This string of volcanic islands is host to a highly threatened, endemic avifauna that most birders never have an opportunity to experience in full. Nine of these islands harbor at least one endemic species; we will spend a night or two on seven as we search out their special birds. We'll use the tenth island, Antigua, as a base to visit the remaining two islands with endemics--Montserrat and Barbuda. It's an ambitious schedule, but our past tours have met with great success in tracking down all the region's endemics. We'll be staying in good hotels throughout the tour, and our island hopping will be on short flights on twin-engine turboprops.

In addition to the 15 single-island endemics, we have an excellent chance of seeing many of the 30 or so Caribbean specialties possible on this tour, over half of which are endemic to the Lesser Antilles (like those crazy tremblers!). And since good birding habitat is so localized--usually confined to the highlands--a single morning's visit to one trail in appropriate habitat is usually sufficient for seeing all of an island's specialties. This should enable us to be flexible with our afternoon schedules, allowing time to laze on a sunny beach, swim in the clear blue Caribbean waters, or, if you prefer, strike off on a sightseeing trip. Each island holds a special charm of its own, and you will soon find yourself falling into the relaxing rhythm of the islands.

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