of Belize offers an ideal birding destination. With a diversity of species that includes many birds in families associated with the New World tropics, a rich assortment of habitats in which to search for them, plus minimal time spent traveling -- four nights at one lodge, three at the other, with a short charter flight between the two -- our revamped Belize tour offers a truly engaging tropical experience.

We'll begin the tour at the Lamanai Outpost Lodge, which has a simple, yet elegant, main building and comfortable thatched cabanas perched on the shores of Crab-catcher Lagoon, part of the largest body of fresh water in Belize. The Lodge sits less than a mile from the Mayan ruins of Lamanai, an extensive, largely unexcavated site that sprawls along the western shore of the lagoon; on several days, we'll take a quick boat trip along the lagoon to get to the site. The ruins house a rich assortment of birds typically found in the tropical hardwood forests of western Belize and the Peten region of Guatemala -- Keel-billed Toucan, Collared Aracari, Pale-billed, Chestnut-colored, and Golden-olive woodpeckers, Rufous-tailed Jacamar, Slaty-tailed, Black-headed and Gartered trogons, Yellow-bellied Tyrannulet, Black-cowled Oriole, Blue Bunting and the diminutive Tody Motmot are just a few of the many species we'll seek here.

The village of Indian Church lies just down the road from the lodge. Here, open milpas (agricultural fields) and second-growth scrub are home to an assortment of birds not found in the forest, including the attractive Black-throated (Yucatan) Bobwhite. Interspersed among these other habitats are tracts of savanna with a different set of interesting birds, including seldom-encountered Yellow-headed Parrots, White-tailed Hawk, Buff-bellied and Azure-crowned hummingbirds, Yucatan Woodpecker, Yucatan Flycatcher, Yucatan Jay, Gray-throated Chat, Gray-crowned Yellowthroat, Botteri's and Grasshopper sparrows, and the impressive Jabiru. And, of course, the lagoon and its tributaries are home to another suite of birds, including Limpkin, Bare-throated Tiger-Heron, Boat-billed and Agami herons, Sungrebe, and Black Catbird. Many of the species listed above are Northern Central American endemics confined to the Yucatan dry forest region.

Our trip takes on a somewhat new flavor when we transfer to our next base, Black Rock Lodge in the Cayo District of south-central Belize. Here limestone hills are carpeted with dense rainforest. Located along the banks of the Rio Macal, adjacent to the Don Elijio Panti Nature Reserve/National Park. Well over 300 species have been recorded here and the views are magnificent! We will venture one day to Mountain Pine Ridge where dry Caribbean Pine forest dominates. The pine forest is home to a group of birds perhaps unexpected in Belize—Rusty Sparrow, Grace’s Warbler, Cabanis’s Wren, and Acorn Woodpecker, to name a few. From viewpoints high above the adjacent countryside, we’ll scan cliffs for King Vulture and the rare Orange-breasted Falcon. The humid valley forests host a high diversity of species, many already mentioned above but including tinamous, forest-falcons, trogons, White-whiskered Puffbird, many flycatchers, Mayan Antthrush, Dusky Antbird, Gray-collared Becard, and more.

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Client comment
"I'd enjoyed two previous trips with Field Guides and was impressed with the quality and organization I'd seen. This tour was exceptional. Guide Dave Stejskal was amazing. His knowledge and ability to find and bring in the birds was incredible. The information and facts he shared about particular birds were always interesting. Tour Manager Caroline Lewis's responses to questions and requests were always prompt and helpful. Her service in making our flight reservations was informed, thorough and much appreciated!" J.L., BELIZE: TROPICAL BIRDING SHORT & SW