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The powerful feet and massive talons of a Harpy Eagle make quick work of their mammalian prey. (Photo by guide Bret Whitney)
A survey birding tour of the country's vast untrammeled rainforest, with an emphasis on Guianan shield specialties, and side trips to coastal and savanna regions and spectacular Kaieteur Falls.

There are fewer and fewer truly wild places left in the world, but the vast Iwokrama Forest Reserve, which stretches across nearly a million acres in the heart of Guyana, is one of those places. From the air, the forest appears virtually intact, with only the occasional gleaming river to break the canopy. On the ground, roads are limited, but a network of rivers gives access to many areas--with the added benefit of bringing us within arm's reach of Capped Heron, Jabiru, tiger-herons, and kingfishers.

Guyana is still full of "forest primeval," places where multiple species of macaw wheel together over forest clearings, where colorful Guianan Cocks-of-the-rock pose on sun-dappled perches, where a Harpy Eagle might stare imperiously from a bromeliad-decked branch, and where a sweeping corner might reveal Gray-winged Trumpeters or a sprawled Jaguar in the middle of the road. Many of the Guiana Shield specialties are possible along our tour route.

Before we head to the country's wild interior, we'll start with a day in the mangrove swamps and mudflats along the coast, where Rufous Crab-Hawk, White-bellied Piculet, Blood-colored Woodpecker, and Scarlet Ibis are among the possibilities. We'll visit the Rupununi Savanna to look for Crestless Curassow (rare), Bearded Tachuri, lekking Capuchinbirds, Giant Otter, Giant Anteater, and the many species attracted to the area's ponds, lakes, and marshes. And we'll also make a side trip to marvel at the splendor of Kaieteur Falls. Our guides look forward to sharing this comfortable wilderness adventure with you!

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Guides for our tours
John Coons
Dave Stejskal
Megan Edwards Crewe

What to Expect
Good to basic (but comfortable) accommodations, warm and humid climate, easy to moderate terrain.

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