Namibia is the setting for some of the world's most spectacular desert scenery. It is also much more: a wealth of localized bird life (including many species shared only with extreme south Angola), unique plants, fascinating mammals, and the home of genuinely friendly people. Gemsbok standing before a huge red dune at Sossusvlei, the skeletal shapes of a dead quiver tree, ancient Bushman cave paintings, Hartlaub's Francolin in the Erongo Mountains, Rueppell's Parrot along the dry river beds, Monteiro's Hornbill, Herero Chat, and the delightful White-tailed Shrike are just some of the memories that one takes away from a journey through Namibia.

In Botswana we'll travel deep into the heart of the famed Okavango Delta, a place in total contrast to the Namibian deserts. Here we'll stay in two wonderful camps set among a vast expanse of sparkling clear water, reed beds, and grass-covered islands. We'll divide our time birding from a mix of both boats and open 4x4 vehicles. Among the parade of egrets, herons, storks, ibises, and kingfishers, we'll search for the tiny African Pygmy-Goose and Lesser Jacana, stately Wattled Cranes, jaunty Slaty Egrets, the secretive Pel's Fishing-Owl, and White-backed Night-Heron (a real super-skulker).

Big game will also be very much in evidence (other tourists will not be), and it's a real treat to be out there on your own watching Lechwe, Common Giraffe, Topi, Blue Wildebeest, Lion, Burchell's Zebra, Warthog, and African Elephant. We'll make every effort to see as many mammals as possible, and by returning to camp late one evening should also encounter nocturnal species, perhaps African Wild Cat, Common Genet, or Moholi Bushbaby.

Note: The limit for this tour is just six participants. Transportation will be primarily in 4X4 Toyota Landcruisers especially adapted for wildlife viewing. We will be staying in hotels and lodges that offer an amazing degree of comfort and convenience in some of the finest birding habitats in both Namibia and Botswana. To save a huge amount of time traveling between our camps in the Okavango Delta we will travel by charter aircraft--a large expense, but we think well worth every cent!

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Client comment
"I'd long heard about this fabulous trip! Also, Terry Stevenson is my favorite guide. The tour was wonderful! Looking forward to my upcoming trips with Field Guides (Myanmar, Angola, Galapagos and Ecuador. . .)." G.K., NAMIBIA & BOTSWANA 2019