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Jamaica is one of the hotbeds of avian endemism in the West Indies, with at least 27 species found nowhere else. Add to those a host of regional specialties and numerous wintering wood-warblers and you've got an irresistible birding destination close to the United States. It doesn't hurt that we'll be based entirely from a single hotel on a lush tropical island with fabulous food, vibrant culture, and world-renowned music! In just five days of birding, we stand a good chance of encountering all of Jamaica's endemics, from the fabulous streamertails to the taxonomically curious Orangequit.

Villa Mockingbird Hill is an enchanting eco-boutique retreat with inviting trails winding through lush habitat. The extremely range-restricted "Black-billed"subspecies of Streamertail, Jamaica's National Bird, can be found on the grounds. The regal Chestnut-bellied Cuckoo may be working its way through the canopy of mature trees, while Jamaican Woodpeckers work the trunk, spritely Jamaican Todies and active Sad Flycatchers forage in the understory, and White-chinned Thrushes hop across the ground. Numerous other endemics can be found here as well. This safe and inviting property is managed for sustainability. The Caribbean breeze, a dip in the pool, a good book, and a rum punch or fresh-squeezed juice might be really tempting. The beauty of staying at the same hotel for most of the tour is you are welcome to succumb to temptation and take a pass on any outing you wish (except for when we head to Montego Bay).

In order to round out our list of endemics, we will take field trips to the John Crow Mountains, the Blue Mountains, and Cockpit Country. Our higher-elevation targets will include Ring-tailed Pigeon, Crested Quail-Dove, Yellow-billed and Black-billed parrots, Blue Mountain Vireo, and the odd Jamaican Blackbird. We will make stops along the coast to sample Jamaica's cuisine and to look for tropicbirds, frigatebirds, shorebirds, and herons.

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Client comment
"A fabulous tour! It was a great group to bird with. I really enjoyed the congeniality of the people and food was great, too. We managed to find all the endemics while having fun. I always feel that Field Guides are the most professionally run tours. They are very considerate of the participants' comfort and are the most skilled at finding the birds." N.B., JAMAICA