For a short birding holiday to welcome in the New Year, you can't do better than a visit to the Canopy Lodge. Familiar with the Canopy Tower? Expect the same level of service, cuisine, and hospitality, finer accommodations, richer birding right on the grounds, and cooler days. Unacquainted? Expect some real cool birding!

At the Canopy Lodge each day is pleasantly cool early and late, and pleasantly warm mid-day. The habitats are varied, the birds diverse and numerous, the accommodations extremely comfortable and tastefully appointed, and the food tasty and creative. The Lodge serves as a splendid base for our birding and makes for a perfect tour for spouses who might be "lite" birders. It is also a superb introductory tour to Neotropical birds, and an exciting tour for birders who have birded some in Middle America but are still looking for their first Tody Motmot or Rosy Thrush-Tanager, and for those who have birded widely but who are still looking for their first Black-crowned Antpitta or Rufous- browed Tyrannulet.

Special Note: We have opted to limit our Field Guides Panama tours to just 8 participants. In addition to the Field Guides staff leader, we will have a local Panamanian guide. We feel this provides the best overall experience, as some trails are narrow and a larger group will make it difficult for everyone to get good, satisfying looks at the birds. This has an impact on the tour fee, but we believe this intimacy and expertise are well worth a slight premium.

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Client comment
"I chose Field Guides, in part, because the company had great reviews. My tour experience was great. The guides were very knowledgable and committed. The group gelled well and we had a lot of fun. Chris Benesh was a fantastic guide -- he brought a supreme birding knowledge and wealth of guiding experience along with patience and a sense of humor. He made the trip fun as well as informative. This was my first birding trip and it was fantastic! I would definitely go on another Field Guides Tour." R.H., PANAMA'S CANOPY LODGE