Our Brazilian safari is designed to include the avian highlights of Brazil's Central Plateau and of the vast Pantanal, the low-lying drainage of the upper Rio Paraguay. We also visit the magnificent Serra do Cipo and Serra do Caraca, isolated ranges in central Minas Gerais supporting several restricted endemics as well as a more widespread avifauna characteristic of the humid Atlantic Forest, which here spills over westward toward the plateau. And we'll stay in interesting and beautiful lodges and hotels all along the way.

It's hard to equal the sheer excitement of watching a flock of deep-blue Hyacinth Macaws, the world's largest parrot, circling over the wilds of Mato Grosso...or the amazing concentrations and interactions of wildlife--from cormorants, storks, raptors, and herons to fish, foxes, Capybaras, and caiman--in the Pantanal, the world's largest freshwater wetland. And what of the seemingly boundless stretches of hip-high grassland dotted with the world's highest density of terrestrial termitaria--and hence of Giant Anteaters? We usually see around twenty species of mammals (including the rare Maned Wolf) on the tour, and photographic opportunities abound.

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Client comment
"Marcelo Padua and Dan Lane were an exceptional team. The logistics behind organizing and running this tour must have been very demanding. I have nothing but good things to say about Marcelo's and Dan's abilities and personable interactions with my wife and myself and our traveling companions. We had a wonderful group experience. Your office service was top-notch!" D.C., SAFARI BRAZIL: THE PANTANAL & MORE 2019