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"We saw way more birds and mammals than we expected -- wonderful new surprises every day! The best features of the tour were the exotic rainforest...and, of course, Megan Edwards Crewe! Not only is she a great guide -- she is caring and willing to impart any information you show interest in. I learn so much from her."

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The tiny and charismatic Tufted Coquette often ends up on the list of favorite birds of the Trinidad & Tobago tour. (Photo by guide Eric Hynes)
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MEGAN EDWARDS CREWE: Field Guides Leader

Megan Edwards Crewe has been birding since childhood. After graduating from Purdue University, she sampled an impressive variety of jobs before discovering Field Guides. Since joining the company back in 1998, Megan--who brims with information and enthusiasm--has delighted in sharing the wonders and adventures of birding and the natural world with tour participants.

One unexpected bonus of the job has been meeting her British husband, Mike, with whom she co-led a trip to France in 2000. They've bounced back and forth between the US and the UK during their marriage, and they are now back on the edge of the historic market town of Aylsham in the east of England. There, Megan is busy exploring the 26-mile-long Marriott's Way (a long-distance footpath that passes within yards of their home) and reveling in the surrounding cultural history.

Megan's varied schedule currently includes Alaska, Cape May, Belize, Costa Rica, Chile, Guyana, Trinidad, Bhutan, Borneo, Sri Lanka, Greece, and France.

"It was a great experience--we enjoyed both the rainforest and the savannah areas of the country. Megan was GREAT!!! She did everything she could to find the target birds. She did her best to make sure everyone saw all the birds she saw. She has a real talent for spotting birds! Plus, she is very congenial, sharing lots of interesting (and funny!) stories." D. & K.G., Guyana: Wilderness Paradise

"The whole experience was excellent. Megan Crewe is a first class guide with amazing eyes for birds. I was impressed with the excellent organization that Field Guides has put together to make the trip run smoothly. Megan knew all of the in country support people, treated them well, and everyone was friendly. Field Guides, in my mind, is at the top of the heap when it comes to bird tours. Well organized,with superb guides." E.T., Guyana: Wilderness Paradise

Megan Edwards's Upcoming Tours

Dec 29, 2017 - Jan 7, 2018 with Megan Edwards Crewe & local guide
Wonderful introductory birding tour to South America's riches, including bellbirds, toucans, manakins, and motmots.
Jan 27 - Feb 7, 2018 with Megan Edwards Crewe & local guide
A survey birding tour of the country's vast untrammeled rainforest, with an emphasis on Guianan shield specialties, and side trips to coastal and savanna regions and spectacular Kaieteur Falls.
Feb 17-26, 2018 with Megan Edwards Crewe & Marcelo Barreiros
Wonderful introductory birding tour to South America's riches, including bellbirds, toucans, manakins, and motmots.
Mar 3-10, 2018 with Megan Edwards Crewe
Two wonderful lodges for a rewarding tropical birding experience in this English-speaking country, including some regional specialties. Great as an intro to or continuation of your Neotropical birding.
Apr 7-26, 2018 with Richard Webster & Megan Edwards Crewe
Spellbinding birding amidst awe-inspiring landscapes on a journey through the lush forests and mountains of this culturally fascinating Himalayan kingdom.
May 5-19, 2018 with Megan Edwards Crewe & local guide
Fine southeast European birding--at the peak of migration--with archaeological and cultural stops.
Jun 1-11, 2018 with Megan Edwards Crewe & Marcelo Padua
A tour of France's lovely Loire Valley, combining lowland birding with visits to the chateaux of Chambord, Chenonceau, and Villandry, as well as some of the region's famous vineyards.
Jun 26 - Jul 13, 2018 with Megan Edwards Crewe & local guide
Three prime areas in some of Earth's richest forests while based in comfort right in the wild.
Sep 1-11, 2018 with Megan Edwards Crewe
Two of Europe's finest birding destinations combined in this wonderful eleven-day tour, with varied highlights and some great French food.
May be combined with Morocco
Sep 22-28, 2018 with Megan Edwards Crewe
See bird migration in action at one of the country's top migration hotspots.
Oct 26 - Nov 12, 2018 with Megan Edwards Crewe & local guide
A two-week introduction to Asia's birds, including more than two-dozen species endemic to the island, with one of the country's foremost birders as a co-leader.
Dec 29, 2018 - Jan 6, 2019 with Megan Edwards Crewe & local guide
One-site holiday tour based at the comfortable Rancho Naturalista Lodge, with excursions to other habitats on Costa Rica's bird-rich Caribbean slope.

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