Tarry Butcher

Field Guides Leader

Tarry Butcher was born and raised in Namibia, where his interest in birds was kindled at an early age. He spent much of his childhood exploring the vast open areas of the dry Namibian wilderness, where his love for birds and animals grew. His interest in and knowledge of wildlife in general, and birds in particular, drew him inevitably to a career in guiding. That interest was further developed during his studies in Game Ranch Management in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, and he undertook additional travels to explore different areas of South Africa in search of new birds in different habitats.

After working as a Naturalist-Guide in the region for eight years, Tarry made the jump to guiding birding groups in both Namibia and South Africa, with his past experience as a solid base. He has also traveled to other parts of Africa, where he has always been keen to learn about new birds. Tarry's easy-going nature, his sense of humor, hosting, and logistical skills, and his yearning for adventure, coupled with his passion for sharing his love of nature with people of all ages, make him an excellent guide. In recent years, Tarry worked as a driver/guide on Field Guides tours under Terry Stevenson's leadership, and during fall 2022 he has co-led three additional Field Guides tours to South Africa and Namibia with veteran Field Guides Megan Edwards Crewe, Marcelo Padua, and Doug Gochfeld, who with their groups found him to be a delightful and knowledgeable guide and traveling companion, as we think you will too. Tarry lives in Pretoria, South Africa.

Client comment
"Tarry Butcher's knowledge, enthusiasm, demeanor and sense of humor made this special trip one of the best ever! We really enjoyed being in the field with Tarry. Not only is he great at spotting birds and recognizing their sounds but he's good at getting others to see the birds as well. He knows the different habitats and what to find there, explaining as much or as little as participants want to know. He is unfailingly patient and always helpful. Lastly, Tarry is also very knowledgeable about the mammals, reptiles, and plants of the area, which is important to our enjoyment of the overall experience. He is in tune to the needs and wants of each participant and does his best to accommodate all. He is the kind of guide we've come to expect from Field Guides. We would love to go on another trip with him." S.E. & R.B., NAMIBIA & BOTSWANA

"Tarry Butcher is an extraordinarily talented guide. He combines a comprehensive field identification expertise with effective field leadership and a warm and engaging personal demeanor. Tarry demonstrated that he can keep to itineraries and schedules while allowing for reasonable delays and diversions requested or needed by tour participants. Tarry also meets the often-physical demands of the job well... To me, it is obvious that Tarry is the 'complete package' as a tour leader, and my opinion is that Field Guides is very fortunate to have found him, as he clearly reflects that values of quality and community that I associate with Field Guides." J.B., NAMIBIA & BOTSWANA

Tarry's Upcoming Tours

Status: Open
Mar 28 - Apr 16, 2023 ($17150) with Tarry Butcher
Tour Limit: 6
Southwestern Africa's bird specialties, striking scenery, wilderness, and the famed game of Etosha and the Okavango Delta.