During eighteen days of superb birding and mammal viewing, we'll travel from Nairobi and the famous Nairobi National Park south to Tanzania and some of the most spectacular mammal country on Earth. From the forested slopes of the Crater Highlands, we'll travel by four-wheel drive vehicle for a day in the bottom of Ngorongoro Crater. We'll then pass through Olduvai Gorge (where many of the Leakeys' most important anthropological work was done) and on to the vast plains of the Serengeti, with its herds of antelopes, elephants, Lions, and Cheetahs. Bustards stroll the plains, raptors cross the skies, songbirds inhabit the acacia woodlands, and an array of shorebirds feed along the fringes of seasonal lakes and pools. Before we leave Tanzania, we'll stop at Tarangire National Park — another area full of birds (including endemics), mammals, and giant baobab trees!

It's then a short flight back to Kenya, with stops at the alkaline Lake Nakuru (perhaps with a million Lesser Flamingos) and Kakamega Forest for turacos, barbets, weavers, and wattle-eyes. Returning to the Rift Valley, we'll bird the arid bush country and shores of freshwater Lake Baringo — where many special "northern" birds are found. And then we finish our tour with a visit to the slopes of the Aberdare Mountains and a wealth of highland forest species--from Colobus Monkeys and Tree Hyrax, to giant Silvery-cheeked Hornbills and iridescent sunbirds.

Although our primary focus will be on birds, the many splendid views of large mammals will constitute a highlight of the tour. As veterans know, the joys of traveling in East Africa are many. In addition to all the fabulous birds and mammals, the people are friendly, the climate is delightful, and tourist facilities are excellent. On this revised itinerary, we fly between Nairobi and Arusha, saving hours of driving and giving us more time in the field.

Note: The limit for this tour is just six participants. Transportation will be primarily in pop-top 4X4 Toyota Landcruisers, especially adapted for wildlife viewing. Each participant will have a window seat, and there is room for everyone to stand up through the open roof. We will be staying in hotels and lodges that offer an amazing degree of comfort and convenience in some of the finest birding habitats.

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Client comment
"I selected this trip because of the guide, Terry Stevenson. Traveling with him is always the best. I have now traveled with Terry four times. And I hope I can do it again. Your office service was outstanding. As usual." K.B., WILD KENYA: A TENTED CAMP SAFARI 2019