This itinerary to bird-rich Panama combines two wonderful sites that we typically visit on separate tours: the famous Canopy Tower in central Panama, not far outside Panama City and with ready access to rich lowland birding and Pipeline Road, and the lovely Canopy Lodge in the foothills of El Valle de Anton, offering a wealth of additional new birds to discover. What a wonderful excuse for a week's birding!

We'll spend four nights at the Canopy Tower followed by two at the Canopy Lodge before returning to Panama City for our last evening. Along the way we should see a fantastic assortment of birds (and mammals), from such regular Canopy Tower lovelies as Blue Cotinga, Green Shrike-Vireo, zippy Red-capped and Blue-crowned manakins, and Keel-billed and Yellow-throated toucans, to a rich variety of other equally flashy Neotropical birds such as trogons, puffbirds, and motmots. We'll be watching and listening, too, of course, for the frenzy of activity that accompanies an active army ant swarm--in which case a fancy Ocellated Antbird or two might be advance warning of a bevy of additional prizes.

Leaving the lowlands for the Canopy Lodge, we'll gain access to some gorgeous montane cloud forest and cooler climes. The Lodge grounds themselves are busy with bird activity, with the stream attracting Sunbittern and other water-loving species and the nectar and fruit feeders a constant distraction. And if such tantalizing species as Tody Motmot, Rosy Thrush-Tanager, or Spot-crowned Barbet are still on your most-wanted list, well, here's a chance to go in pursuit.

The hospitality and food at both lodges are wonderful, and the birding is fabulous. So grab your binoculars and come join us for a fantastic February break!

Special Note: We have opted to limit our Field Guides Panama tours to just 8 participants. In addition to the Field Guides staff leader, we will have a local Panamanian guide. We feel this provides the best overall experience, as some trails are narrow and a larger group will make it difficult for everyone to get good, satisfying looks at the birds. This has an impact on the tour fee, but we believe this intimacy and expertise are well worth a slight premium.

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