Seeing a Jaguar in the wild is a rare and magical experience, but the chance of spotting one is usually slim and searching for them often means no birding. Well, not on this tour to Brazil!

Our tour begins as we head north to the Garden of the Amazon, a delightful little family-run lodge that sits at the ecotone between the Cerrado and Amazon, to search for the ultra-rare and only recently rediscovered Cone-billed Tanager (yes, we have its address!), as well as a great variety of Amazonian specialties such as Gould's Toucanet,, Amazonian Umbrellabird, Black-girdled Barbet, Blue-cheeked Jacamar, Tooth-billed and Scaly-breasted wrens, six species of manakins, and much more! We'll then muster our group and tear ourselves from our little idyllic lodge and head south to the fabled Pantanal.

We'll hit the Pantanal just as water levels are receding and hundreds of Jabirus, Wood Storks, Limpkins, Roseate Spoonbills, and literally thousands of other waders, Paraguayan Caiman ('gators), and Capybaras congregate around the shrinking ponds--and the few remaining bodies of water become popular hangouts for Jaguars stalking their prey. We will keep our eyes peeled for these massive cats on relaxing boat trips packed with curassows, Agami Herons, Sungrebes, and Sunbitterns, and take walks through the forest to show you everything from Hyacinth Macaws to woodcreepers, antbirds, and spinetails. On drives along the famous Transpantaneira park road, which we will cover from beginning to end, we'll have the birding time of our lives as we immerse ourselves in one of the richest places for wildlife on Earth.

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Client comment
"This was one of the best led trips I have ever been on. Marcelo Padua is not only a great bird guide he is a truly fun guy to have on a trip. He made everything more enjoyable. He found great birds, guided us all on to difficult-to-see species and made everyone laugh. The Field Guides office staff was outstanding. When I was stranded in Atlanta [due to an airline issue], Karen Turner took care of everything." L.S., JAGUAR SPOTTING 2019